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  1. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    A miracle happened today! Look what finally came 2 my house (after exactly 5 months): Now I have to find out, which cable has to be connected, the Micro or Mini USB, or both? And does it need extra power? How to upgrade the firmware? Etc etc... Is there somewhere a how to start, tutorial or something for nOObs like me?
  2. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    4½ months waiting now.....and again...no reaction anymore.... First time in my life I've waited that long for something I bought but haven't received yet. Stupid me...I had a working cab with a PinDMD3 Color but after getting no updates or support and only a few Original tables were in color I decided it was time to replace it for a PIN2DMD. So I ordered and paid a PIN2DMD (estimated delivery time 8 -9 workdays) and tried to sell the PinDMD3, after a few days someone bought it and I thought the PIN2DMD is coming in a few days, so no worries about that. At the moment I have a nice hole in my backglass and a lot of virtual DMD's are returning to the backglass to see my scores, but at least I can play. So Dominik, when do you expect to build my PIN2DMD and send it to me? A few weeks ago you showed some pictures on Facebook with new parts and you said some of it are for PIN2DMD's. Ok maybe a better question, how many PIN2DMD's do you have to build before it's my turn?
  3. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Ok cb3 good to hear you're communicating with him. Hopefully he will do the same with me soon as my order (and payment) was from the 4th of April. When did you order yours? It doesn't matter if it takes longer than promised, but the only thing he must do is give people a status update or answer on email/PM/Messenger/forum if you ask something from him. If he doesn't react on anything (but at the same time posting a lot of updates on Facebook and reacting on people's comments) it can give a wrong message. It may be a hobby, but still he has a website with products for sell and again, when I ordered there was a delivery time of 8-9 workdays what is an acceptable time, in the meanwhile I'm waiting for 2½ months now. So Dom the only thing I want to know, what is the ETA? And did you get one of my messages about the shipping address that has been changed, before you send it to other people?
  4. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Hope 2 see my Pin2DMD also soon. Already mailed Dominik on his info website mail address and on Facebook with Messenger but again...no response. Wanted to let him know that my home address has changed in the 2+ months waiting period so he doesn't send the board to the old house.
  5. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    It's a long story but just go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPAddicts/ and ask to be a member of that page, then you can read it. It's a page I watch daily for new table announcements etc. This one too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPjunkies/
  6. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    A few days ago I had some kind of answer on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1449137271766496?view=permalink&id=2093086837371533 Verstuurd vanaf mijn RNE-L21 met Tapatalk
  7. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Still waiting for the statement which you promised to give us 9 days ago....I thought this is one of the forums you're currently active on. I can see you log in here every day and also reading and posting comments or updates on Facebook (Visual Pinball Addicts & Visual Pinball Junkies). Even sending PM's on Facebook Messenger on your own account and your German Gaming Supplies page but no response at all. Can you tell us what's the problem? I would really like to receive my Pin2DMD screen (after 1½ month) and also like to order a Pinscape v2 board and some other stuff from you, but not before I hear anything from you. I think other people have the same questions so you can make people happy just by a tiny status update. Thnx in advance.
  8. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    No news yet? Verstuurd vanaf mijn RNE-L21 met Tapatalk
  9. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Dominik answered my message and said he's busy with the order so I'm a bit more relaxed now.
  10. BlackPredator72

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    On the 4th of April I ordered and paid a PIN2DMD-Hardware-SET V3 ready-to-go 128x32 Standard DMD from GermanGamingSupplies and emailed Dominik some questions on his Info email address but no response. Then I read that some people are contacting him on his Facebook page but also no answer. I can see he's here on this website a few times a day so he reads messages here. Dominik (or Rappelbox) can you please answer my mail, messenger, to this post or answer my PM? It doesn't feel good if you send 200 euro to a company (or person) and you don't get any reply. Also not a good advertisement if people put those experiences on websites like these for future business. I don't mind if you say the delivery will be in 1 month instead of 8-9 days what's on your webshop page, but now I can only guess what happens.
  11. BlackPredator72

