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  1. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Maybe this helps
  2. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Here is a short introduction to the coloring features of pin2dmd with the editor. There are currently three ways to color a animation. All are controlled by keyframes. The first step is to find a keyframe at the beginning of a animation scene which is unique and hits reproducible. To achieve that you can either use a plane or a combination of plane and mask. 1 of 10 masks can be defined to blank out areas which are dynamic and lead to unreproducible keyframes. To use a masked keyframe you have to activate the Mask checkbox choose or edit one of the masks and assign a keyframe with the Mask checkbox activated. If you found a usable keyframe you can use it to either 1. Simply assign a palette (Add PalSwitch) (same color depth as the original) 2. Start playback of a replacement scene (Add FrameSeq) (16 colors) 3. Add content and/or color information to the scene (Add Color Mask) (16 colors) For a PalSwitch you can assign the duration how long the palette should be active until it switches back to the default palette. You can play forward in your recording and press fetch duration at the point you want to switch back to the default palette. You can change the colors of a palette by ctrl clicking in the color you want to change. To generate a FrameSeq you can cut a existing scene using mark start / mark end / cut. Normally the starting point is equal to the picture used for the keyframe. Then you edit the scene with a 16 color palette. You can change everything here To generate a Color Mask scene you also use mark start / mark end / cut and then activate the ColMask checkbox After that you can also use the edit tools, but the content coming from the recording is not editable but you can modify the colors of areas by assigning a different color group. You have 4 groups of 4 colors here. Colors 1-2-3-4 are the standard/original colors. e.g by drawing with color 5,9 or 13 you change the color of pixels having color 0 etc. Since Color Mask needs to be frame sync to the content coming from PinMame/Real Pinball machine it is the most complicated to be used. Preferably use option 1 or 2 and use option 3 only for scenes with dynamic content like score numbers. Since Version 2.8 the recordings can be done with the official vpinmame build by creating a DmdDump folder in the folder where vpinmame.dll is located and activating both Show DMD and Use external DMD in the tables option menu. To load them as a animation in the editor you need to gzip the txt file using e.g. 7zip with gzip as compression method. 7zip can be found here http://www.7-zip.org
  3. Startup trouble

    The latest PIN2DMD shield is based on the Nucleo F429ZI
  4. Startup trouble

    ST-Link is the debug interface (Mini USB) and not the user USB (micro) which is needed for operation
  5. Startup trouble

    O.K. is a chinese copy . The ST logo and board revision is also missing on the upper right of the pcb. It is the same like this Powering the ST through microusb is only working with a wire bridge from PA9 to 5V pin of the pcb.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Default palette is used when no scene/pal switch is active.
  7. Startup trouble

    Powering the board through the Micro USB is supported by the controller board. Could you make a picture of your controller ?
  8. Startup trouble

    4 green LEDs ? Sounds like a chinese copy of the STM controller. I have at least 2 red LEDs when I power the controller from MicroUSB
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Those are modes for upcoming releases. We will explain when they are fully implemented and tested.
  10. Project help

    Freezy's DLL currently does not support vpin exports of the editor.
  11. Project help

    You have You have to split the scene into parts. Onewith the Spelling Family only and then 3 different scenes for the names starting from the next frame. Why do you use layered ColMask for that scene ? You should have a look at the projects that are working fine like StreetFighter II from Malenko.
  12. Project help

    You should use "Add ColorScene switch" to playback a scene instead of "Add PaletteSwitch" which only changes the palette.
  13. What power supply should I buy?

    I use the 5V from my VPIn-PC power supply without the DC-DC converter.
  14. Party Zone

    The project ani is saved automatically when you cut scenes with mark - start, mark - end, cut. (see attachment) These snippets can then be edited in either ColMask or Replacement Mode (dropdown box). Then Assign a keyframe to the scene with " Add ColScene Switch" Archiv.zip
  15. Pin2Dmd Editor

    No way to open the ROMs itself. If you want to colorize the ROMs directly use pinballbrowser from Oga83. However you can open PinMame recordings from Stern Machines in pin2dmd editor, import them with 16 shades (make shure you have the very latest version of the editor) and edit them as you wish as a replacement scene just like on other machine types. I´m currently using this to free up some memory from the ROM coloraization of StarTrek to get the rest of the scenes colorized. So SarTrek will be a mixture of modified ROM and PIN2DMD editor pal/fsq/vni export and that way use almost all implemented colorization techniques pin2dmd offers.
  16. Party Zone

    You forgot to upload the .ani file.
  17. No it is not linked to anything
  18. Sad, but might be true. Just like people selling visual pinball and tables. You will always find such scumbags in communities like this. The only way to stop them is by letting people know that they buy from scumbags. We introduced the v-pin export in the editor that the project can´t be used with real pinball machines. That way users have to contact the author to get a real pin version of the colorization and maybe donate for it, if they want to. Currently I don´t know of any website selling pin2dmd colorizations. If you know of one, please send me a PM and I will try to initiate countermeasures.
  19. IMHO this is not a very clever advice. You should have in mind that you might have to ask planetary pinball before you sell a Bally Williams colorization if it contains copyrighted material because they are the license owner. It is never a good idea to sell copyrighted material because you might get sued for it. That is one of the reasons why visual pinball and pinmame is strictly non commercial.
  20. ScottyC published his Super Mario Brothers colorization on pinside here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-super-mario-bros#post-4085289
  21. dmddevice.dll needs to be in the same directory as the vpinmame.dll or in syswow64
  22. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    There are older versions of the shield which have 74LS245 bus transceivers which should fix your problem. Maybe @UncleSash still has one of those.
  23. The V-Pin patches will not work properly on real pinball machines because the serial side channel patch from pinball browser checks for the serial number of the SAM MPU. You will get wrong palette assignments to different scenes if the serial number does not match.
  24. Randomly is nearly impossible. The activation screen should come after 3min without a valid key on SD.