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  1. The problem is that Super Cue is a replacement scene which has its own timing and ended to early. You can easily fix this by editing the dealy of the last frame and set it to e.g. 1000. It either display for one second if not new trigger comes but will be interrupted by the 8ball lcm trigger.
  2. I´m pretty sure it occurs but it is faster gone and therefore not recognizeable. For replacement it only needs to load the color data of one frame. The frame should only be updated if all color data is loaded. until then it should stay on the current frame. Could it be that the last frame of the Super Cue Scene is not triggered by a single frame colormask , or that the detection mask triggering that last frame does contain the area where the artifacts are ? Can you send me your project data through PM , that I can look into it.
  3. The update of a keyframe is only checked if a keyframe is selected. If no keyframe is selected you will get the dulicate message No That seems to be a transition frame which comes from a change of the memory content on the capcom DMD controller which is not fully finished. Refresh of the display memory and refresh of the display are not synced. I´m not an expert in how to use colorization techniques on specific scenes because I have almost zero experience in colorizing . There a far more experienced artists you should ask and tag instead.
  4. A single Colomask frame stays until the next trigger takes over. Maybe that helps. For Replacement simply edit the delay of the last frame to stay longer Generally you should avoid placing the load of a LCM scene into a transition because it needs to load the masks and hashes of the frames.
  5. I believe these require you to assign a hash to each individual frame for it to work correctly. It works correctly but might get out of sync on fast frame changes. That is why it is rarely used. There was recently a feature added that allows you to update a keyframe without deleting it but what you are asking is to allow to update the keyframes "mode" which could be possible and would save SO much time! @lucky1 Is this possible to add as a feature to the editor or is this a limitation? Would be a great feature to add. Change the mode and then click "fix Palette and mode" and choose scene as source. Depending on your project size it may take a while to update all keyframes.
  6. I can add a cancel button, but why would you want to create a second keyframe if assign them both to the same scene and could trigger both scenes with one single keyframe ? If you want to have them triggered individually choose the second hash.
  7. I don´t understand what is your issue. If they look different they don´t have the same hash / keyframe !? Please describe in detail what you think the problem is. The message you have is coming from this features requested by users which I think is useful. This is how they work If you don´t have a keyframe selected you should get the old duplicate keyframe message. You can deselect the keyframe by clicking the keyframe and then press ESC
  8. I changed the "Save Scene" format to save all the information. Use "Load Recording(s)/Scene(s)" to import it with all Mask and Hash data. Use "Import Scene(s)" to import only the frame data. Updated version on google drive. Please test
  9. The partnumbers they are refering to are not SMD but THT (Throughhole). Tell them to look at the BOM.
  10. https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32855362755.html This is the supplier I use.
  11. Voltage is set to 4,17V with R32 = 4.7k but I´m pretty sure that is not the root of your reset problem. How do you power your display. The internal 18V at the molex connector should work fine.
  12. This forum is in english, so I answer in english. Do you use a license from a XL pin2dmd ? If you have a license from a 128x32 pin2dmd use that license, if not send me a PM with your XL license number.
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