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  1. View File Evil Dead (HorsePin 2018) I could spend another half a year on this game, but it's very playable now. It will only need some tweaks for the display, more trophys, scores and any bugs that appear when played by more machines I'll sort out. Most credits are in the attract mode but extra thanks to: VPU for hosting, Flupper - for his blender ramp templates Download initial 1.0 with table and check for any other updates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. P-ROC, Python 2.7, VPCom controller install https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Move evildead game folder to C:\P-ROC\Games. Test the game works first by running the Game.pyc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. Register the new controller for solenoids and settings. Copy the "register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py" to C:\P-ROC\Tools and register by running python register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py --register Look for "VPROC Registered OK" 4. VP setup: ------------------------------VP Controller mapping------------------------------------------------------------------ C:\P-ROC\Shared\vp_game_map.yaml EvilDead: path: /../games/evildead kls: Game.Game yaml: /..games/evildead/config/machine_config/GameConfig.yaml ------------------------------------------------------------------- #### DISPLAY CONFIG ####### Adjust the values in the config.yaml to position the display.. It probably best after the installation that you double click the game.pyc to see where the display is position and adjust. DON'T CHANGE THE RESOLUTION, but you can scale it. screen_position_x: 25 screen_position_y: 60 Use the service mode in game to adjust settings. Enable directB2S, enable/disable table sounds, table physics and flipper physics. Table resides in the Visual Pinball folder, you can copy this out and into your tables folders with the .pov . Keep the .pov as the same name as the table if you want to make changes to view. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cactus Canyon python 2.7 update fix https://mega.nz/#!GNA0jJRC!JTFgR5F_Pb_SHeP0LXx-0jsLh4bpr2N0mLJD2jAYGXI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PinballX: PinballX - Database <game name="Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)"> <description>Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)</description> <rom /> <year>2018</year> <rating>0</rating> <type>OG</type> <manufacturer>RomPin, HorsePin</manufacturer> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidedmd>true</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>false</hidebackglass> <alternateExe>VPinballX_10.4.0.exe</alternateExe> </game> PinballX - System Config - Copy the ProcPinXBefore.exe to C:\P-ROC or wherever [System_4] Name=P-ROC WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball Executable=VPinballX_10.4.0.exe LaunchBeforeWorkingPath=C:\P-ROC LaunchBeforeExecutable=ProcPinXBefore.exe LaunchBeforeParameters= Enabled=True TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables Parameters=-play "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=True LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterParameters= SystemType=1 NVRAMPath= Bypass=True Submitter HorsePin Submitted 01/10/2018 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name evildead Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod No VP Version v10  
  2. In the B2S settings in table folder add an entry. Like this but adjust to yours. Push 'S' on the backglass whilst its running it may save it there. <EvilDead> <HideGrill>2</HideGrill> <HideB2SDMD>0</HideB2SDMD> <HideDMD>2</HideDMD> <LampsSkipFrames>1</LampsSkipFrames> <SolenoidsSkipFrames>3</SolenoidsSkipFrames> <GIStringsSkipFrames>3</GIStringsSkipFrames> <LEDsSkipFrames>0</LEDsSkipFrames> <UsedLEDType>2</UsedLEDType> <IsGlowBulbOn>0</IsGlowBulbOn> <GlowIndex>-1</GlowIndex> <StartAsEXE>1</StartAsEXE> <Animations /> </EvilDead> ------------------------------------------------------- Why is it always bright?, it should be dark with lamps. Needs making good really but just to show.
  3. Something that can be switched in the B2S xml?
  4. Yeah its the grill. Overlooked that, it's been a while..I'll make a couple more and add compensate for it.
  5. Yes, it's chopping off alot. I made full screen in DirectB2S and what the grill height is showing there is probably about right. This is what I mean by lots of variations....some won't have the grill covering it and usually have grill with speakers
  6. Try the link again. How come the whole image never fit?
  7. Actually when I did the ramps, the invisible ones didn't change much, but I think changes around the table can alter the view. Try this one https://mega.nz/#!jFojkLDY!uzFY82ISp5DwQsyglWCFzvUJl_Lspk7d33k0K0iIdT4
  8. Yeah that looks a better, does the wood overlap the screen or something? I noticed in my inkscape file the box to fit the display did get resized slightly, it was on 553 , 303. Need quite a few variations of translite really. You could go for a bigger display in the middle when scaled to 2x and just include the logo.
