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  1. I updated the EVO design on github and pcbway to avoid killing the panels when 12V get connected to the 5V connector. I simply run the 5V input through the DC-DC converter now.
  2. You can check that yourself by comparing the datasheets of the parts. https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/115/AZ2940-271528.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/395/TS2940_D15-1918546.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/60/pts645-1841767.pdf https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/445/430152043826-1717154.pdf
  3. Is this with SD card inserted ? If yes, could you please check if it works when SD card is removed ?
  4. Please try version 3.18 . I added a delay to SD card init.
  5. problem fixed by shorting the ribbon cables.
  6. new version v3.18 - fix problem with simple palettes in flash pal storage mode - add init delay to fix issues with some SD cards
  7. Those panels are killed by connecting 12V to the 5V connector on the pin2dmd.
  8. Normally a smartdmd.txt file gets generated when you execute the macro. You need to select and load that smartdmd.txt in pinball browser to load the palettes.
  9. Pinball Browser creates a macro file (.pbm) which contains every step you made to change them ROM. This macro can be applied to the original ROM again with the registered version of pinball browser. The macro function is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/29#post-1875301 You should share your macros using the repository function which is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/50#post-4008153 To switch palettes you have to install the serial side channel patch which is described in the smartdmd section here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/38#post-2722290
  10. Lucky, great stuff you have here. I colorized TWD well grey scale for black and white theme. I assume you use windiff between the original and colorized rom to share as we are not allowed to modify roms and share them here, but we can share .diff files. I loaded the rom into pinballplay.. and edited each frame there after importing your palette txt file I also added additional pallets. My questions are:

    When I am editing a frame do I have to stick to one pallet for that frame?

    Do I need registered version of Pinballplay to do anything special? it seemed to save the colorized rom fine.

    When I load the modified pallet txt file saved from Pinballplay in to pin2dmd I assume I just save it as a pal file and all is good, what does registering it give me?

    Anyways great work and I am motivated to do more with maybe a little help.

    I assume if I want to share my diff and pal files I upload to your color rom patches section.

    1. lucky1


      Could you please open a thread for your topic ? I´m not the only one who can answer your question. You should share your pinball browser macro pdm file which is created containing your changes.

  11. Could you please stop posting here that you made a donation and wait at least 24 hours for your key ? The information that you donated is not of any use for others and therefore unneccessary . Please add all necessary information to your donation text. Sending it in a second e-mail may lead to further delay because it is harder to collect all information needed. Using a paypal payment instead of the donation button form here http://pin2dmd.com/installation/#3 may also lead to further delay because the paypal e-mail notification does not show all necessary information I need to generate the key. If you did not receive your key within 24 hours you can send me an e-mail.
  12. Wifi is not used with pin2dmd anymore because of limited bandwith of the wifi chip (1Mbit). The setting is for go-dmd compatible boards (discovery and nucleo) to turn off wifi which is used by go-dmd for clock synchonization.
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