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  1. You are a LIFE SAVER, it fixed the problem, is there a way to find out what I would need to replace table 1 with on certain tables?
  2. turning off admin for them didnt help
  3. I just looked through this and I found out that it is a .net error and im running windows 10 without the creators update so I went and installed .net framework 4.7, I am still getting crashes when exiting many vp 9.5 tables and a lot of crashes when opening vp995 tables, I am not quite sure what to do as I am using the latest versions of visual pinball for those tables and I have the latest .net framework
  4. Just tried running it as admin, same thing, I went in to the pypin proc folder in the proc folder on the root of the c drive and tried unblocking all the individual files and Im still getting the same error
  5. Update: I have noticed that for five of the games that are having this problem (I didn't go threw and check every table but that all of the ones I did) when I went to the test in the setup for vpinmame and tryed to test these roms they crashed imediatly, after disabling the use of an external dll they started working correctly in the test but the games still didn't close without crashing, I want to use an external dll because this is how I incorporate my pallet files, turning off colorization does absolutely nothing
  6. I managed to find a cactus canyon proc offline installer v2 and the step 1 bat file works perfectly and installed everything perfectly but when I run Step 2 - Install PROC.bat it says installing pypinproc installation failed, Exiting... does anyone have any recomendations?
  7. Hi I have visual pinball set up with pinball x but when ever I go to exit certain tables cactus canyon high noon mod being an example, they crash when I hold the exit button to exit the table and windows pops up saying that visual pinball isnt working, I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how to fix it.
  8. thanks so much, this helps a ton, your awsome
  9. and I installed the color pallet for simpsons but it keeps spontaniusly crashing along with spiderman ve and star trek, is there something I need to do to make this more stable?
  10. Im pretty sure that your supposed to use the window that saves the position and stuff and I think that there is probably some way to make that window to display color
  11. Thanks I went in and disabled virtual dmd which got rid of that windo I dont need except that didnt fix the fact that the other window is still plain orange and not color
  12. I just did that and it fixed it sort of, I am planning on running this in a cab and I put it in cabinet mode, the window that will allow me to resize it and stay resized is still orange and black but the one that always goes back to the same spot and doesnt give me a drop menu when I right click it is all colorized, is there any way to make the other window color
  13. I apologize if I put this in the wrong section I patched the spiderman vault edition rom and opened it with the test in vpinmame install and it says colorized by sharkky but has no color, I enabled the use of an external dll and installed the special dll and ini however I was unable to find a pal file to put in the altcolor folder, any recommendations?
  14. I installed xmen fs physmod 5 and put xmen_150 in the roms folder however when I go to play the game it has absolutely no game sound, I can hear the flippers and stuff but no music, Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this.