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  1. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Here is a short introduction to the coloring features of pin2dmd with the editor. There are currently three ways to color a animation. All are controlled by keyframes. The first step is to find a keyframe at the beginning of a animation scene which is unique and hits reproducible. To achieve that you can either use a plane or a combination of plane and mask. 1 of 10 masks can be defined to blank out areas which are dynamic and lead to unreproducible keyframes. To use a masked keyframe you have to activate the Mask checkbox choose or edit one of the masks and assign a keyframe with the Mask checkbox activated. If you found a usable keyframe you can use it to either 1. Simply assign a palette (Add PalSwitch) (same color depth as the original) 2. Start playback of a replacement scene (Add FrameSeq) (16 colors) 3. Add content and/or color information to the scene (Add Color Mask) (16 colors) For a PalSwitch you can assign the duration how long the palette should be active until it switches back to the default palette. You can play forward in your recording and press fetch duration at the point you want to switch back to the default palette. You can change the colors of a palette by ctrl clicking in the color you want to change. To generate a FrameSeq you can cut a existing scene using mark start / mark end / cut. Normally the starting point is equal to the picture used for the keyframe. Then you edit the scene with a 16 color palette. You can change everything here To generate a Color Mask scene you also use mark start / mark end / cut and then activate the ColMask checkbox After that you can also use the edit tools, but the content coming from the recording is not editable but you can modify the colors of areas by assigning a different color group. You have 4 groups of 4 colors here. Colors 1-2-3-4 are the standard/original colors. e.g by drawing with color 5,9 or 13 you change the color of pixels having color 0 etc. Since Color Mask needs to be frame sync to the content coming from PinMame/Real Pinball machine it is the most complicated to be used. Preferably use option 1 or 2 and use option 3 only for scenes with dynamic content like score numbers. Since Version 2.8 the recordings can be done with the official vpinmame build by creating a DmdDump folder in the folder where vpinmame.dll is located and activating both Show DMD and Use external DMD in the tables option menu. To load them as a animation in the editor you need to gzip the txt file using e.g. 7zip with gzip as compression method. 7zip can be found here http://www.7-zip.org
  2. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    You can also try to change the enhancer setting in the onscreen menu.
  3. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    O.K. I overread that it is a mushroom world. Gottlieb played a lot with the DMD signals in the early machines. I think that has never been tested so far and that it works with super marion bros. does not automatically mean that it works with super mario mushrooms world. If you want we can try to analyze what the problem is but you need to buy a cheap logic analyzer to make a recording of the signals for me https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Logic-Analyzer-Device-Set-Compatible-to-Saleae-24MHz-8CH-for-ARM-FPGA-M100/253841718379 But first try swapping the DMD controllers.
  4. I uploaded the Eagle files and BOM list of the new PIN2DMD EVO128x32 controller board to my github account here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/hardware/EVO128x32 Technically it is based on the schematics of the Nucleo 429ZI board, the V4 shield and the XL4015 DC-DC converter but all on a single PCB which also is used as a mounting plate for the LED panels. I designed it for my private use and ordered a test run from a chinese manufacturer called pcbway. They offer turnkey manufacturing which means that they also source the parts and fully assembles the pcbs. Including tax and shipping it cost me 700 Euro which is 70 Euro for each pcb and almost the same price as the parts needed for the V4 shield, the Nucleo board and the acrylic frame. It can use 12V or 5V as a a power source. The eagle files are free to use for everyone who wants to organize a group buy or sell them in a shop because I still don´t sell any hardware. Here are some pictures of my testboard.
  5. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    Gottlieb V1 should be the right mode for Mario. I don´t think that your controller is defective, but maybe you have installed a ROM version which I did not analyze / implement so far. There are at least 3 different versions for Mario I know of.
  6. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    If they are working both in your streetfighter it is not a firmware issue. Seems like a problem with your Gottlieb DMD controller. Is there another ROM version available for the Gottlieb display controller you could try ?
  7. PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    Right click on the RAW button and select "Save link as" USB DFU mode or ST-Link
  8. Pin2DMD Jumbled on Super Mario Mushroom World

    Looks like a power issue. Where do you get the power for the display from ? Make sure you have clean 5V oder better a little below 5V (4.7 to 5V) to power the pin2dmd hardware.
  9. https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor2#files
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Keyframes only trigger when there is a change in the image. There is no retriggering during the same image beeing displayed. You can see whether there is a change or not when looking at the blue led of the controller.
  11. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Simple answer is that it always looks for keyframes. A keyframe always has to be unique.
  12. PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    No time to remove the panels to make a picture but you can have a look at the eagle files. There are solder pads on the other side. I don´t see a big advantage in throughholes for this.
  13. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    http://www.pin2dmd.com A external 5V / 5A power supply is mandantory. If it is for VPIN you can use your PCs supply. That is what I do. For real pins you can also use 12V / 2A with a DC-DC converter (not installed on the vpin version) DON´T use usb to power the panels
  14. pin2dmd brithness bug

    You can use the history button when you select a file to get older versions https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/commits/master/firmware/latest/V3 STM32F4 DISCOVERY/PIN2DMD.bin
  15. Star Wars

    For the SD card you need the real pinball export of the project which is pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.fsq . You need to ask cb3 for this.
  16. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Then it would be helpful to know where this place is (scene or better frame)
  17. pin2dmd brithness bug

    Check the connection from the controller to the panel. OE is PIN15 on the HUB75 connector.
  18. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I don´t think that the problem is caused by a resource problem because from what I can read from your description it seems to blank out in different moments. If t would blank out always in the same scene would be an indicator for resource problems. Where do you get your 5V for the panel from ?
  19. Pin2Dmd Editor

    The fsq file size is not important.
  20. pin2dmd brithness bug

    I just tested with the latest firmware and pin2dmd.exe and had no problem. Is it running at full brightness ? If yes there could be a problem with the OE (enable) signal of the panels
  21. Depends on wether pin2dmd hardware runs in your MMR. pin2dmd has not been tested on remake machines and I have no info about the output timing they use for the DMD. You can give it a try and report.
  22. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I mean the one I was quoting "a single 21 frame replacement scene with a single keyframe for the opening frame". Malenko did it that way and it works. And even if it would miss the first frame of the sequence sometimes it would still need only one additional keyframe to make the scene trigger at the second frame and not 20 more keyframes. Making the keyframes replacement instead of ColMask does not save any resources which is the goal.
  23. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Yes, that is what I meant. You should care about the sometimes, might, something cases only when they happen, which is not the case with the "Shark eat you" scene. Just have a look at the latest version of Malenkos project. I think all the scenes done are working well.