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  1. I have uploaded a patch for 1.64LE version of the Metallica ROM in the download section. Colorization work is done by J_M on pinside. This ROM is (as all the others using side-channel) is not usable for real pinball machines. You need to contact the author about that. V1.70 of the ROM is not working since Stern took some countermeasures against ROM patching
  2. Metallica 1.64 LE

    Version 1.0.0


    ROM File patch for Stern Metallica LE by J_M To create the needed ROM file you can use bspatch ( Place the .pal file in your ..\vpinmame\altcolor\acd_168c\ folder named pin2dmd.pal Patch needs vpinmame V2.8, latest dmddevice.dll and pin2dmd firmware >= V2.36. THIS PATCH DOES NOT WORK FOR REAL PINBALL MACHINES ! PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU NEED IT FOR A REAL PIN !
  3. A project from vborusev on pinside using pin2dmd editor
  4. The implementation was more easy by using a different DMD timing on the pinball side. The display on the benheck system board is driven by a parallax propeller. I uploaded the modified code (spin file) together with a compiled binary on github. You just need to replace the bin file in the dmd folder of the AMH V23 zip image and make a upgrade to install it. Of course the modified code is also working with the original X-Pin display.
  5. V2.37 virtual pinball improvements -new dmddevice.dll with improved timing for colouring features real pinball machine improvements - fix bug with colormask - modified parallax propeller code for Spooky Pinballs AMH V23 uploaded eagle files for V3 shield instead of gerber
  6. Thanks for verifying, I will increase the timeout a little bit in the next version just to play it safe.
  7. Maybe it is good to mention that you already killed 2 of your controllers. Going on with experiments like this most likely will bring you the hattrick. The USB 1.x and 2.0 specifications provide a 5 V supply on a single wire to power connected USB devices. A unit load is defined as 100 mA in USB 2.0, and 150 mA in USB 3.0. A device may draw a maximum of 5 unit loads (500 mA) from a port in USB 2.0; 6 (900 mA) in USB 3.0.
  8. Not true ! There is no data traffic from pin2dmd to the pc during gameplay and the firmware version is only checked during startup.
  9. Sound like you have a communication problem on USB and the driver is not getting a response from the device in time. Maybe a other device is blocking the bus.
  10. pin2dmd

    of course you need the 16pin version for the panels
  11. pin2dmd

    No change since my V3 shield layout on github. Here is an example for the elevated pin headers
  12. If you use the dmddevice from freezy and use the virtual dmd you should be able to test your files in pinmame without pin2dmd connected.
  13. Update your pinmame version to latest from carny and use the updated xdmd dlls from the download section for pinballx and ultradmd.
  14. Sure ! You can place your pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.fsq files in the altcolor/"romname" directory of vpinmame using latest dmddevice.dll from pinmame 2.9 beta build of carny For a first test you can also use the preview live function of pin2dmd editor and playback your piinmame recording.
  15. Use WinUSB not libusbK or libusb-win32