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  1. The green picture looks like there is no palette loaded at all. Check you path against the rom file name in your script.
  2. Isn´t it acd_168hc and acd_168c instead of acd168_hc and acd168_c ?
  3. The new V2 editor will make this possible
  4. My daddy always told me to be satisfied with what I get instead of asking for more, but since Steve is not my dad maybe he is willing to do something about that.
  5. I only used the fill tool for this on the first picture and filled the letters with color block 2 (colors 5-8) and the shadows with Block 3 (colors 9-12) Then I used "copy to next" on the complete scene. - Done The random bubble effect kind of limits the palette in this scene. Finding the right combination of colors to preserve the bubble effect was the "hardest" part. I had to play a little with the palette to figure that out (one minute or so) 6 colors should be no problem given that Block 4 is still fully available. The only difference would be that you have to spend a little more time on th first picture. The rest is the same. You should play a little bit with the ColMask mode to get familiar with it..The hard thing here is to understand how it works. Once you understood the principle, it is easy to do colorizations like this.
  6. I just took a quick look at the intro and it took me about 5 minutes to colorize it using the method described. Here are the project files
  7. It is described at under 3.3. You get 16 colors with ColMask with 4 shade sources
  8. That is what it does if the ColMask checkbox is not checked (replacement mode)
  9. The scenes that are generated dynamically with e.g. player number or score would not be displayed correctly because they would be replaced. You can only replace scenes which are always the same like the logos you already did. The other scenes could be colored by using a appropriate palette.
  10. That will not work. Did you test both modes ?
  11. Did you get a flicker free dump ?
  12. You forgot to assign keyframes to the scenes you created. I uploaded a modified version. Which should export a fsq file also. Due to the crazy format Gottlieb is using to send the frames to the DMD there are limitations. You can only use frame replacement and palette switching which means you can´t add more colors to a scene with dynamic content like score etc. Is the display constantly alternating colors ? If yes you should try the other Gottlieb mode with pin2dmd.
  13. Update your dmddevice.dll to the latest version
  14. PotC and Shrek cant´work with the dmddevice.dll from freezy, because the inframe colorization mechanism used by these tables is not public. No idea why tables don´t crash with freezys dll and crash with mine.on your machine. The tables work fine on my cab. The difference between patched and non patched ROMs is the self modifying code patch of sidechannel. This caused problems with the jit compiler in the past. So maybe setting at91_jit to zero helps. Use the search function to find more details about this option.
  15. Just by telling something is not working I can´t help you. You need to publish the complete project data to see what is done wrong. Please upload it somewhere and send me the link