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  1. lucky1

    Creating dmp files from a real pin?

    Steve´s program is the pin2dmd editor. The dump checkbox is in my pin2dmd.exe
  2. My latest dmddevice.dll for pin2dmd shouldn´t have that problem.
  3. lucky1

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    The reason for this new pinmame specific altsound format is that current Pinsound soundsets are no longer supported without the usage of pinsound studio and Pinsound has forbidden the sharing of soundsets generated by community members in the old folder based file structure by claiming that this unique folder structure is their intellectual property. To generate a soundset in the new pinmame altsound format you can simply exctract original sounds from the ROM files using M1 (http://rbelmont.mameworld.info/?page_id=223) or pinmame. Instructions how to do this can be found here https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=54 Then you can easily map the soundcommands from the pinball ROM to these soundfiles editing a simple CSV lookup table with e.g. LibreOffice or Excel. For each soundcommand you can adjust parameters for the playback like reducing the volume (DUCK) or STOP the playback of the backround sounds. Adjust the volume of this sound sample (GAIN) or play the sample in a LOOP. See whatsnewVPM.txt for further information. The CSV file format also makes it possible to share soundsets without having to share copyrighted content by adding information like (Track 1 of OST CD) in the name field.
  4. lucky1

    Creating dmp files from a real pin?

    DataEast does not have the transition frames like WPC which means if a frame changes from one to another WPC mixes the first and the second frame and generates one or two frames in between. DataEast simply switches from one frame to the other without mixing.
  5. lucky1

    Creating dmp files from a real pin?

    Honestly, default palette not working and some scenes not triggering. I hope he doesn´t use a hacked pirate copy of a old pin2dmd firmware a spanish guy once created. I recommend he should upgrade to the latest version before continuing . I also have a real STTNG. If you want me to test something, just let me know.
  6. lucky1

    Creating dmp files from a real pin?

    The current pinmame and pin2dmd tool version creates 2 dump files. One with the ending .txt and one with .raw. when you choose AlvinG, WPC or Gottlieb as device mode. The .raw files contain the image data like it comes from the machine. The.txt format contains the image with calculated brightness levels. These brightness levels in most cases can be calculated back into the raw data, which is needed to calculate the hash, except those three machine types. That is why I introduced the raw dump format.
  7. lucky1

    Creating dmp files from a real pin?

    The USB connection is unfortunatelly too slow to capture all frames from a real pin which come at 120Hz refresh rate. The artifacts are due to that fact. If you have a problem with triggering you should use raw dumps which allows you to select each of the subframes. STTNG also uses random dots for scenes with stars which makes it a little harder to trigger these scenes. Choose a plane for your hash which does not contain these random dot´s
  8. lucky1

    Star Wars

  9. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    The pin2dmd.exe tool is only to create single palette files (one palette for the whole game). It is not meant to open multi palette files like created by the editor. The colors shown on your screenshot look like the colors from the VGA palette If you export a pal file in the editor on copy it to the SD these palette settings are read from SD during boot and will be used. This will only work on devices with proper activation.
  10. lucky1

    Twilight zone

    I made a dump on my real machine
  11. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    @arngrim Did you load the upd file or the dfu file? I just checked the dfu and it was loaded in the tool without a problem In the READ.ME is a short description of the different file formats and upgrade methods Copy the .upd file to you micro SD card to upload the firmware to your device with firmware >= 2.50 preinstalled. Use the .bin file with the ST-Link Utility to upload the firmware to your device using the ST-Link interfacehttp://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF258168 Use the .dfu file with the DfuSEDemo Utility to upload the firmware to your device using the user USB port in dfu mode.http://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-stm32080.html
  12. lucky1

    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    - fixed in version 2.65
  13. You can even see the filesize change if you click on edit after submitting the post.
  14. It seems that the upload routine is converting the uploaded animated gif to a single frame gif. When I upload a export from pin2dmd editor which has the size of 72k and GIF89a in the header , it changes to 1,5k with GIF87a when I download it again after upload.