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  1. I have json shows which could be converted to the rgbshow (would need to make some parser to convert it to rgbshow) I was looking at the show after I posted the link for a little while, I've never tried to make one with images as suggested there though either. Does Star Trek LE work with rgb in VP? Just wondering if some work is done in scripts for this which may save some time.
  2. Well you can't unless you come up with some other way, more coils, fake switches. I just needed them all change depending on the show/mode. A quick hack like I said in the other thread. You could use the RGBShow mode, which I think is on by default in new games but then you would need to come up with something to add to the controller for VP to pick up. At the time and even right now it's something that hasn't bothered me until a real build. To make a game it takes a fair whack of time and lighting lamps different colors doesn't make my games more fun and the time is best concentrated elsewhere in the game. http://skeletongame.com/using-the-gui-tool-to-make-rgb-lamp-shows/ You also have the LEDs.py which maybe an older version to the above.
  3. self.game.coils.redCoil.enable() In the bottom of the post where I explained how is a lampshow snippet holding the green on then off with [ ]
  4. From what I can remember it should convert your yaml, or least ask you if you want to. I found it better to use lists there instead of the dictionary. When I get round to purchase a board myself I will add the addressable lamps but for now it's kinda retheme or VP. These callbacks you could probably do a better job of it by sending in the color and have the one method which loop over the AllLamps collection. SolCallback(53)="SolColorOrg" SolCallback(54)="SolColorYel" SolCallback(55)="SolColorGreen" SolCallback(56)="SolColorBlue" SUb SolColorOrg(Enabled) if enabled Then For each lamp in AllLamps lamp.color=RGB(255,127,0) lamp.colorFull=RGB(255,127,0) Next Else End If End Sub Lampshow trigger: coil:ledGreen | [ ]
  5. I'll remove the old test build links from here. Use the latest on github. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/SkeletonGameManager/releases
  6. Inside pyprocgame game is a nice feature to record/playback switch events. I never bothered to use this feature, but it will save even more time for testing or just for getting you to a point in the game that you want to test at. I got around to getting a half decent UI to control these recordings/plabacks. SkeletonGame is a little finicky because you can't just enable the recordings/playbacks but this does all the work for you and puts the game back to normal after you finished playback/record.
  7. Looking for some people to have a go with this application now. Getting a little worried I won't be able to spend as much time as I have for the time being , and was going to wait until I'd finished everything before giving it out. I think parts of it are applicable to other things besides making a p-roc game... If you wanted to make quick and easy text over clips etc for dmd videos or even when people ask for how to make a "dmd forum signature". After creating you could capture the display. Use scene grab for the pup thing, the switch/lamp matrix with an added export could be handy. Intentionally it wasn't made for those things though, but it was just to save time creating games with skeleton game framework. The configuration and the asset lists were my main issue and wanted a bit quicker way to get these assets into the game. It's had a ridiculous amount of feature creeping and that's not really going to stop for the moment because there's a lot that could be done to make it even more quicker/easier making one of these games. Little demos: Here's a "game" I created with the new game option. Wanted to try the paralex effect in games etc, so I grabbed open source layers and made it all come alive with the move options that can be attached. This is an example creating a new game. This process of a new setup was really needed without knowing it. It will grab you a latest SkeletonGame and get everything you need to run a new game. Having the EmptyGameVP contains settings for the service like in EvilDead and script examples.
  8. Instead of chrome browser I would consider what it'd be like hosting it in a https://electronjs.org/ application. I haven't got around to making anything yet, so I don't know what it's really like. VS Code, slack & signal are made in this which I use to name a few. I know I can take KnockoutJs (mvvm) skills into this, which perked my interest, but I like my WPF too much to start dicking around just yet.
  9. Yes me & my bro used to play a lot of PinEmHi but was limited and seemed hassle for DNA to update it. If playing 2 player we had to quit out of VP each time and hot seat it which became a PITA. All the hard work is done really, but that may be a better idea to interface here rather than creating a web app. I could host the DB and you could use the API.
  10. It's been a while and I think I started developing this system this around end of September. I got really sucked into making a touch screen jukebox for the last 3 months and ready to get back into this now. The PinEmHi leaderboard was pretty good fun when me and my bro used to compete using that, but the lack of updates to tables and their versions made it obsolete for us. There seemed to be no checks in place either for cheating, you could map any table meaning all players could more or less use any table with the correct rom. If wasn't for TomLogic making an nvram parser this wouldn't have gotten started. I have added more mappings over time so we have a better selection of games to start. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/pinmame-nvram-maps To start with I want it to fully support VP tables (pinmame and originals), SS, EM and P-ROC. If memory serves correctly the EMs would have to be played with the B2S plugin, I'm sure when I was playing here is where I realized this would be possible. Some parts that are in full swing. Website / App with API (offline for now) B2S Plugin that can post your scores with UI config to create and add players. A simple windows application you can log into, Launch available tables and post scores. Support 1-4 players able to create 8 players per your machine (or desktop) At some point make full screen app for cabs where you can do all the player selection / creation with flippers & start. I have thought of many different ways to make it fair, including patching to download so we use the same version of a table and rom. If table/rom doesn't pass checks then it can simply marked down as a casual game. As for more tables with different versions of rom/visual pinball I'll allow requests for any to be added in, as long as we have a nvram mapping all is good. ------------------ Don't mind me here, I'm just familarizing myself to where I was at in dev ------------------------ All VP versions should be covered..The AddOn here means Pinmame. Tables mapped to the simulator they were made for. A Db entry example using the B2S plugin with 4 players The webapp/site. (some scores are duped, this is just where I was reimporting the same nvrams for testing)
  11. Lol take my ball . Some needs moon on a stick.
  12. I don't understand your way of thinking that's for sure. If anyone does ask where is evil dead + guides + anything else from me, they can blame you. Cheers good night.
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