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  1. Pin2Dmd Editor

    No. You can see when it is updated here https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor2#files (5 days ago)
  2. You can use the serial interface and receive events from the pin2dmd. A event consists of 2bytes. The first byte is the device ID and the second is the event number. Transmission speed 57600 baud. You can assign a event keyframe to a scene using the pin2dmd editor.
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    There are two reasons to limit the number of masks. First it is cpu intensive to check the masks and second there is a memory limit. So you should use as few masks as possible and make them kind of universal and reusable for different scenes. Nevertheless there was a insert mask button before the layout change which seems to be missing. I also found out that there is a bug making masked keyframes unusable in the latest version. Both issues are already reported to Steve and will be fixed soon.
  4. How to test ROM colorization with VPX

    You need to copy the pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni in the altcolor/"ROMNAME" folder.
  5. Pin2Dmd Editor

    L-Mask is for Layered ColorMask which is in development. .Here is what has been fixed - tools greyed out after cut - clipboard with select all as default - last frame colorization problem - refresh display when removing/adding a frame New feature - pipette to extract colors from 24bit imports (e.g.gif) (requested by @32assassin)
  6. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    Did you update your pin2dmd.exe ?
  7. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    You deinstall the device in the device manager. Next time it should ask for drivers
  8. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Uodate your firmware and your dmddevice.dll and GB should work fine. If your DMD only starts when Mini USB (ST-Link) port is connected you also need to upgrade your ST-Link firmware. Everything described on pin2dmd.com Zadig has nothing to do with ST-Link. If you installed libusb drivers for your ST-Link you need to fix this and install the ST-Linke drivers provided by STM.
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    You did not confirm you used CTRL-A that is why I was asking twice. I use 64 bit Windows and Mac version.
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    As I said use CTRL-A - CTRL-C- arrow forward CTRL-V for now. Just tested it and it is working
  11. Pin2Dmd Editor

    You first need to either select the area you want to copy using the tool or use CTRL A to mark all. I already asked Steve to take all if nothing is selected.
  12. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I check if I can reproduce
  13. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Linux I think
  14. Pin2Dmd Editor

    A lot of errors have been fixed in the latest version. Please try. https://bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/Editor2#files
  15. Pin2DMD no longer orange since firmware update ?

    The default settings are only applied when you use the table for the first time or hit reset in the settings.