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    The closest you may get for awhile is JP is working on his own version of Ghostbusters. The layout will be similar but won't be the same because 1. JP likes doing originals based on real tables 2. Probably doesn't want to step on any toes. It will be fun but obviously not the Stern Ghostbusters table.
  2. Really fun table. Thanks for the hard work!
  3. Thanks gtxjoe. Look forward to trying this when I get a chance.
  4. Just wanted to give a shoutout to Fren on this one. I hadn't played this one in awhile. A great recreation of a fun horror-themed table.
  5. This is a table I look forward to trying but at the moment the experts are working on the classics (and doing a hell of a job I must say). As far as I know there isn't a VP9 version either. Someone will get to it eventually.
  6. By the way good work on this table gtxjoe. Fun stuff.
  7. I think this is one of the first tables I played in VP10. Great work ninuzzu.
  8. TNT2


    Great work vett! Fun table.
  9. I have converted a few tables to physmod. Unlike some of these guys who really understand how VP works for me it was just a trial and error thing. Some tables are easy. Just change a couple of parameters and the table is ready. Other tables, ramps no longer work properly, balls get stuck, etc. Then it can take several hours to convert one. I wish I had a direct link but there have been some recommendations over on VPF on good starting points. I don't have a link handy but roughly: Gravity should be set to 1 approximately. Table slope is usually in the 5.5-7 range for real tables. As with everything else seems to vary per table Flipper mass to 1-2 Flipper strength 1000-3000 Flipper elasticity .9 or so Playfield Friction .03-.09 Plungers, bumpers, slingshots will almost always require a force increase One of the more experienced guys can probably give you more detailed recommendations.
  10. Sweet. Some of those I hadn't seen for physmod5 yet.
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