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  1. You can use the same method CB3 is using with X-Men dynamic scenes which is a combination of pinball Browser combined with simple palette switches in the pin2dmd editor. Maybe he can explain the details.
  2. Thanks for the compliments 🙂 Professional look and easy installation was the goal when I designed the EVO boards.
  3. Could it be that you have this problem
  4. Coming soon. Are your clocks Nucleo or VET based ?
  5. The license for the editor is your pin2dmd license you already have for your device.
  6. Latest version will support colorized animations
  7. Please post in english or least use google translate for your postings. There is no program to convert vni to fsq but you can open the project in the pin2dmd editor and export for real pin (.fsq) You need your pin2dmd license with the original naming to register the pin2dmd.editor and activate real pin export.
  8. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-jurassic-park
  9. Using the communication patch has two drawbacks anyway: - it is consuming valuable memory - the patch is bound to the hardware serial number of the machine
  10. Here are at least some good palettes for the tables that are not fully colorized
  11. You also need to let the software know that it is installed by setting the enhancer in the onscreen menu to on !!
  12. Send me your key number through PM
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