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  1. Pin2DMD not being recognized by DMDext

    I figured it out. I never updated the driver for the pin2dmd, now everything seems to be working alright.
  2. I have been messing with trying to get Pinball FX3 to display to my new pin2dmd and I think I'm missing a step somewhere along the line. I haven't done anything software wise with my pin2dmd other than plugging it into the USB and power. I've got it working fine with visual pinball. I've now downloaded DMDext and put it into C:\DMDext and when I run the test it displays the virtual DMD but isn't detecting the pin2dmd, so I haven't gotten past that step in getting it to work with pinball fx3 (I can't get it to work in pinball x either and I'm feeling this may be related). The pin2dmd shows up in device manager as a pin2dmd. Any suggestions? Did I just miss something really obvious?
  3. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    I'm having the same issue trying to set up my pin2dmd for pinball fx2/3. I have lucky1's dlls running for VPX and my pin2dmd is working great, but now that I am trying to get it working in pinballfx I get to the test portion and it loads the virtual dmd but says there is no pin2dmd. Where are you supposed to put the contents of the freezys zip? I have them in C:\DMDext.
  4. Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

    I sent a donation a couple days ago and haven't received any sort of information, just wanting to make sure you got it.
  5. Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

    I got my activation code and renamed it to pin2dmd.key and placed it in the root of my SD card and restarted, but it still says not activated. Did I miss a step?