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  1. never mind its suddenly running 100%, I am now finished with my project, thank you everyone
  2. I dont quite understand how to use proc loader pinballx, I have autohot keys installed, I downloaded it and tryd opening the ahk and opening cactus canyon but this does nothing, could you explain how im supposed to use this and get it running, I have never used auto hot key before
  3. does anyone have a fix for getting the table window to be selected when opening with pinballx, I need to click on the playfeild window before I can play the game and that will be a problem when actually put it in a cab
  4. I have it set up in pinballx now and it all works with one exception, when I open the table it loads up fine but I have to click on the playfield before the controls or anything work but when I have it in a real cab their wont be a keyboard or mouse, any sugestions
  5. seems to have fixed it, everything is working now, I disabled porks and beans in the user settings, thanks everyone especially ninuzzu for all the help on this project
  6. I dont see that dll in there, I see msvcm90.dll,msvcp90.dll,msvcr90.dll, should I delete msvcr90.dll?
  7. I still need to move the dmd back but it works, the only problem is that i get the run-time error r6034 error which according to other people online is perfectly normal but how do I go about fixing that for use in pinball x, maybe a way to have it automatically press enter
  8. woops, sorry, I created a new forlder for this and kept the old one, just forgot to add dmd and sound, my bad but anyways HOLY CRAP!!!!!! ITS ALIVE. It seems to be working now ninuzzu your awsome
  9. I used the newest core.vbs, what core.vbs did you use
  10. when I tried using the old version with vp10 it gave me this error
  11. and the problem I was having with using vp10 was it kept searching for a ball and wouldnt start a game
  12. I talked about this earlier on this thread, what I did to fix it is I opened game.py with notepad++ went to Line 1492 and pressed tab at the begining of the line, try opening it again, you might need to do multiple indents on the same line and there are several lines that need to be corrected but if you just open the game it will tell you which line to fix and if you spend a half hour you can get the newest version to not give you any of those errors, the problem I have with it now is that now it wont work on vp10 but seems to be running perfectly with vp9, but I can try using the old version to see if it fixes my problem
  13. nope, it seems to work in vp9 but someone said that the vp9 version isnt made for proc, no one seems to know how to enable both proc and the dbs2 server in vp9 though and I cant get the one error to go away automaticly, acording to the forums that one error is normal when booting it up, but no matter what I did it wouldnt work when using vp10, so I kind of gave up after my last post, if anyone knows how to setup the vp9 stuff I think it works well from the 3-4 hours I played it so far.
  14. when I tried to use register_vpcom.py it gave me this error could that be my problem, sorry about repost I forgot to add you as a quote and I couldnt figure out how to add a quote by editing
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