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  1. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Please do some closeup pictures of all ICs used on the panels. There must be a difference anywhere between mine and yours
  2. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    If you want you can send me a pair for testing but I guess that would exceed the price for the panels.
  3. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    If it doesn´t have buttons no !
  4. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Please make a picture of the parts around the HUB75 connector of the panels (input) No, my panels have cx4 and cx5
  5. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    First of all the RGB Sequence is adjustable in the onscreen menu. So no crossover cable needed. If you jumper OE to the powersupply it wil never turn off and therefore you will never get different brightness levels. I honestly have no idea how to fix this remotely. Maybe a level shifter helps like in this thread
  6. Send me the old and the new number through PM
  7. lucky1

    PIN2DMD colors doesn't match original colors

    Enter the onscreen menu (hold menu button during boot) and set the RGB Sequence accordingly. Save settings Done
  8. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Try to reduce the 5V to 4.8V
  9. Then it is not activated. Do you have a key ? Does the keynumber match the number on the display ? How do you activate ?
  10. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3658-pin2dmd-editor-tutorial/
  11. Recently some cheap chinese clones of the STM32F4 discovery board have surfaced on ebay and aliexpress.These boards DON´T work with pin2dmd because of missing or wrong parts mounted on the pcb. They can be identified by the green audio socket and the missing STM32 logo on the pcb. Please make sure you order a genuine STM32 board for your pin2dmd project or better use the NUCLEO STM32F429ZI based pin2dmd which has e.g faster SD card access and supports more pinball machines (128x16 DataEast) Here is a picture of the original (top) and the clone (bottom)
  12. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Please make some pictures of the controller part and the wiring. From your first picture I can see that you use a very long ribbon cable. Please make the connections to the panel as short as possible.
  13. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Please try 2.60. I used exactly the same panels in my Evo board. They should work.
  14. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Which firmware version are you testing with ?
  15. lucky1

    synchronous panels?

    Make some closeup pictures of the pcb where the writing on the SMD parts is readable