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  1. Startup trouble

    The latest PIN2DMD shield is based on the Nucleo F429ZI
  2. Startup trouble

    ST-Link is the debug interface (Mini USB) and not the user USB (micro) which is needed for operation
  3. Startup trouble

    O.K. is a chinese copy . The ST logo and board revision is also missing on the upper right of the pcb. It is the same like this Powering the ST through microusb is only working with a wire bridge from PA9 to 5V pin of the pcb.
  4. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Default palette is used when no scene/pal switch is active.
  5. Startup trouble

    Powering the board through the Micro USB is supported by the controller board. Could you make a picture of your controller ?
  6. Startup trouble

    4 green LEDs ? Sounds like a chinese copy of the STM controller. I have at least 2 red LEDs when I power the controller from MicroUSB
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Those are modes for upcoming releases. We will explain when they are fully implemented and tested.
  8. Project help

    Freezy's DLL currently does not support vpin exports of the editor.
  9. Project help

    You have You have to split the scene into parts. Onewith the Spelling Family only and then 3 different scenes for the names starting from the next frame. Why do you use layered ColMask for that scene ? You should have a look at the projects that are working fine like StreetFighter II from Malenko.
  10. Project help

    You should use "Add ColorScene switch" to playback a scene instead of "Add PaletteSwitch" which only changes the palette.
  11. What power supply should I buy?

    I use the 5V from my VPIn-PC power supply without the DC-DC converter.
  12. Party Zone

    The project ani is saved automatically when you cut scenes with mark - start, mark - end, cut. (see attachment) These snippets can then be edited in either ColMask or Replacement Mode (dropdown box). Then Assign a keyframe to the scene with " Add ColScene Switch" Archiv.zip
  13. Pin2Dmd Editor

    No way to open the ROMs itself. If you want to colorize the ROMs directly use pinballbrowser from Oga83. However you can open PinMame recordings from Stern Machines in pin2dmd editor, import them with 16 shades (make shure you have the very latest version of the editor) and edit them as you wish as a replacement scene just like on other machine types. I´m currently using this to free up some memory from the ROM coloraization of StarTrek to get the rest of the scenes colorized. So SarTrek will be a mixture of modified ROM and PIN2DMD editor pal/fsq/vni export and that way use almost all implemented colorization techniques pin2dmd offers.
  14. Party Zone

    You forgot to upload the .ani file.
  15. No it is not linked to anything