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  1. May anybody tell me what´s the key to fire the torpedo in the trench run? I´ve recently locked the ball to the cannon and the animation started with a statement somewhat like "hit the target". But I have no idea how to release the ball. It´s neither "Enter", nor "1", nor "left (right) CTRL" nor anything else I´ve tried... Many thanks for your Support in advance. And many, many thanks for this table!! Kind regards, Jannek
    What a wonderful alternative backglass! Many thanks.
  2. Just to give feedback: after re-recording all of my tables I´ve encountered that there were several tables with my issue. Some investigations narrowed the problem down to my external DMD. So, I´ve updated the Device.dll again and checked once again to unblock all necessary files. Also, I´ve updated the USB drivers of the Pin2DMD. Now it´s almost working fine again. Only table(s) where the problem is still existing is JP´s Grand Prix / Nascar Race. But I´ve figured out that I may disable the "External DMD (dll)" option in VPinMAME and then PBXRecorder works proberbly with this table(s) as well. I guess that´s ok for now. Many thanks for thinking about that issue. Jannek
  3. Ok, regarding Metallica Premium and Mustang LE this was related to the patched color DMD ROMs. PBXRecorder don´t like those patched ROMs. Using the regular ROMs solved the issue. But my issue is still valid regarding the Iron Man table where I use the "im_183.zip" ROM. I have no clue why this is happening...
  4. Hello everybody, I´ve recently updated my PBXRecorder from version 1.3 to 1.5. And I´ve also upgraded my VPinMAME SAM build to Version 2.9 beta. Now I´m encountering that I cannot record SAM tables anymore. VPX starts, the table will be initialized, but it does not start attract mode and VPX closes just before the recording begins. I´ve switched back to my former versions (SAM build 2.8b and PBXR 1.3), but still the same behavior. All other tables will be recorded fine - so, PBXR settings seem to be ok. Maybe I have to unblock a specific file, which I haven´t unblocked yet? Does anybody have an idea or hint for me? Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Jannek
  5. ...VPinMame. Thanks for that information!
  6. Wow! That's great to be able to create a dump with the official
  7. Give it a try to use the 32 bit version on your desktop pc.
  8. The question was more about the bit version of the editor.
  9. Which version of the editor are you using? The bit-version of the editor is referring to your used Java version... not to the version of the OS. Maybe you have to try the other version of the DMD editor?
  10. Hmm, today it does not work anymore... although I changed nothing.
  11. Hello everybody, maybe I´ve found a solution to solve the Problem in case the table isn´t starting when B2S is turned on. Recently I ran into troubles with a large version of the Cirqus Voltaire backglass. While reading all those comments attached to the backglass file (on the other forum) I´ve found a post which mentioned that running a 4GB patch over the B2SServerExe might solve the issue. (This patch enables older files to use 4GB instead of the max 2GB limit of 32bit Systems). I´ve given it a try and it worked pretty fine. After beeing successful with Cirqus Voltaire I gave ACDC another chance and ... what should I say?! Everything works fine. No Problems anymore. Table works fine, Backglass is working fine too and DOF is enabled. ...even within PinballX! (used ROM: acd168) If you like to try the patch out, you will find it here: 4GB Patch http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php Hopefully this will help somebody to get this amazing table running. Kind regards, Jannek
  12. I couldn´t stop running some tests Now I´ve ended up using rom-Version 1.61 and everything works fine (several times and also in PBX). I think that´s currently sufficiant for me! Oh man, that´s such an amazing table!!! Many, many thanks again! Cheers, Jannek
  13. I will try it sometimes later. For today I will end this testing. Thank you very much for your Support again! Kind regards, Jannek
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