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  1. Thanks again. I see. So it's related to rom editing/authoring. Well someday I'd love to get into making a table or two...once my cab is no longer a pile of wood.
  2. Ok so I updated vpinMAME to 2.9 and then followed the instructions for the SAM 2.9 update. vpinmame dll TICK...sam vbs TICK... but... What do I do with the pinMAME.exe in the SAMbuild29 zip? Thanks Carny for this update btw the ACDC table now works as it should. Oh Yeah!
  3. Terry your guide is fantastic. I can't thank you enough.Great work. Very clear and helpful. It has made this FP setup so easy. Twice now! I just did a new setup for a clean install on Win10 and just followed this to the letter. Everything is working again. I noticed btw that this isn't listed on the VP forums/in their tutorials section? That pinkadia is inspiring too, and v.helpful to see the youtube videos of each individual system running. Anyway thanks again and all the best to you! Brutze