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  1. You can check that yourself by comparing the datasheets of the parts. https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/115/AZ2940-271528.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/395/TS2940_D15-1918546.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/60/pts645-1841767.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/445/430152043826-1717154.pdf
  2. Is this with SD card inserted ? If yes, could you please check if it works when SD card is removed ?
  3. Please try version 3.18 . I added a delay to SD card init.
  4. problem fixed by shorting the ribbon cables.
  5. new version v3.18 - fix problem with simple palettes in flash pal storage mode - add init delay to fix issues with some SD cards
  6. Those panels are killed by connecting 12V to the 5V connector on the pin2dmd.
  7. Normally a smartdmd.txt file gets generated when you execute the macro. You need to select and load that smartdmd.txt in pinball browser to load the palettes.
  8. Pinball Browser creates a macro file (.pbm) which contains every step you made to change them ROM. This macro can be applied to the original ROM again with the registered version of pinball browser. The macro function is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/29#post-1875301 You should share your macros using the repository function which is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/50#post-4008153 To switch palettes you have to install the serial side channel patch which is described in the smartdmd section here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/38#post-2722290
  9. Could you please stop posting here that you made a donation and wait at least 24 hours for your key ? The information that you donated is not of any use for others and therefore unneccessary . Please add all necessary information to your donation text. Sending it in a second e-mail may lead to further delay because it is harder to collect all information needed. Using a paypal payment instead of the donation button form here http://pin2dmd.com/installation/#3 may also lead to further delay because the paypal e-mail notification does not show all necessary information I need to generate the key. If you did not receive your key within 24 hours you can send me an e-mail.
  10. Wifi is not used with pin2dmd anymore because of limited bandwith of the wifi chip (1Mbit). The setting is for go-dmd compatible boards (discovery and nucleo) to turn off wifi which is used by go-dmd for clock synchonization.
  11. Sending an e-mail with the information when you forgot to send with the donation is enough. No need to send additional PMs and make posts in the forum all at the same time. Give me at least 24 hours before sending another e-mail
  12. Set the pal storage mode to RAM and it should work
  13. Replacement scenes work for Stern SAM in the pin2dmd editor. Only the dynamic scenes don´t fully work . You have to ask oga about that.
  14. If you look at the first post of this thread you can see that the connector positions are copied from the original cherry 128x16 DMD. There are actually at least two different original boards which have different connector positions (see picture), so I think there actually is no design which will fit all machines. I already tried to make a compromise. If you want you can take the source files from my github and make your own version of the pcb.
  15. There is nothing I can change to improve your situation and normally freezy and my DLL should display exactly the same.
  16. That answers my question already. If it is not stuttering in setup.exe, but it is when you are using vpx, it is a performance issue and not a issue of my DLL or pinmame.
  17. You have stutter when running the game in setup.exe ?
  18. Does it stutter when you start a rom with pinmame setup.exe ?
  19. I would say it is simply a performance issue of your setup. Maybe this thread helps https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/rom-sound-stutter/
  20. One additional info: The DE DMD controller uses custom programmed PAL ICs to generate some signals and I´m not sure if their source (JEDEC file) is available.
  21. All the resources are online, so if anyone wants to start such a project, feel free to take the evo pcb files as a starting point. I don´t have any DE machines, so there is no need for me to use my time on such a pcb design.
  22. The connection to the green color is bad either from the board to the panel or from the cpu to the panel connector. Maybe a bad solder joint or panel not properly seated.
  23. Then you have overwritten it with a empty flash dump by pressing the Upload button. Download the image again and use the UPGRADE function as described on pin2dmd.com. The correct image has 436,533 bytes
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