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  1. Going to need more information. Step 2 of the setup is downloading the P-Roc/Tools folder so whatever you're reporting there isn't matching up to the guide. Step 2 of Moceans installer may well be PyPinProc and no idea why that would fail. Do you have more than one Python build installed. Run the installer as admin maybe. Clear out your P-ROC folder and start fresh.....again, I don't know and I'm not going to keep guessing without more information.
  2. I posted a version on VPF, which every one had, I don't recall giving you anything personally. Read the description which says can i mod.
  3. I actually gave this guy a chance about a year ago when he was still whining back then about not being finished but then went quiet. It's not for modding lights or tits so I would either give up or just don't play it.
  4. There's room for them on the skiers, the welcome sign. Well, it was probably working before you used this.... python -m pip install --upgrade pip. This is instructed to run before run the fix script. Sometimes the installer could miss the initial pip setup. So running it after installing requests hasn't done anything but upgrade pip.
  5. There's a step by step which you can find in ED post. 6 steps in total to setup SkeletonGame, ProcVisualPinball. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md CCC is a different pyprocgame which uses PyGame. So they're different, but you only really need the missing Python dependencies for SkeletonGame which is just done by running installer + fix. I wasn't aware of the trend to lock tables but it stops you modding. The POV is easy enough to mod, you can adjust physics in the service. Most players this is sufficient, it's the just the ones who want to come along and put a pair of tits on the PF?
  6. Did you use the keyboard shortcuts to move it in place? F11 Show border, move it into place, F12 to save.
  7. Glad to hear you persisted with it and are OK now. I think it could've been the multiple python but paths not set to python 2.7 and running installer on top of that. I had weird trouble before I moved to 2.7 due to that. It is noted in the instructions to at least change environment paths before install. It's defaulted to desktop, the other thing for Cab users is turning off VP table sounds in service menu. I did mention earlier in the thread that I haven't made one. It won't need anything special as no lights are wired to the translite, but would need 2 different options for a scaled up display. Then you have different screen resolutions, which running 1280x1024 from what I remember was std. Too many variations I think it needs to suit everyones needs and just too much of a ball ache for me to make for something I won't see.
  8. The fix script doesn't need a main. That's just suspicious to me that you didn't have pip installed before you ran that, which is in the readme before the command. If you have multiple python make sure its not defaulting to 2.6 or whatever when you're running those and pip. Same with registering the controller. -- Part of that fix registers the controller twice. The second time it comments out a line in the controller. Might be worth a check because don't advise to have this on. ##_reg_clsctx_ = pythoncom.CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER OpenSoundControl is for testing outside VP. You shouldn't need to be hacking it to get it working.
  9. Not sure why it's doing that. I can understand the terminal not adding balls to trough but VP side should be fine. Log doesn't help so the only things I can suggest to check: using latest controller check your VP scripts (3.56 >) check version of VP 10.5 can do the EOS torque from script use the settings/files that came with the download (maybe poked around trying to get working) Make sure it's running under Python 2.7
  10. I would place it in the translite area overlaying a B2S. You're missing balls in the trough hence why you can't push start. Not sure why you even want to, you can see it running so VP should be good granted you have game mapping and correct controller. In the terminal window that is being logged to the terminal, when you run from VP it appends to the log in the p-roc/shared.
  11. Recall from where? Are you running other pythons aside from "2.7 32bit". I'd hazard a guess and say there have been players with a Win7 box. I have no idea anyway without a log or at least screen grab of the terminal window running game outside of VP.
  12. 1. Register_vp_com_skeleton config.py is an old controller. So if this is the one other sites used in their setups then you need update. 2. Read the instructions which says to run the command "pip install requests".
  13. It should come with a warning. NOT TO BE PLAYED ON $80 OR < machines. I feel I have to mention (because you're comparing) that when this was first started, I used the first version Rom released. No external author mods etc. When you play FP, it's slow anyway. The original rules/game doesn't feel not so bad on FP, because most of the time you're missing shots and the floatiness. VP: When you can start making shots and it starts to play a bit more like a real pin, then the original rules get boring really quick. and feels too empty.
  14. Screenshot is Cactus Canyon but could be Step 5. https://github.com/horseyhorsey/proc-visual-pinball/blob/master/README_2.7.md
  15. Ok no problem, I think it would've been some adjustments to this "game_default_settings.yaml" to break it there. They are the default settings for the service menu which are saved to your "game_user_settings.yaml". You basically don't need to touch either and use the service menu instead.