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  1. You can try and see if you get a connect through SWD
  2. o.k. thanks for the info. Then there seems to be a hardware error. The only idea I have is to check is the power before and after L1.
  3. Since my information solved the problem of KBueno there may be missing information from your problem. Please give me a little more details what exactly you tried. Which software you used. What the status of the LEDs is etc
  4. Your shield is only for discovery. V4 shield is for Nucleo
  5. You have a LS123 installed and the Jumper on 1-2 which is wrong. Set the jumper to 2-3 with the LS123 installed. Enhancer then needs to be set to ON.
  6. Which firmware version are you running ? I recommend testing 2.58, 2.68 and 3.04
  7. V3.04 - add Inder / SPinball as devicemode and to autodetection - fix problems with some SD cards - fix activation problem from SD - fix display after boot.fsq playback - fix switch of devicemodes from tool
  8. Actually I have a 192x64 P2.5 display here which I wanted to test in my pincab, but haven´t had the time so far. So currently the answer is no but maybe some time in the future.
  9. Place a order for 20 panels and tell them to send you a picture of the backside of those panels BEFORE shipping.
  10. First of all I don´t think your problem is pin2dmd related, Maybe more due to the fact that you removed a screen. Could be caused by freezys dmddevice.dll. Try setting the virtual dmd to enabled = false and see if that works. Please run the rom test in pinmame setup exe to see if it is caused by pinmame.
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