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  1. hello, I've damaged my pcb for the nanotech wizard controller, so the plunger uses a sata cable that connects to the pcb. I want to get a diiferent pcb control board for the plunger but I don't think any others use a sata cable? can I do anything to the plunger to use it in a different way than using a sata cable? can this be converted to usb and used with a different plunger pcb? M
  2. Hey Guys, for the subwoofer, if you use a PC speaker system 2.1, do you remove the sub from the encased box with air hole? Or do you just keep it in the case and mount that in your cab? thx, M
  3. Thanks, So would I use something like a 24 volt power supply adapter for power? and can I connect to ledwiz or do I need a relay or something? sorry, not a lot of knowledge on electronics... M
  4. Hello, I just bought this knocker from Marco Specialties: Knocker Kit with AE-1200 coil. do I require a diode on this for my pincab? Also, does it really need 24 volts? or will it still work with 12 volts and just not be as powerful? thanks, M
  5. hello, Is it possible to use the shaker motor and ledwiz for the bumpers/slingshots on tables? I'm assuming it can be done but manually in the tables script..? If so how? an example? thanks, M
  6. Help, seems the DOF Config tool is not working. It won't generate a config file, it goes to "this page can't be displayed". Am I the only one with this issue? M
  7. Does a Terminator 3 B2S Back glass exist? I can't seem to find one anywhere? it's the only one I'm missing. Thx, M
  8. this has been answered now.... the answer was turn aa off.
  9. Hello, I tried 2 tables for Physmod 2.5 and both tables have flicker issues (Lights) in some areas. the tables: 24 last action hero is this a settings issue? Thanks, M
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