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  1. Thnx! It downloaded something Python-ish and now I can start a game but no B2S and after a while it crashes But one step closer. Also tried Jaws and it looks like this one is not crashing. But I'm still struggling with DMDext so my PIN2DMD is not showing anything and virtual DMD is on the playfield.
  2. Not sure, I found so many threads on different sites, do you have the link please?
  3. Still plans for this? I was also a fanatic Pinemhi player (I was 1st place for some time).
  4. I have CCC working, also when I test it with a command line it starts the virtual DMD: But when I want to test Evil Dead or Jaws I get these errors: Any idea? Can I test something else?
  5. my script is written for the .exe b2s file and just pasting this in the script gives errors: Sub LoadVPM(VPMver, VBSfile, VBSver) On Error Resume Next If ScriptEngineMajorVersion < 5 Then MsgBox "VB Script Engine 5.0 or higher required" ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile(VBSfile) If Err Then MsgBox "Unable to open " & VBSfile & ". Ensure that it is in the same folder as this table. " & vbNewLine & Err.Description : Err.Clear Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") End Sub Somebody got a working script for the table?
  6. If u can trust pinmame there should be a twd_160hc rom somewhere? and it looks very nice if this is the one:
  7. Didn't even know there were buttons on the back of the boards 😋 But after changing the RGB Sequence I tried the AC/DC colored rom using bspatch etc. and I created my first colored rom with success!! Many thnx!!
  8. I already thought that the colors were not right when I started some games, but because I'm new to PIN2DMD (I switched from PINDMD3) and still don't know how everything works: did I used the wrong roms ? (I've downloaded some colored roms but didn't tried them yet) do I have to use the altcolor files too (in some subfolders from the altcolor folder I see a pin2dmd.pal but also ._pin2dmd.pal) and does the game use them automatically? do I have to change the colors myself on each table (do I put a tick at Colorize DMD (4 colors)?, I found a topic with the correct color settings like R254, G64, B1 etc. but are they necessary with colored roms and/or altcolor .pal files? So I've upgraded to firmware 2.60 and started to look more into PIN2DMD I did see the colors from pin2dmd.exe are in a wrong order... This is the result from the palette: palette 0 - VGA palette 1 - Red palette 2 - should be Green ---> but is Blue palette 3 - Blue ---> Green palette 4 - Violet ---> Yellow palette 5 - Cyan palette 6 - Yellow ---> Violet/Purple/Dark Pink palette 7 - White ---> White palette 8 - Orange ---> Pink/Red-ish As you can see in the attached picture you see the wrong colors and a missing pixel in the right corner, but I bought the PIN2DMD from GGS and it took about 5 months to receive the board, so when I looked in the corner and saw there is a pixel missing I took that for granted. So the main question is...can I change something in the settings so that the right colors appear when I click for example on palette 2 so I get Green instead of Blue? .... and also for the other colors?
  9. A miracle happened today! Look what finally came 2 my house (after exactly 5 months): Now I have to find out, which cable has to be connected, the Micro or Mini USB, or both? And does it need extra power? How to upgrade the firmware? Etc etc... Is there somewhere a how to start, tutorial or something for nOObs like me?
  10. 4½ months waiting now.....and again...no reaction anymore.... First time in my life I've waited that long for something I bought but haven't received yet. Stupid me...I had a working cab with a PinDMD3 Color but after getting no updates or support and only a few Original tables were in color I decided it was time to replace it for a PIN2DMD. So I ordered and paid a PIN2DMD (estimated delivery time 8 -9 workdays) and tried to sell the PinDMD3, after a few days someone bought it and I thought the PIN2DMD is coming in a few days, so no worries about that. At the moment I have a nice hole in my backglass and a lot of virtual DMD's are returning to the backglass to see my scores, but at least I can play. So Dominik, when do you expect to build my PIN2DMD and send it to me? A few weeks ago you showed some pictures on Facebook with new parts and you said some of it are for PIN2DMD's. Ok maybe a better question, how many PIN2DMD's do you have to build before it's my turn?
  11. Ok cb3 good to hear you're communicating with him. Hopefully he will do the same with me soon as my order (and payment) was from the 4th of April. When did you order yours? It doesn't matter if it takes longer than promised, but the only thing he must do is give people a status update or answer on email/PM/Messenger/forum if you ask something from him. If he doesn't react on anything (but at the same time posting a lot of updates on Facebook and reacting on people's comments) it can give a wrong message. It may be a hobby, but still he has a website with products for sell and again, when I ordered there was a delivery time of 8-9 workdays what is an acceptable time, in the meanwhile I'm waiting for 2½ months now. So Dom the only thing I want to know, what is the ETA? And did you get one of my messages about the shipping address that has been changed, before you send it to other people?
  12. Hope 2 see my Pin2DMD also soon. Already mailed Dominik on his info website mail address and on Facebook with Messenger but again...no response. Wanted to let him know that my home address has changed in the 2+ months waiting period so he doesn't send the board to the old house.
  13. It's a long story but just go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPAddicts/ and ask to be a member of that page, then you can read it. It's a page I watch daily for new table announcements etc. This one too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPjunkies/
  14. A few days ago I had some kind of answer on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1449137271766496?view=permalink&id=2093086837371533 Verstuurd vanaf mijn RNE-L21 met Tapatalk
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