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  1. View File Evil Dead (HorsePin 2018) I could spend another half a year on this game, but it's very playable now. It will only need some tweaks for the display, more trophys, scores and any bugs that appear when played by more machines I'll sort out. Most credits are in the attract mode but extra thanks to: VPU for hosting, Flupper - for his blender ramp templates Install instructions: README.md Update: VPX 10.5 - You shouldn't need anything "fancy" to activate the window to be on top anymore. ESC = Exit game window F11 = Toggle window border F12 = Save window position # Game Service menu Enable DirectB2S & Shaker + other VP options. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cactus Canyon python 2.7 update fix https://mega.nz/#!GNA0jJRC!JTFgR5F_Pb_SHeP0LXx-0jsLh4bpr2N0mLJD2jAYGXI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PinballX: Table Entry <game name="Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)"> <description>Evil Dead(HorsePin 2018)</description> <rom /> <year>2018</year> <rating>0</rating> <type>OG</type> <manufacturer>RomPin, HorsePin</manufacturer> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidedmd>true</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>false</hidebackglass> <alternateExe>VPinballX_10.5.0.exe</alternateExe> </game> PinballX - System Config [System_4] Name=P-ROC WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball Executable=VPinballX_10.5.0.exe LaunchBeforeWorkingPath=C:\P-ROC LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeParameters= Enabled=True TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables Parameters=-play "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterParameters= SystemType=1 NVRAMPath= Bypass=True Submitter HorsePin Submitted 01/10/2018 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name evildead Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod No VP Version v10  
  2. View File Jaws VP (RomPin, HorsePin 2018) Removed due to change in VP encryption code. Submitter HorsePin Submitted 04/26/2018 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Jaws Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod No VP Version v10  
  3. Bit of one? That 3rd post didn't do much to change your contributions did it so get off high horse. You're making wonder what the first post was. All in all just solidifies that you're a whiney leech that can't read instructions. Have a nice day.
  4. Oh well Mark, no loss mate, I'm pretty certain someone with 2 posts wouldn't have bought anything to the table anyway.
  5. Not my problem and I could care less how you got on. Have made a few guides over the years, plus the one that currently with vproc controller and a 2.7 which work on every machine I install on, if you really got stuck you could go to the source p-roc forum. Sure. Then why did it take you months to install a proc? This as your Best original based on Lighting. Fair play. I find it pretty dark aside from flashers, maybe I should have given you my screen brightness values. There's more to do in this aside from it being multiballs compared to original, but should've done the lighting better then maybe would've gotten good review. You weren't the first to bring it up anyway, if you got it working months ago you could have bought it up sooner and mentioned it then I would've adjusted to your preferences.
  6. Funny that you think I thought it was secure, really? It actually proved to be good enough against your average Joe, in the end Toxie just made the obvious, obvious. Removed it because of this and it's a great excuse to pull out because I've had enough of supporting them in general.
  7. Sorry all. I removed it. New versions of VP allow you to unlock the tables so my strategy has changed and won't be uploading more.
  8. SkeletonGameManager

    Looking for some people to have a go with this application now. Getting a little worried I won't be able to spend as much time as I have for the time being , and was going to wait until I'd finished everything before giving it out. I think parts of it are applicable to other things besides making a p-roc game... If you wanted to make quick and easy text over clips etc for dmd videos or even when people ask for how to make a "dmd forum signature". After creating you could capture the display. Use scene grab for the pup thing, the switch/lamp matrix with an added export could be handy. Intentionally it wasn't made for those things though, but it was just to save time creating games with skeleton game framework. The configuration and the asset lists were my main issue and wanted a bit quicker way to get these assets into the game. It's had a ridiculous amount of feature creeping and that's not really going to stop for the moment because there's a lot that could be done to make it even more quicker/easier making one of these games. Little demos: Here's a "game" I created with the new game option. Wanted to try the paralex effect in games etc, so I grabbed open source layers and made it all come alive with the move options that can be attached. This is an example creating a new game. This process of a new setup was really needed without knowing it. It will grab you a latest SkeletonGame and get everything you need to run a new game. Having the EmptyGameVP contains settings for the service like in EvilDead and script examples.
  9. SkeletonGameManager

