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  1. did this get released yet? EDIT _ looks like there is an update on the website to include: useregistry - If true, read the virtual DMD position from VPM's registry. But I don't see it in the actual download package (that line is not there).
  2. excited to see this released. Thanks for doing it
  3. SOLUTION! Change this registry line item from 1 to 0 fixed it!!! at91jit For others with the same issue - check this out first. It would have saved me 12 hours! Line item at91jit which is in the individual roms settings under vpmame in registry. Who the F would have thought to change that? User STV recommended it. Thanks!
  4. Yep I'm familiar with that page will circle back again
  5. Yeah totally understand. Tech is very impressive Tables work perfectly when external is not checked. How do I turn on debugging? For now I'm defaulting to no external checked, loading though Pinballx and then F1 to change to external than f3. Work around for now. Not sure if they're are shortcuts to uncheck/check. Also noticed that powered by mame is showing when the table loads. Before it would just load without showing screen. Likely due to me deleting the rom name in registry during troubleshooting. Need to figure out how to change that back.
  6. oh ok - just to be clear, that will only work on pin2dmd hardware not the virtual dmd right? I only have the virtual dmd option On my end, still troubleshooting and now it works just randomly. I just open table, it crashes, repeat and now it opens. But it's not repeatable. I get an error from VP but not sure that's helpful. What's the best thing to look for to report this bug?
  7. Appreciate the response lucky. What dll are you referring too that works and can you share here? You mention vpx is timing critical - wasn't following.
  8. After exhausting many options I've decided to create this topic. I have successfully loaded and played many games with color ROM via freezy DMDdevice. Here's the issue If I load a colored rom first (which has external DMD turned on) in vpx the app crashes. If I load a non colored rom with no external DMD checked it loads and if I close the table and load that same color ROM, it will load fine and color works great. Problem is bc it won't load first I can't load these color ROMs through PinballX either bc vpx crashes in background. I've been troubleshooting for two nights no luck. Anyone have suggestion as to why this is happening? Btw what an amazing add on. Simply incredible having color option even on par with my team color dmd
  9. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    Did some more research last night and it doesn't seem like it's just this file so now I'm back at square one. Could this be a bug? I will close this thread and open one that is dedicated and in target compared to the title of this thread. Thanks
  10. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    So I figured out the problem......and giving up for tonight on trying to solver it but here's what's causing the crash. "B2Stablesettings" file The settings file that's created in my tables folder once I make changes to B2s (most importantly doing an active plugin so my feedback works). If I remove JUST this file, the games with external load perfectly on cold VPX boot. If I put the file back into the tables folder, I get my force feedback back however the crashes occur. Any idea how to fix this? I'm attaching the file I'm referring too. So many meetings tomorrow - I need to call it a night but this is def the reason why it's happening. B2STableSettings.xml
  11. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    I will check. The good news is thst the external is no longer a problem - I was able to fix it and size for all. The last problem seems to be VPX crashing when I load a table that's using external DMD. It will only happen if I try to load that type of table first. Problem is it's also crashing pinball x (my frontend) regardless of what I play before it. If I switch the same game to use VPM dvd and not external, pinball X boots right into it. hmmmmm I also have a GTX 760. Thinking about updating to 970 just to max everything out.
  12. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    Great update. Thank again for the help. I deleted all relevant files and then redid it - and now it works (just changing the set of X, Y, etc in the ini. Whats weird is that I need to have a dmddevice.ini in my vpmame AND my tables folder. I also still get errors when I cold open VPX (prompt to open a file) and try to start SM VE or Avengers yet others work and once I get a successful launch, SM and AVG work.
  13. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    I get this and trying to but when I change the ini, it will register in game (like turning off the resize icon in the bottom corner of the dmd but setting to true but the changes I'm making to X, Y, etc seem to be ignored. It still shows up in the same wrong spot on the playfield instead of where it should be (different display totally). What will work is if I put the individual game with its own X, Y, at the end of the ini, it will actually move the file to where its noting. What's also weird is that the games with external dmd will crash if I select them upon start up of VPX. If i play a non external dmd first then one with external checked, it will work. Maybe a bug I can report but just seems like others would notice. Basically - can you guys play metallica upon start up of VPX (where it auto opens the menu and makes you select table).
  14. OK - I went to the website below. https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions I see where he says how to make a game by game but if the info above that is how to make it apply to all my games - not sure that works as I tried before and it seem to move. Let me double check.
  15. Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    So I have a 3 screen setup like you. How were you able then to just change this once and it apply to the rest of your tables (re: external DMD). As for this: "I meant that if there are no sort of UAC or write access issues to the VPM folder that you can drag and resize using the grip. The program will write the size and position to DMDDevice.ini and that will be what it uses for all roms set to use the external virtual DMD. " I tried just moving the external, resizing and when I closed the table and reopened it was back to the original place. You mention "the program will write the size....." - what program are you referring to b/c VP won't.