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  1. @Thalamus Try this directB2S. 1920x1080 though may need to make another. https://mega.nz/#!2JISURKS!2dhaVq_7VKpUWMe_7KHxmOsT6cv0LLH8wFaHdZU7esY
  2. In the rules (README.md), at top. Aslo in the table info.
  3. If it was a memory issue it would include SDL texture in the log there, along those lines. That is same problem you had before the other day, which should be ok now, it should be ok anyway, I've never seen it happen either. It's also being explicitly removed before Shelly starts. Shelly.pyc
  4. That download error is because you're not logged in when you click the update link.
  5. No idea it's fine. I'll ship it over when finish work, you don't need it right now..
  6. Use the patching tool here to update the table with the table file 'Evil Dead (HorsePin 2018)_patch1.dif'
  7. You could try just commenting out some Attract scenes to save some without ruining the game to much. In asset_list.yaml. #- frame_time: 1 #streamingMovie: true # key: Trailer1 # file: Video/Attract/Trailer1.mp4 Like mentioned I think this will be worthwhile when loading the game, these get loaded and when starting the game they get removed. Same when you come back to attract mode, load back in / out.
  8. No it's not fully polished, I could pick holes in it all day long,, but if I did that you wouldn't be able to play it at all, hence the reason for this in the first post. " it's very playable now. It will only need some tweaks for the display, more trophys, scores " What you mentioned about the "extra ball is lit "has already gone into the list and that's the best I can do for now, because I really should be spending time elsewhere. ----------------------------------------------------- Ok, what is happening there is it's hung but not quit from VP. How much memory do you have spare on the computer? I noticed random error from SDL like that when the game started to hit 950mb+. I haven't seen it rise above 750mb for a long time after I went in and improved it somewhat there. When scotty starts and some other modes, the scenes get loaded into memory and then cleared out when they finish. And I'm talking 80 - 150mb depending on the mode. Python needs some spare to be able to garbage collect. Another thing in time that will help is making another sound controller with SDL. At least with SDL you can free the audio from memory, but it's using Pygame and not possible AFAIK. Also if I can redo the way the attract modes load. These scenes also don't need to be hanging around all the time you're in the game.
  9. Interested to know what's in your system. CPU, GFX....Ram should be fine and not go over 800mb. Maybe wind down some settings in VP and try full screen exclusive. Do you ever get crackling audio? Try raising the buffer size in config.yaml to 1024 or something, or even try lower. The only thing I can think of if pages crashed is the way it pauses/upauses music. I don't experience just an out right crash in VP. --------------------------- There are no animations for lighting an extra ball, it's just a standard message. ----------------------- You have to be a deadite to have psychic power, play it enough and you may turn into one, you've been warned
  10. You can skip attract scenes with flippers now too.
  11. I already mentioned the name in the second post.
  12. Apply the files from post a few posts back. I'm trying to do 100 things atm and will get round to merging it into the actual download , but for now just download those. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3466-new-vp10-alert-evil-dead-horsepin-2018/?do=findComment&comment=37958
  13. Just applying the 1.0.7 and those two files are enough. I need a log, you should only the last thing that happened from the controller like khomodo s log above.