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  1. Guys, I didn't mean to be an ahole but it was very frustrating to have that issue. I knew it was something simple and was looking for the must basic problems since the cab was running for so long so well. I had lost a bit from when I set it up and upgraded to VPX its been a couple years. But for the benefit of anyone that may stumble across the same simple issue here is the simple answer. Hit Alt-Tab and see if there are any errors hiding in the background, in my case I neglected to unblock the file in windows 7 and there was a prompt waiting for permission to run the file. The cab is running even better than before. Merry Christmas, Flexo Jesper, if you had nothing to add you could have passed right by. who's the troll?
  2. Really special response. I am very proud of your ability to run all the latest, If you are not interested in helping simply don't respond. Not new to this just missed something, sam is not required for all VPX tables so that is not the issue. BTW did I say I wanted to have the newest? Been running VPX since it has been official just wanted to get current for the family tomorrow. No worries I will get it running. Thanks You're the best!
  3. Thanks for the response, but I guess you skipped over the fact that VPX is and will run just not the newest version that I downloaded. I actually did get it from vpforums but had tried other versions as well. The link you sent me is for the same version lever I said I had. If I upgrade to version 2 the table will hang on the loading screen just like version 3.1 (all VPX tables) I must have missed something but it a simple unzip and copy over. I upgraded to the latest version of pinball X also thinking there could be an issue there. I was hoping that there would be a response other that stating other that what I already know. Thanks Flexo
  4. Ok, it is VPX3 not 3.1 as I had thought here is the link https://sourceforge.net/projects/vpinball/files/VP10/VPinballX3_Minimal.zip/download Flexo
  5. I have been running Pinball X frontend with Visual pinball for a couple years. I have no issues with VPX in my cabinet but I wanted to update to Version 3.1 to run some of the newer tables so I downloaded the new minimal package and copied the files in. VPX v3.1 will load the table from the desktop but when I try to launch from Pinball X it just hangs. None of the previous VPX tables will load nor will the newer tables. When I copy the original VPX executable back over the newer one everything works as it should with the exception of the newer tables that require the new version. What am I missing? It should be simple....so whats wrong?
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