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  1. Here was a little update which easy go unnoticed. Sets the window on top without AHK or the pinXprocbefore.exe. Another update below that helps you move window into position. In other games I notice this isn't perfect everytime, unless the window is clicked or activated before hand. This is because the VP player is loaded after. So even still it might need AHK to click the window or just activating with ahk might be enough to keep it on top.
  2. Ah, DOF master....you have been installing then, caved in? That current script I was using.... I'm not sure why pieces were missing, it was a while since I did work to it. I'm going to add a shaker in for some scenes which may enhance it a bit, so I'll add it when I do that ok.
  3. SkeletonGameManager

    Inside pyprocgame game is a nice feature to record/playback switch events. I never bothered to use this feature, but it will save even more time for testing or just for getting you to a point in the game that you want to test at. I got around to getting a half decent UI to control these recordings/plabacks. SkeletonGame is a little finicky because you can't just enable the recordings/playbacks but this does all the work for you and puts the game back to normal after you finished playback/record. https://mega.nz/#!eMABRDDT!7r-ens1N-HhfISjeeTk1QE-nmd1bTGPDW6ovj2QUMPM
  4. SkeletonGameManager

    Looking for some people to have a go with this application now. Getting a little worried I won't be able to spend as much time as I have for the time being , and was going to wait until I'd finished everything before giving it out. I think parts of it are applicable to other things besides making a p-roc game... If you wanted to make quick and easy text over clips etc for dmd videos or even when people ask for how to make a "dmd forum signature". After creating you could capture the display. Use scene grab for the pup thing, the switch/lamp matrix with an added export could be handy. Intentionally it wasn't made for those things though, but it was just to save time creating games with skeleton game framework. The configuration and the asset lists were my main issue and wanted a bit quicker way to get these assets into the game. It's had a ridiculous amount of feature creeping and that's not really going to stop for the moment because there's a lot that could be done to make it even more quicker/easier making one of these games. Download alpha 0.69.10: https://mega.nz/#!fUogmQbA!uMUrCZs7NbFWajSToYScglOZTaJQNbXifT-1Z0Gla8o Little demos: Here's a "game" I created with the new game option. Wanted to try the paralex effect in games etc, so I grabbed open source layers and made it all come alive with the move options that can be attached. This is an example creating a new game. This process of a new setup was really needed without knowing it. It will grab you a latest SkeletonGame and get everything you need to run a new game. Having the EmptyGameVP contains settings for the service like in EvilDead and script examples.
  5. There's two versions. One with a smaller screen and one with a display scaled up to 2x. There could be a third version without the "Display placeholder". You have the 2x scaled version there. You need to go into the backglass options by clicking the backglass and pushing "S". You can turn the grill off in there and move the display into position.
  6. You need to download the update and apply that, still on v1.0 there .
  7. Another small but biggy while I'm at it. You can toggle the window border whilst running with F11 and save the position with F12. Should make it a bit easier setting the position. This file includes the always on top change as well. procgame.7z
  8. Quick heads up that you can now get rid of the PinXProcBefore. Download the desktop_pysdl2.py (as raw) and copy to the procgame/desktop folder. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/PyProcGameHD-SkeletonGame/tree/dev/procgame/desktop By default it's set to be on top but you can add this into the config.yaml..... if you want to turn it off for any reason. dmd_always_on_top: True This was added to SDL2, 15 months ago and never saw this much needed update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have updated my P-ROC\Dlls\SDL2.dll, but probably not even necessary for this , but nice to kind of keep on top. The latest is 2.0.7. https://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL2-2.0.7-win32-x86.zip The python wrapper can be updated to 0.96. This vesion is compatible with Sdl 2.0.6 but should still be fine using 2.0.7. To upgrade the wrapper: pip install pip-upgrader pip install pysdl2 --upgrade
  9. You need to adjust your DOF table mappings, ini names to the "romname", which is evildead, not proc_evildead. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the guide it points to this read me. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md The files its talking about are in its parent directory. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master The guide tells you this: Copy this repos files into C:\P-ROC\Tools You can see the Dlls folder. Inside is a SDL font fix. A little lower down in guide it says: SDLTTF : Copy the SDLTff that works with Visual Pinball into 'P-ROC\DLLS'
  10. Instead of chrome browser I would consider what it'd be like hosting it in a https://electronjs.org/ application. I haven't got around to making anything yet, so I don't know what it's really like. VS Code, slack & signal are made in this which I use to name a few. I know I can take KnockoutJs (mvvm) skills into this, which perked my interest, but I like my WPF too much to start dicking around just yet.
  11. Ok try that. There's a readme in there how to migrate over. If game works for whoever else, you haven't got much need to update, because only changes are in for the issues these guys had.
  12. Ball 2? Lol Well, there's going to have to be some adjustments, a fair amount actually, but suppose it will be worth it in the end, PITA. Delete your game_user_data.yaml, again Create a new profile and play with that and start one book mode because that saves time. Send me your profile file after you finished and the game_data
  13. Delete the config/game_user_data.yaml and try again. You shouldn't have PM in that string.
  14. There's nothing wrong with Micheals installer. You have to follow the instructions to the letter. Some people just miss out 2 important steps: Copy the SdlTTF that is compatible with VP Adjusting the users config because this gets overwritten with the 2.7 installer
  15. You're welcome. Well it's been a long process. It started out in Future pinball and spent a lot of time on that build, but so much trouble with physics it just was never good enough to play. Then decided to retheme a BSD from a JP Salas VP9 build and that used HyperDMD. Which I kind of got bored of and wasn't happy there either. Learnt about the P-ROC and there was a lot of bashing heads to get this working in VP nicely at the time. It's come a long way now, hence you also being able to play CCC. Started to learn the pyprocgame and build the game. Several VP10 versions later and many hours, designing, coding & testing The only thing stopping me build the actual machine is not having a workshop to do it, but at one point did go through and divvy up how much it would cost me. It will be made from scratch, it's slightly different from a BSD and I couldn't butcher that game for a retheme as it's my favorite pin. Have trouble finding one cheap enough now anyway, I missed the boat. It would need a few adjustments here and there for machine configuration, alot of this config is thrown together because it's virtual and not worried about coils blowing. I'd probably ship it around the country taking it to pinball shows we have in England (not many)