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  1. Maverick (Sega)(1994)(Edizzle)(V2)(FS)(PM5)

    credit list: (please let me know if I forgot you)
    Dark - beautiful models of Lauren Belle and Paddle wheel, complete with texture swapping for flasher reflections, and play testing feedback
    javier1515 - skill shot scripting and resources, plastic primitives for slings and lanes, and play testing feedback
    gtxjoe - scripting of Lauren Belle Lock
    freneticamnesic - bubble level resources and script and play testing feedback
    Zany - Beautiful skill shot ramp model and play testing feedback - Has updated ramp model in the works. will update table when ready
    Paulohotline - play testing and feedback
    Arngrim- DOF
    I also used the script from the ferris wheel in the most recent Hurricane table to animate the ball in the paddle wheel. Please let me know who scripted this
    Also used the current Maverick table as reference
    Don't forget, this is a PM5 table!!!



  2. Space Jam(Sega 1996)(Edizzle)(FS)(PM5)

    ***** Table must be Played in PM5!!! *****
    Space Jam from Sega!
    Thank you list:
    Calvin12 (from Pinside) - provide nice bare playfield pics. If I didn't get these, I probably would not have started the table!
    Freneticamnesic - primitive ramps, hoops, nets, and backboards
    Akiles50000 - Nice HD pics of the table and table elements
    Also wanted to say Thank you to Wildman for the great B2S backglass and Arngrim for the DOF
    Well, here is the table! Hope you enjoy it. I like how the diverter on the left ramp places the ball on the left or right flipper based on what shots you are trying to hit in that mode. There is an opening on the ramp to drop weak shots down near the pop bumpers. It rarely happens, but if you see the ball fall down off the ramp there, it's supposed to be like that! Multiball is fun. I've never been able to hit the super duper jackpot! Please report any problems. I do know once in a while, the wabbit hole will eject the ball and the ball will go right back in. I guess it's like a real table with a weak kicker! I tried adjusting it and that was the best compromise I could find. I was trying to simulate the ball rolling around into the hole, but it doesn't seem to work well in PM5. Oh, it should also be noted that I am aware that the shot clock is supposed to be on top of the backboard. I stuck it to the left to allow it to be slightly larger and easier to read, and to not require so much head space.
    ****Really not sure why but some people seemed to experience a weaker plunger that wasn't strong enough to send the ball into play and had to increase the mechanical strength of the plunger from 40 to 60. Honestly, I'm not sure why.



  3. Harley Davidson (Sega) (1999)(Edizzle)(V1.1)(FS)(PM5)

    Previously released on other site. Updated for Physmod5. Javier1515 updated with ball rolling and collision sounds. Physics slightly updated. And made a change to the right outlane as previously it was impossible to drain there due to misaligned walls. Slight GI updates as well.
    ***NOTE*** :I did notice that there were some issues if played using the accelmod. Such as ball getting stuck on left ramp.
    Long list of Thank Yous:
    wtiger - playfield image
    destruk/bezeen - VP8 table used for reference
    freneticamnesic - a whole bunch of crap, including bike models, bike animation, GI, lighting effects, and in general helping me learn new VP things
    Dark - traffic light model and primitive gates, screws, and other hardware
    Zany - ramp model, bumper caps
    xgizzle - also was working on the same table separately. backwall image
    Javier1515 - added ball rolling and ball collision soudns
    All VP people for making this such a fun hobby
    This is my first attempt at building from scratch, which was quite intimidating but again, the forums is always willing to help. I definitely need to say Frenetic took this table to another level with all the things he added.
    A unique thing about this game is the center ball save that can be controlled by the player. I Guess it would be nice to have a magna save button for this one. Hope you enjoy!
    By the way, I am aware that this is listed as a Sega Table, but is using the Stern ROM. Oh well. The roms are exactly the same, game-wise.



  4. Jurassic Park The Lost World (Sega 1997)_PM5

    Previous version released earlier. but this update adds some nice features and hopefully has all the bugs out of it!
    Thank you list:
    dark - lots of primitive work including the ramps, ramp decals, dino egg, baby-trex plus custom lighting for the t-rex, snagger arm, etc. Plus play testing and finding lots of misc issues
    freneticamnesic - lots of assistance in scripting primitive animation for the snagger arm and dino egg and also did some primitive work as well. Also helped with misc bugs and issues and provided info on how to convert to PM5
    fredobiwan - provided a very nice redrawn playfield
    Slydog43 - provided very nice decal images
    gtxjoe - assistance with some issues
    onemanproject - provided Hummer primitive B2S backglass, and play testing
    powerfufi - play testing
    arngrim - DOF support
    javier1515 - updated physics, ballrolling sounds, other table adjustments
    Hopefully I didn't forget someone! I apologize in advance if I did.
    Well, here is the table! One thing holding up the release was the snagger ball lock animation. It is not 100% where I would like it to be, but I think it works well enough for now. If anyone would like to improve it, by all means! As you can see, I had a lot of help with this one. Enjoy! One thing I added that is not accurate is the raptor near the shooter lane lights up at certain times, such as when you have a smart missle. The light is actually on the shoot button. Overall, pretty fun table. The skill shot and video mode are some of the most easy ones I've seen. first, the skill shot is really slow and doesn't speed up on successive shots. Also, the video mode, you get the same score if you jump over the T-rex, or if you get eaten by him...What?!? Haha. Ok, enough writing.



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