  9. Well spotted, easy fix, thanks. I want to fill this up with more player stats so I'll do that too when go there. (if you play with a profile you should see some profile statistics in report.) ------------------------------ It's only when you start some modes it adds/removes the scenes to memory , but also the audio which never leaves. I think when I make a sound control based off SDL this should really help as well, then the sound can be removed as I go.
  10. I think it's just your system shitting itself with too much going on. At least get 8gb of ram, that's all I've ever used so far, have had no need to use more than that for any game yet. Maybe put the audio buffer size up to 1024 Like I mentioned before you could just try and comment out the attract entries from the asset_list.yaml and you probably save a good chunk there. ---------------------------- Starting a Book mode means its complete. Getting to the end of one is fully complete Infomation on your progress might be in the status report (hold down flipper for a few seconds in game) When you start a book mode it does tell you how many started / how many complete.
  11. I haven't changed any Full screen values, Dozer did that ages ago. You can still get the values by running the game with F6. Like I said before you're only going to change a couple of values, so make a note of them on phone or bit of paper or something, then edit the POV. I don't see how this is anymore hassle than having to go and be doing things like editing scripts. Doesn't matter what machine I run on, my AHK with spaces always work, I even had this comp set to mumbo jumbo (french) for a while, they just need to be wrapped in double quotes, some chars need to be escaped.
  12. Sorry, the example with a comma is Jaws. HorsePin`, RomPin. Run, "C:\P-ROC\ProcPinXBefore.exe" Run, "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinballX_10.4.0.exe" -play "C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\Evil Dead (HorsePin 2018).vpx"
  13. No, you need to be using the one I put here for download, not old test version. AHK doesn't care about white space, if you have a comma you have to escape it with the `. The EDVPLoader has a perfect example of this.
  14. Yeah I thought as much, you shouldn't change the resolution of the display. 550x300 you should leave that alone, you can't change it. You can change the scale up to 2x. 1100x600. On your DBS2 using 1280x1024 you shoud be staying on 1x scale and you need a lower resolution translite On a locked table you can't export POV either so are you using an old test version of the table? evildead.pov is wrong. It should match the tables name.
  15. No PF change, it was just script. Show me your config.yaml. That display is wrong and db2s isn't right either, whats your resolution for that?
  16. I don't think it's as bad as pinmame anyway, I checked on this and had 0.8 lowest.
  17. Even still with those scripts, shouldn't matter because this is UseSolenoids = 1. With Jaws, I'll try new scripts because that might be related why I couldn't get it working there. You could try that on Jaws if you like setting it to 2. Touchscreen will appear on a touchscreen for 12 seconds no matter on view. my_modes.7z
  18. Can never replicate that, no matter on the order. I'll just have to explicitly remove it 3 times in hope that it does remove that mode if running. Makes no sense really. Has the ball exited the saucer at that point? Pinmame doesn't matter, it doesn't invoke that, only the WPC.vbs and mimics the VPmame interface. Table built for the final of VP 10.4 and I haven't used 10.5 yet, waiting for the touchscreen message to go before I update (leave me no choice to update because it annoys me). I would advise to use the pinballX alternate exe tag in the xml to use VP 10.4. I keep all VP executables, it really not wise imo to use tables made on certain builds with newer. 10.4 > 10.5 probably isn't too bad but I'm not supporting that.
  19. @Thalamus Try this directB2S. 1920x1080 though may need to make another. https://mega.nz/#!2JISURKS!2dhaVq_7VKpUWMe_7KHxmOsT6cv0LLH8wFaHdZU7esY
  20. In the rules (README.md), at top. Aslo in the table info.
  21. If it was a memory issue it would include SDL texture in the log there, along those lines. That is same problem you had before the other day, which should be ok now, it should be ok anyway, I've never seen it happen either. It's also being explicitly removed before Shelly starts. Shelly.pyc
  22. That download error is because you're not logged in when you click the update link.