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  1. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    PIN2DMD is a DIY project and has a lot more features compared to PINDMD3. Read more about it on pin2dmd.com
  2. V4 Shield Bottom Connector

    Did you solder a socket or a pinheader to the bottom. It is meant to be a socket which directy connects piggyback to the pinheader on the panels.
  3. Ugh. Pin2DMD fried?

    Well done ! You have to adjust your RGB sequence in the onscreen menu that the colors match the picture on the top of this page. Just hold the menu button during powerup to access the onscreen menu.
  4. Please attach the DLL
  5. Did you select a hash before ?
  6. The colorizations should always be renamed to pin2dmd.pal and if avaiable pin2dmd.vni
  7. Just installed VPX 10.5 beta 3448 and SAMbuild R4519 and had no problem with the SF2 colorization. Sorry can´t reproduce your problem.
  8. Please try the PinMame Test with the sfight2 ROM in Pinmame setup.exe
  9. Do you also use the latest dmddevice.dll ?
  10. Ugh. Pin2DMD fried?

    Just replace the DC-DC converter. You should get a new one from ebay for a few dollars. Search for XL4015
  11. Sopranos

    It works with the dmddevice.dll for pin2dmd but not with the dmddevice.dll from freezy if that answers your question.
  12. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    This is not a firmware related problem. Please open a new thread.
  13. Sopranos

    Awesome !
  14. Maybe both are coming from the ROM. Please use the original ROM from the STERN website. The colored ROM is only supported on virtual pinball for now.
  15. An order to German Gaming Supplies

    You may believe that all this only happened because of opening a dispute and publicly complaining but I´m sure that it would have also happened by just being patient.