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  1. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    No that is not possible. Why would you want to do that ?
  2. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    You need either destroy the old one physically (e.g. drill a hole in the cpu) and send a picture of it or donate again. That is one reason why pin2dmd has a trial period, that you can test everything before making the donation.
  3. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    O.K. Problem solved. You should adjust the rgb sequence in the onscreen menu that the colors on the splash screen have red on the left and yellow white on the right.
  4. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    from pin2dmd.com !! Note : Latest Discovery boards MB997D may need a ST-Link firmware update from here http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/embedded-software/development-tool-software/stsw-link007.html
  5. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    Did you install the firmware ?
  6. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    Did you try with a original STM discovery board ?
  7. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    So far all boards with a green headphone plug made problems.
  8. lucky1

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    Please make a picture of the controller board. Could be caused by cheap chinese discovery board clones. Did you test in other pinball machines ?
  9. lucky1

    Batman Forever

    Project was initially started by Rappelbox and you I think
  10. Then you can help because he needs the dumps from a vpin. Create a dmddump folder in your pinmame directory and check both "Show DMD" and "Use external DMD" in the game settings (F1) Then run a game on the hook table. You should get a hook_408.txt in the dmddump folder. That is what he is looking for.
  11. lucky1


    It is always recommended to ask all such questions to the seller to make sure you really get what you want. Even if I would tell you that I received them with all cables, does not mean that it is always like that. Also tell them that you get a picture of the panels with all dots on in white to make sure you don´t have dead pixel.
  12. lucky1


  13. lucky1


  14. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Editor