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  1. You can edit the brightness with the pin2dmd.exe tool and save it to SD
  2. @tino3899I received a donation today but no device ID to generate the key. Please always send the Device ID together with your donation
  3. The settings depend on the display. What I would do is display a scene where all shades are used in the pin2dmd editor and the same scene on a plasma. for comparison.. Then you can use the ColorPicker with Live Preview activated to adjust the colors.
  4. He currently is busy with some other things but I´m sure he will contact me when he updates the colorization code needed for TSSP. I will tell him then.
  5. Sounds like a issue with Freezys DLL. I also had stuttering problems lately with this dll testing a little tool that plays back dmddumps. The stuttering was gone when I used my own dll. I just played a game Rescue911 and had no issue although the display seemed a tiny bit slower compared to this video on youtube @toxie Do you know where to tweak this ? @Thalamus Could you please test with the pinmame internal onscreen dmd window instead of Freezys dll?
  6. Yes, Freezy wrote a .NET based dmddevice.dll which has a very nice looking onscreen display and also supports all real dmds available for vpins. He started to write this driver because he bought a pindmd3 and found out that the colored roms are not working with it. Then he contacted me about the colorization code, which made me think why should I. But the next thought was it could be good for the colorization if more could join us and who cares aboutNoah anyways. Current drawback is that it is not supporting latest pin2dmd editor colorizations like TSPP but I already sent him infos about that. It also stutters on my cab using pin2dmd while my driver runs smooth. May be caused by .NET and multithreading Freezy uses. I would recommend Freezy´s driver for LCD and pindmd3 users but mine for pin2dmd.
  7. @JoppnlI uploaded a new version of dmddevice.dll with changed error message handling. PBX pause mode it working with that version on my cab (never used that before).
  8. Even though it worked with libusb somehow it is not handled correctly. When you pause a game pinmame does´t free the usb connection and therefore it still should have exclusive control over the pin2dmd device. That is why you are getting this error message. I don´t know why libusb allows to take over without this connection closed. I don´t know wether pinballX pauses pinmame / vp or puts the thread to sleep. In the first case I could have a look at the pinmame pause function In the second case there is no way to free the device. What would be the easiest solution is to suppress the error message. I have a look at it when I have time to do so.
  9. The only thing I can say for sure is that this is related to code which is not written / maintained by me, I just use the libusb library to access pin2dmd through the usb port. There seems to be different handling of libusb and winusb in this library. I will see if I can reproduce this and open a issue on the libusb repo. Maybe you give libusbK drivers a try.
  10. LibUSB is only needed for backwards compatibilty to older software and needs libusbk.dll to work with dmddevice.dll. Winusb is directly supported by dmddevice.dll
  11. O.K. Please make sure you use a dedicated USB port for pin2dmd which is not shared with other devices. Another user had a similar problem with DOF equipment on the same port. Which USB driver do you use ? WinUSB or LibUSB ? If LibUSB please change to winusb using Zadig.
  12. Sounds like a pinmame crash. You could verify this by enabling the DMD window in the game options and see if that also crashes.
  13. You seem to not fully understood how ColMAsk is working. You can´t fill an area which has originally the color 3 with color 8. It can only have color 7,11, or 15. Maybe this helps you to understand how it works
  14. Yes !
  15. It is created on your pc in the pin2dmd.exe folder not on the SDcard.