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  1. Did you try without SD-card ? Did you try a older version of the ST-Link firmware ? https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-link007.html I have V2.J32.M22 .
  2. V3.08 adds support for HomePin real pinball machines
  3. I used a spacer and a bolt to fix my clear panel. Here is a picture
  4. As described on https://pin2dmd.com/pinball-browser/ load the smartdmd.txt and export the project for real pin to get the pal file.
  5. should be fixed in the latest version
  6. I think I found the problem causing the rawdump not to work. I will update the apps soon. You should use a dedicated connection to the board. Any other device sharing the bus can cause framedrops.
  7. Latest dev version of MPF now officially supports PIN2DMD. PIN2DMD-XL support will be added soon.. Here I tested it with a 128x32 panel and with a P2.5 PIN2DMD-XL which is 48x16cm
  8. The dump function depends on the speed of your hardware/OS. I had the best results with my macbook pro although I never had a framedrop of 20 frames.
  9. pin2dmd.exe should generate raw and txt dumps if set to wpc mode.
  10. V3.07 fixes a stupid bug with the buttons on Nucleo based pin2dmds
  11. v2.37 is very old. Current version is v3.07. Please update following the instructions on https://pin2dmd.com/installation/
  12. New version which fixes a issue in the new gradient and swatch tools is up.
  13. This is only possible if you have the original project files from the author.
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