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  1. AFAIK for EU orders he is shipping from germany. So no VAT. Like I already said the DMDST32 display is based on the pld schematics we used for the STM32 discovery board. We had to use some programming tricks to make all the peripherals we added over time work . The Nucleo / EVO design has been redone from scratch and therefore has a optimized pinout to the peripherals. For example we used 1bit wide SPI attached SDcard slot in the Discovery design and now use 4bit wide SDIO bus. The EVO devices additionally come pre activated
  2. The ST32 from pinballSP is working but based on the old design. I recommend to use the EVO128x32 from e.g. here http://www.pin-display.ch or @dpannell2
  3. Which machine type were you dumping from? SAM or WPC ?
  4. V2.67 - fix rare sync issues with some WPC DMD Controller boards
  5. Thanks for the info. The fake Discovery boards and the problems with components not needed for pin2dmd on it were one of the reasons why I decided to change to the Nucleo design. It is cleaner and more future proof because it is available in different CPU configurations allowing easy upgrade by swapping the Nucleo board.
  6. When you said black and white I thought you mean the white (greyscale) palette. VGA palette with black, red, cyan and white is o.k. as default. The LS123 in the link is o.k. You should set the firmware according to your hardware setup which means - LS123 installed - Jumper on 2-3 - Enhancer set to ON in onscreen menu - LS123 not installed - Jumper to 1-2 - Enhancer set to OFF in onscreen menu
  7. Did you choose "reset config" in the onscreen menu ? Like I said set the jumper to 1-2 and you have the same connection like your wire bridge. I also explained to you that the clk signal is going through LS123 circuit when jumper is on 2-3. You can´t measure the LS123 with a multimeter.
  8. ACDC is as expected except that the default settings seem to be messed up without colorization (Black / White). Please send me a backup of all 3 SD cards to verify that. To fix it please delete the pin2dmd.dat from your SD card, go into the onscreen menu, reset the config and then set the devicemode to SAM. T2 - It seems there is a problem with the LS123 circuit. Instead of soldering your wire bridge it should also work with jumper set to 1-2. DemoMan - It seems your WPC DMD Controller has U5 and U15 ICs from different manufacturers, which is causing this problem. I asked you above to check this. If it all works with V3 beta firmware there is no problem with the shield.
  9. Remove your wire bridge which is not needed when the jumper is set correctly. Set enhancer setting to ON in onscreen menu and everything should work fine with jumper on 2-3 Onscreen menu access is described on pin2dmd.com For DemoMan Problem try beta firmware from here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/beta/firmware/latest/V3 STM32F4 DISCOVERY
  10. If you remove the jumper it should not work at all. Did you modify the pcb ? Please make pictures of your shield. About DemoMan: Could you please check wether U5 and U15 ICs are from different manufacturers on your DMD controller board ?
  11. There is no problem with the V3.1 shield. With version 3 of the shield a signal enhancer circuit (LS123) has been added for the clk signal to fix some rare sync problems with Stern SAM. You need to set the enhancer jumper to 2-3 to make it work. Jumper 1-2 is for backward compatibility to older firmware versions. To receive a replacement key i need a picture of the old STM board physically destroyed (e.g cpu ripped off)
  12. You should upgrade to the latest pin2dmd firmware version first following the instructions on pin2dmd.com
  13. Typo ! These are the ones I ordered https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32855362755.html
  14. Metallica was not made by Sharkky. It was originally made by PinballMikeD and then improved by _J_M (pinside usernames).
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