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  1. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    New version v2.44 which fixes the full color playback for panels with different RGB sequence (eg RBG). No need to upgrade for devices that use standard RGB panels
  2. Built-in Diagnostics?

    That is exactly what I tried to explain to you with But why not use the editor ? Live preview is normally only used at the end of the project to verify and fine tune. Everthing else can be done without. Malenko is just finishing his 7th title and he did not even recognize this little issue.
  3. Built-in Diagnostics?

    ... but there is also something missing in the new firmware. Fullcolor animations (more than 16 colors) are not corrected in their RGB sequence. Problem is that this data comes preprocessed from e.g. dmddevice.dll or is stored in the fsq files and only copied into display memory. That would need different exports for different panels which I don´t like. I think it would be better to do the final processing on the device. I will also talk to Steve about that. Good thing is that full color playback is currently not used by any table colorization, Only in video playback of pinballx, UltraDMD or boot.fsq
  4. Built-in Diagnostics?

    O.K. there seem to be a issue with the editor and ColMask scene live preview. This has nothing to do with the color sequence setting in the pin2dmd firmware. The same happens when I use old RGB panels. To verify have a look at the replacement scenes (with the brush symbol) . These are displayed correctly. It seems that it doesn´t switch to the correct palette before displaying colMask scenes. You can verify when you temporarily switch to another palette and then back to the one that is assigned to the scene. I will report to Steve. If you find other issues with the editor please open a issue here https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock/issues Old panel with replacement scene in live preview (standard RGB sequence) New panel with replacement scene in live preview. (RBG sequence)
  5. Built-in Diagnostics?

    correct ! It only needs to match when displaying scenes. For recordings the PC is taking the current palette to display. Pin2dmd might trigger a different palette or playback scenes from the project. When playing recordings the content is sent unmodified just like coming from pinmame or a real pinball machine. You can test your trigger points and check if the scenes are working as expected. That is why it is displayed correctly after he uploaded the project to the SD.
  6. Tron looks good in blue. Check the pin2dmd.exe. There are predefined palettes for basic colors.
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I answered about it in the other thread. 16 color scenes should be displayed correct but there could be a problem with true color playback like used by pinballX with the new panels. I will check.
  8. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    New version 2.43 V2.43 - automatically reset config to default when no valid config is found - added DataEast 128x16 mode (config through onscreen only) - changed color handling for Gottlieb V2 - fix palette issue for vpin - other minor changes
  9. Built-in Diagnostics?

    Your sequence looks good to me. Live preview of the editor has two functions. 1. Test the triggering and playback of scenes with recordings For that you always need to upload the project to the SD card. To do that either use the upload function in the editor which copies the files to the SD through USB or export and copy the project with a SD card reader (quicker). Then either select a recording or a keyframe (which automatically selects a recording) 2. Optimize the colors of the palettes for scenes. For that select a scene. I maybe add test screens to one of the next releases. BTW I uploaded a new firmware today.
  10. Orange is always mixed from RGB which makes it harder to find the right setting. Especially when you want to have 16 shades of it. BTW most of the original Stern machines come with red displays.
  11. Built-in Diagnostics?

    you are not using RGB panels. Yours seem to be RBG. Use version 2.42, go into the onscreen menu - reset settings to default and chosse the color sequence that the output matches this pin2dmd logo
  12. Tee'd Off

    Just zip the dumpfiles, xml and ani together and upload to dropbox or google drive.
  13. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    The discovery board has a lot of hardware onboard like sound output or gyro which is not needed for pin2dmd but limits the number of usable pins for it. The Nucleo board is cleaner. The Nucleo design is also more future proof because it supports a wider range of processors without changing the pinout. So if STM decides to stop production for the discovery F4 board we already have an equivalent alternative. And even if they stop the production of the STM32F429 Nucleo board we can switch to a newer Nucleo board without changing the shield. From the functional side it is exactly the same except the 128x16 support for real DataEast pinball machines we recently added and the CAN bus interface we added without really having a specific use case in mind.
  14. Tee'd Off

    If you share your project, I can have a look.
  15. Terminator 2

    I fixed that in my version already but did´t have the time to test it. You can be sure that we will end up with a fully working version because I have a T2. But it is totally in pieces right now because I´m restoring it. The same with LW3 because Steve has one.