    I have json shows which could be converted to the rgbshow (would need to make some parser to convert it to rgbshow) I was looking at the show after I posted the link for a little while, I've never tried to make one with images as suggested there though either. Does Star Trek LE work with rgb in VP? Just wondering if some work is done in scripts for this which may save some time.
  10. SkeletonGameManager

    Well you can't unless you come up with some other way, more coils, fake switches. I just needed them all change depending on the show/mode. A quick hack like I said in the other thread. You could use the RGBShow mode, which I think is on by default in new games but then you would need to come up with something to add to the controller for VP to pick up. At the time and even right now it's something that hasn't bothered me until a real build. To make a game it takes a fair whack of time and lighting lamps different colors doesn't make my games more fun and the time is best concentrated elsewhere in the game. http://skeletongame.com/using-the-gui-tool-to-make-rgb-lamp-shows/ You also have the LEDs.py which maybe an older version to the above.
  11. SkeletonGameManager

    self.game.coils.redCoil.enable() In the bottom of the post where I explained how is a lampshow snippet holding the green on then off with [ ]
  12. SkeletonGameManager

    From what I can remember it should convert your yaml, or least ask you if you want to. I found it better to use lists there instead of the dictionary. When I get round to purchase a board myself I will add the addressable lamps but for now it's kinda retheme or VP. These callbacks you could probably do a better job of it by sending in the color and have the one method which loop over the AllLamps collection. SolCallback(53)="SolColorOrg" SolCallback(54)="SolColorYel" SolCallback(55)="SolColorGreen" SolCallback(56)="SolColorBlue" SUb SolColorOrg(Enabled) if enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(255,127,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(255,127,0) Next Else End If End Sub Lampshow trigger: coil:ledGreen | [ ]
  13. I added it to the fix script, so you just update that file and run it.
  14. Magically fixed it by going through the guide and installing? You need to run pip install requests and I need to add that into the proc_fix because it's getting on my tits having to explain it every time.
  15. Python is there but it has not been set as environment path. From looking at that the file was run through python anyway. You don't have the core of P-ROC, pinproc. Why it fails to build for you in the installer I have no idea. Maybe you may be able to get away with someones python27 zipped up and the majority of the contents from the P-ROC directory.
  16. Run the game in the command prompt. Whats happens, what errors? Could've been anything during the install. Missing module, who knows , but it will tell you at the end of the trace log on the screen. Until it runs there, don't run in visual pinball.
  17. SkeletonGameManager

    I'll remove the old test build links from here. Use the latest on github. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/SkeletonGameManager/releases
  18. Fake RGB. Color is switched when a "colour coil" is enabled. If you're going to use SkeletonGame then I would recommend using this helper app I did a couple of months back. You can get a latest download from the GitHub releases page. The TNA clone , Total Sickness I did in 6 days with SGM and I would say I spent more time in VP than writing the code. You can create a new game inside there but if you want to try it with a game then Knight Rider should work. Gremlins, Total Sickness, MOTU, Knight Rider, Jaws I think were also done in SGM. The video mode in Knight Rider I think I did half and half. The collisions in code and most of the animations were created in SGM. It does need a guide on how to get started. With lamps, switches etc. I would add your lamps, switches coils etc inside SGM then Export a VP script that you should be able to plonk in the VP script and should work off the bat.
  19. I haven't ever had a beer, dinner or one penny for pinball work and I won't be expecting any either. This is why you should make your problems clearer because I don't have time to come here and support for nothing. You're showing error from Cactus Canynon. Why are you not running outside of VP first, does it not say in readme to be doing that first? You will save alot of time that way. It actually says there "found unexpected ':' in user_settings.yaml. Have you hand edited this? Don't put more CCC stuff here because they actually are slightly different and it's not my game. The other site kind of took over control, so go there.
  20. Make sure run it in a command line as Admin.
  21. I guess you didn't run the command before running the fix. python -m ensurepip --no-default-pip
  22. Should be in the Readme.md, open with text editor. I must have removed the link from DL page. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md
  23. Going to need more information. Step 2 of the setup is downloading the P-Roc/Tools folder so whatever you're reporting there isn't matching up to the guide. Step 2 of Moceans installer may well be PyPinProc and no idea why that would fail. Do you have more than one Python build installed. Run the installer as admin maybe. Clear out your P-ROC folder and start fresh.....again, I don't know and I'm not going to keep guessing without more information.
  24. I posted a version on VPF, which every one had, I don't recall giving you anything personally. Read the description which says can i mod.