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    I'm on Win 10 x64 latest VPX 10.3.0 Final, .Vpinmame, sam files etc. All available Stern games are working. Testing the rom in setup is also working. But when I want to start this game it ends up with the same error as some other users have: Then I copied a part of the script from another Stern table into the this one as I couldn't find anything about the backglass options: '******************* Options ********************* ' DMD/Backglass Controller Setting Const cController = 3 '0=Use value defined in cController.txt, 1=VPinMAME, 2=UVP server, 3=B2S server, 4=B2S with DOF (disable VP mech sounds) '************************************************* Dim cNewController Sub LoadVPM(VPMver, VBSfile, VBSver) Dim FileObj, ControllerFile, TextStr On Error Resume Next If ScriptEngineMajorVersion < 5 Then MsgBox "VB Script Engine 5.0 or higher required" ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile(VBSfile) If Err Then MsgBox "Unable to open " & VBSfile & ". Ensure that it is in the same folder as this table. " & vbNewLine & Err.Description cNewController = 1 If cController = 0 then Set FileObj=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If Not FileObj.FolderExists(UserDirectory) then Msgbox "Visual Pinball\User directory does not exist. Defaulting to vPinMame" ElseIf Not FileObj.FileExists(UserDirectory & "cController.txt") then Set ControllerFile=FileObj.CreateTextFile(UserDirectory & "cController.txt",True) ControllerFile.WriteLine 1: ControllerFile.Close Else Set ControllerFile=FileObj.GetFile(UserDirectory & "cController.txt") Set TextStr=ControllerFile.OpenAsTextStream(1,0) If (TextStr.AtEndOfStream=True) then Set ControllerFile=FileObj.CreateTextFile(UserDirectory & "cController.txt",True) ControllerFile.WriteLine 1: ControllerFile.Close Else cNewController=Textstr.ReadLine: TextStr.Close End If End If Else cNewController = cController End If Select Case cNewController Case 1 Set Controller = CreateObject("VPinMAME.Controller") If Err Then MsgBox "Can't Load VPinMAME." & vbNewLine & Err.Description If VPMver>"" Then If Controller.Version < VPMver Or Err Then MsgBox "VPinMAME ver " & VPMver & " required." If VPinMAMEDriverVer < VBSver Or Err Then MsgBox VBSFile & " ver " & VBSver & " or higher required." Case 2 Set Controller = CreateObject("UltraVP.BackglassServ") Case 3,4 Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") End Select On Error Goto 0 End Sub Now I can start the game, no error as before but my flippers don't move...but...they are working., like invisible flippers. But after a while I get a script error. PS. just downloaded Funhouse (Williams 1990)_1.3.vpx and with the default rom that was in the script I also got the same error about Machine teminated and check rom etc. Changed the rom to another one that was working in VP9 and then the game was starting. So I hope this isn't a new issue for more tables coming soon.... PS2. change the backdrop settings from Rolling Stones to fit my cab and now the flippers are working and no more script error?? So no more issues for this one now.
  12. BlackPredator72

    PinDMD Color Roms

    I bought a PinDMD 3 Color from Noah but the only colors I've seen are the UltraDMD America's Most Haunted and the default 4 colors from the F1 settings which are ugly. So I searched a lot on the available forums but I only see info or colorized roms for the Pin2DMD. Then I found this DL and thought yes finally : Colorized Rom Pack but I think those are for the Pin2DMD too... Does anyone have a PinDMD3 and have info or links on how to make it work?
  13. Someone has the resolution for this issue "object required" ? It has something to do with the VP 9.9.3 version instead of the 9.1.6 when this table was made, cause I started the game with 9.1.6 rev. 628 without errors.. PS. this table: "south park Ozpin v1.0FS" is working without errors on 9.9.3. Maybe someone smart can compare those 2 and come up with the fix?
  14. BlackPredator72

    It Begins.... 40/32/19 Standard Body "star Trek" Theme

    Nice job. Good luck with the rest.