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  1. smithjrj

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Looks my issue was an sd card issue instead of a usb problem. Reformatted Fat32 instead of Fat16 and that did the trick. Pin2dmd.exe works perfectly now.
  2. smithjrj

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    I'm unable to set device mode with the latest editor. 1.0.18. I run it as a administrator. Key is on sd card and in editor folder on computer. Installed usb driver (libusb0 Anything I missing?
  3. smithjrj

    Troubleshooting - Still Black Screen

    Krzych, did you find out anymore info on the grounding issue? My panel does the same thing as in your original post. No ground needed to power screen. My screen arrived yesterday from Angela (ONELED).
  4. smithjrj

    Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    Are there markings on the panel to tell if it is a GRB panel?