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  1. I was hoping you could do this now I have no problem to help out in the end, if all volunteers prepare the colorization work like you did. It only took me a couple of hours to fix the issues left. Did the same with vbobrusev.
  2. Glad that it is working now. This jumper does not even exist in my reference design on github. Sad that it causes trouble and I have to take care of it.
  3. I had these crashes too with the dmddevice.dll from freeze but it is working with my dll. Seems that vpx is timing critical. Hope @freezy can reproduce these crashes to fix the problem.
  4. There is a jumper next to the dmd connector which is specific to uncle sash's board. From the picture I can see it is set to off. Try the other position.
  5. Just to make sure , by setting enhancer on I meant the software setting not the jumper on the board. Did you play with both ? Which pin2dmd version do you use ?
  6. The editor has improved a lot since then. It still has some errors but without testing and reporting these errors we will never reach a stable and easy to use point.. Vbobrusev with The Simpsons Pinball Party and Malenko with Streetfighter II have proven that it is possible to work with the editor and end up with a working colorization.Steve and I are willing to help as good as we can but you also have to invest some time to learn the different methods of colorization. They are explained on the pin2dmd website and in the pin2dmd editor thread here in the forum.
  7. Are you sure it is a original data east controller ? You can also try whitestar as setting. Which hardware do you use ? Please make some pictures.
  8. New version V.2.40 with minor fixes - fix bug in palette switching - improve dump routine on slow USB connection
  9. You also need the latest dmddevice.dll in the same folder.
  10. Looks great ! I did not have a look at the other mansion scenes, but as far as I remember they all start with the same picture, scroll up to the level of the window and then the window gets to the front. So you have to cut the scene into pieces anyways to make it work. Good thing is that you only have to do the common parts of the scene once.
  11. You should be able to copy and paste (ctrl-c ctrl-v) to colorize frames which are the same in different scenes.
  12. Working on my machines without a problem. Try run as admin or a newer 64 bit java version.
  13. You use a old version of the editor. Look here