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  1. Freezys DLL does not support the vpin export format.yet.
  2. These ROMs use inframe coding which is not supported by the dll from freezy
  3. Shrek and POTC only work with pin2dmd hardware and not with dmddevice.dll from freezy.
  4. Please try this pal file pin2dmd.pal
  5. Since version V2.39 pin2dmd supports automatic playback of a startup animation. You just need to place a boot.fsq on your SD card which can be created using pin2dmd editor. Best source is a animated gif file which can be imported into the editor. Are there any artists here which can create a nice startup animation for testing ? I think that can easily be done using adobe after effects but I have no idea how to use it.
  6. As far as I remember I only needed to place the DLL in the FP directory. You need to use the libusb drivers with the pin2dmd for the dll to work. Use Zadig to install the libusb drivers if necessary.
  7. I had time to play a little bit with the color values. I use these for a kind of plasma look for 4 color games 255,48,0 171,32,0 61,11,0 0,0,0 pin2dmd.pal
  8. You are right ! I added this jumper because of the problems real pin pin2dmd users had with your first V3 design. Users had to remove the LS123 and add a wire bridge to make these boards work. You like to add your own ideas to your board designs which is O.K., but I would recommend to first discuss these ideas with us in the future.
  9. you also need to place dmddevice.dll into the same directory. The crispyness may come from the pindmd3 having a higher brightness level as default. We tried to keep it as low as possible to reduce playfield glass reflections.
  10. Please check that all the connections you soldered are done right. I had that error message when I forgot one pin.
  11. Malenko released the final version here including the project files
  12. New version V2.41 of the firmware with some fixes for Gottlieb colorization. Thanks to @Malenko for testing
  13. I was hoping you could do this now I have no problem to help out in the end, if all volunteers prepare the colorization work like you did. It only took me a couple of hours to fix the issues left. Did the same with vbobrusev.
  14. Glad that it is working now. This jumper does not even exist in my reference design on github. Sad that it causes trouble and I have to take care of it.