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  1. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Freezys DLL should also work with PIN2DMD but I still recommend my DLL
  2. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Did you check the Colorize DMD checkbox in the ROM settings ?
  3. Pinballbrowser with inframe should work. Also replacement with pin2dmd editor.
  4. Fixed in the latest version of the editor https://dl.bintray.com/sker65/pin2dmd/
  5. Nice , but shouldn´t the bear be white :-)
  6. Do you still get a error when hitting enter in the palette name field ? I sent you a PM to send me a copy of the precise error description. I could reproduce the D-Mask problem an this got fixed by Steve. If you still have problems you might do something different.
  7. Should be fixed in the latest version
  8. I know, but it is the only XL pinball machine I have
  9. Absolutely accepted and supported but let me clarify that the editor import filter for RGB file format, which is also used in bitmap files, was not meant to simply reuse the ColorDMD artwork but only to display it for inspiration for PIN2DMD authors. We don´t endorse the use of copyrighted artwork for pin2dmd colorizations.
  10. That was a problem we had in version around 2.51, 2.52 firmware.
  11. Are you running the latest firmware ? If not update. Info on pin2dmd.com
  12. Maybe this helps with your project
  13. Creat a new Pin2DMD - 128X16 - What's need?

  14. You need to check and uncheck the Mask checkbox to get the correct values. I reported the bug to steve.