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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Collection of custom flyers created and maintained by ALDiode. These custom flyers contain Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs for various games. Images can be added to front ends as Flyer images.
  2. Grunger, This is what I did to make the post work correctly using DJRobX's code: Insert this part of the code after line 66 of the script under VARIABLES Dim SaverPos, SaverTime SaverPos = 0 SaverTime = Now Then replace Groni's Center Post script (around line 840ish) with this '****************************************************** '* CENTER POST **************************************** '****************************************************** Sub CPDSol (enabled) If enabled then SaverTime = DateAdd("s",3, Now) CPUSol(true) End If End Sub Sub CPUSol (enabled) If enabled then If SaverTime > Now then if SaverPos = 1 then Controller.Switch(2)=1:Controller.Switch(1)=0 ' ** Move Saver Down **' SaverPos=0 CenterpostDown.Enabled=1 CPC.isdropped=1 CenterPost.Z=-26:CPDPos=0:CenterpostDown.Enabled=0 If CPDPos=>0 then CPDPos=CPDPos+1 CPUSol(true) Playsound"Stern_Centerpost_Down" end if else if SaverPos = 0 then Controller.Switch(2)=0:Controller.Switch(1)=1 ' ** Move Saver Up ** ' CenterpostUp.Enabled=1 CPC.isdropped=0 CenterPost.Z=0:CPUPos=0:CenterpostUp.Enabled=0 If CPUPos=>0 then CPUPos=CPUPos+1 SaverPos=1 Playsound"Stern_Centerpost_Up" end if end if End If End Sub This has resolved the stuck post problem for me. I hope it helps you too! Enjoy! AL
  3. That problem is related to the latest VBS files from my experience. I had the same problem until I noticed that the VBS.ZIP file had a newer date on it. After unzipping and over-writing, the problem went away. AL
  4. aldiode

    Star Trek

    Geez! Impossible 360 degree rotation doesn't qualify for awesomeness anymore????
  5. aldiode

    Star Trek

    Joe, It's a SLAMT1LT mod. The Vengeance warps into place when you start the game of course! It's pretty but the physics are wonky. AL
  6. Okay, I had not seen that......and it works great! I've been making video's for the last 6 hours (one more thing to obsess about!) Thanks AL
  7. You're a GENIOUS! That worked great. The fix seems to be the table video (I knew it wasn't the codec). Once I put in a table video for each table then the tutorial and gameplay videos worked fine. Now I just need to figure out how to make a decent playfield video for the ones that I am missing. Unless Tom can fix the need for both in PinballX? Thanks for the solve. I have been screwing around with this for days. I knew that they would play from the table or backglass folders but never thought to try them all simultaneously! Thanks! AL
  8. Sorry it didn't work for you. It is surely weird ! AL
  9. Mekurri, I'm not convinced that it has anything to do with the codecs... The video's that I have in my tutorial or gameplay folders that won't play, will play if you put them in the backglass or playfield video folders. I have been trying everything including re-encoding them to no avail. I found a post somewhere that claimed if the offending video's are re-named to "Whitewater (Williams 1993)" they play fine. I figured that must be a fluke but it does in fact work that way on my system as well. I also found that renamed to "Whirlwind (Williams 1990)" they will work too. I had collected some basic gameplay tips video's on youtube that I wanted to add to my cabinet but they would not play under any circumstances with any codec in pinballx unless I renamed them to Whitewater (Williams 1993) or Whirlwind (Williams 1990) or play them from the backglass or playfield folders where they work fine. This would be okay for the ones I wanted to use except for there is no audio played when they are on the backglass and they are rotated 90 degrees CCW when played on the playfield (but have sound). My point is that they will play with the existing codecs in PinballX, just not from the Gameplay or Tutorial folders or with their correct names (must be a problem with PinballX not the codec). I notice that when the Gameplay or Tutorial video is not going to play that it looks like it is going to start but then immediately returns to the menu instead of playing (unless it is named Whitewater or Whirlwind!) I hope someone can figure this out. Good Luck! AL
  10. "One warning before anyone plays this table: you will hate Jeanette Lee very soon." Great first table man! I always liked the prototype version Golden Cue with Kelly Packard. From IMDB: "Kelly Packard was a cast member of Baywatch, and was reportedly chosen to be featured in this game because she looked good on the backglass and cabinet and would attract players" It worked for me!!!! Love the table. I hope you had as much fun building it as we are having fun playing it! Thanks for all your efforts! AL
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