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  1. PINDMD3, COLORDMD and PIN2DMD are all based on the same chinese advertising panels. You can install a old plasma panel and run it with a pindmdV2. That will give you the most realistic look but without color. When you want to have it authentic why do you post in a forum for virtual pinball machines ?
  2. DJRobX only exported for virtual pinball. I´m not sure his work has been been integrated and tested on a real pinball machine. Did you set your pinball machine to english language ? I don´t think it is a general problem like mentioned in the thread title, but a problem of the colorization. Maybe you continue to ask here with a better description of your problem maybe a video of what is going wrong.
  3. I don´t know of a finished JP project. Maybe that is the problem.
  4. Can you make a video to describe the "fading away" situation better ?
  5. If only the partlist changed and your displays are working there is no need to update.
  6. PIN2DMD does not use any COM port emulation to communicate so how can you set COM3 ? I think you messed up the driver setup.
  7. Then the only thing left is to check the solder joints and the connection of the HUB75 connector to the panel.
  8. The file size shown is too big. The DFU file in my repo is 426.293bytes . Also the Product ID and Version is 0000 in my DFU file. I´m pretty sure you are using a defective file. Please download again, check the filesize and upgrade again. https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/blob/master/firmware/latest/EVO128x32_EVO128x16/PIN2DMD.dfu
  9. Since you managed to program the device using the USB DFU mode it should at least register as a pin2dmd USB device after you reset it. If it is not something with the programming went wrong.
  10. You need to press the reset button on the device to leave the DFU mode.
  11. If the software is correctly loaded and no SD card is inserted the red led will turn on . Are you sure you took the "UPGRADE" button in the DFUSE software. If you took the "UPLOAD" button instead you saved the flash content of the cpu to your disk drive and may have overwritten the firmware file with a backup of a empty flash. Please download the firmware again from here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/blob/master/firmware/latest/EVO128x32_EVO128x16/PIN2DMD.dfu and use the "UPGRADE" button.
  12. That is what I did here https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/PIN2DMD_EVO128x32_RGB_LED_Dotmatrix_Pinball_Display_Controller.html https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/PIN2DMD_EVO192x64_RGB_LED_Dotmatrix_Pinball_Display_Controller.html https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/PIN2DMD_EVO128x16_RGB_LED_Dotmatrix_Pinball_Display_Controller.html but you have to add the turnkey assembly option like shown in the video
  13. There is only the option to share projects, which I did. You can´t share orders afaik.
  14. You should first get your P-ROC system running. From what I understand it should work on Linux and on windows.
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