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  1. There are different communication modes for SD cards (SPI,1bit,4bit,UHS-I,UHS-II) Some cheap chinese cards do not support all modes. We need SPI.
  2. Here is a short introduction to the coloring features of pin2dmd with the editor. There are currently three ways to color a animation. All are controlled by keyframes. The first step is to find a keyframe at the beginning of a animation scene which is unique and hits reproducible. To achieve that you can either use a plane or a combination of plane and mask. 1 of 10 masks can be defined to blank out areas which are dynamic and lead to unreproducible keyframes. To use a masked keyframe you have to activate the Mask checkbox choose or edit one of the masks and assign a keyframe with the Mask checkbox activated. If you found a usable keyframe you can use it to either 1. Simply assign a palette (Add PalSwitch) (same color depth as the original) 2. Start playback of a replacement scene (Add FrameSeq) (16 colors) 3. Add content and/or color information to the scene (Add Color Mask) (16 colors) For a PalSwitch you can assign the duration how long the palette should be active until it switches back to the default palette. You can play forward in your recording and press fetch duration at the point you want to switch back to the default palette. You can change the colors of a palette by ctrl clicking in the color you want to change. To generate a FrameSeq you can cut a existing scene using mark start / mark end / cut. Normally the starting point is equal to the picture used for the keyframe. Then you edit the scene with a 16 color palette. You can change everything here To generate a Color Mask scene you also use mark start / mark end / cut and then activate the ColMask checkbox After that you can also use the edit tools, but the content coming from the recording is not editable but you can modify the colors of areas by assigning a different color group. You have 4 groups of 4 colors here. Colors 1-2-3-4 are the standard/original colors. e.g by drawing with color 5,9 or 13 you change the color of pixels having color 0 etc. Since Color Mask needs to be frame sync to the content coming from PinMame/Real Pinball machine it is the most complicated to be used. Preferably use option 1 or 2 and use option 3 only for scenes with dynamic content like score numbers. Since Version 2.8 the recordings can be done with the official vpinmame build by creating a DmdDump folder in the folder where vpinmame.dll is located and activating both Show DMD and Use external DMD in the tables option menu. To load them as a animation in the editor you need to gzip the txt file using e.g. 7zip with gzip as compression method. 7zip can be found here
  3. Here is a testing version based on the latest version of Carny´s SamBuild for pindmd3 and pindmd1 It uses a modular driver interface for external DMD devices I have been working on. Simply put the dmddevice.dll and other related dlls into your vpinmame directory according to the device you have attached to your cab, pindmd2 driver is already tested and should work. Please report if pindmd3 and pindmd1 are also working since I couldn´t test.. If it works it could save Carny and Toxie a little time needed to make different builds Now also includes DLLs for PinballX and UltraDMD which support the dmddevice.dll driver interface PIN2DMD driver looks for pin2dmd.pal file in a subdirectory of your pinMame installation directory called altcolor/GameName e.g. you have to copy your palette file for TZ_92 into PinMame/altcolor/tz_92/ named pin2dmd.pal
  4. I updated the files in the download section to support the latest pinmame 2.8and dmddevice.dll. You also need pin2dmd firmware 2.36
  5. Hello, with version 2 of the PIN2DMD firmware we introduced a activation key. Here is a little instruction what to do. First of all you have to install V2 firmware following this instruction After a successful update you should see the PIN2DMD logo together with a number on the display. Please send this number together with your forum member name and a donation for our charity project ( e.g. 10$ per device but we also accept more :-) and send it to me using the donation button in my signature. You will receive a activation file you either have to place in your pin2dmd.exe folder and start the tool without command line argument (guy mode) or rename the file to pin2dmd.key and copy it to your sd card. This file can also be used to register the pin2dmd editor Please ask further questions here. Thanks for your support Lucky1
  6. The ROM images you get with the patch don´t work for real pinball machines because they use the commpatch from pinball browser which is bound to the serial number of the machine. For real pinball machines you need a ROM image created with your serial number and a connection from the SAM mainboard to a pin2dmd V3 controller. To create such a unique patch you need a licensed version of pinball browser and the macro file from sharkky. We are not uploading macros anymore since there has been commercial use of the work done by the colorization artists.
  7. You need to log in to paypal to get it in english. From my side everything is set to english for the donation button, but it seems that if the recipient is in germany and the currency is Euro then paypal brings up the german page. Edit: Found a way to force the paypal site to english by adding a &lc=US to the Link.
  8. For now you can try Freezys DLL. It still contains the ClearScreen at the end, but I try to add it to pinmame to clear the table on exit.
  9. pin2dmd

    Why don´t you give him a call. Worked for senseless and everyone else who had problems before.
  10. Finally it is working with V2.36 and a modified firmware for the parallax propeller in the pin heck system. Here we did a palette switch test using keyframes.
  11. Most use Eagle but large PCBs are very expensive. To design a second 10x10cm PCB only for the power would be much cheaper. The DC-DC application circuit in the datasheet should work fine for 12 to 5V conversion datasheet.pdf
  12. No ! Still orange. I debug that later for you .
  13. Onscreen it is showing the correct color but on my pin2dmd it is orange
  14. It happens for example if I have checked colorize but no pin2dmd.pal file is found. Then it doesn´t take the settings from pinmame but orange instead on my pin2dmd.
  15. But there seems to be a bug somewhere. It happens randomly that I get a orange palette although I have set blue as color. Is there some kind of fallback to orange?
  16. The default behaviour of my dmddevice.dll and the original pindmd3.dll if colorize is not checked is to use the color which is set under the colorize checkbox as 100% and calculate the rest of the colors to black from that instead of a orange palette.
  17. Your problem seems to be the connection of pin B2 of the Hub75 port Please check the wiring to D5 of the STM..
  18. I don´t see the point here. There is a gerber file on github of the current shield, which you just can take and send it to a chinese pcb manufacturer like elcrow and get a pcb with all possibilities supported by the current pin2dmd and go-dmd firmware. Getting the pcb from china for 10$ plus shipping should be the cheapest way, to get a professional pcb unless you make the pcbs yourself. If you are in desperate need to save some pennys you can leave out components which are not necessary for your usecase. You will end up with a shield with the same functionality like yours, but with the option to add necessary parts when needed. The wiring text is just for documentation and people using airwires. Since most of the >450 users made it without a problem it seems to me that most of your frustration and the problems you are presenting are homemade..
  19. Should´t be too hard to add dmddevice.dll support to fp-intercept. The old source is public but color version is not.
  20. FP-Intercept is programmed from Macro and unfortunately cannot be supported by me. Maybe vpforums is the better place for that. Since the DMD only has a resolution of 128x32 a 512x512 picture can´t be displayed correctly. You could have a look at tables that work and resize the graphics to the size these tables use.
  21. Did you have a look at the different order threads here ?
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Windows port of bsdiff and bspatch binary patch tool.
  23. Check the cableing between panel and shield . Maybe swap panels left to right .
  24. You need 2.36a to make colonizations work .
  25. Maybe you can name your palettes pin2dmd.pal in your zip file instead of .dat.