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  1. is there a way to turn the ball roll sound down? it's really loud
  2. the gi color option 2 (fantasy) gives me a script error
  3. nvm wasn't in exe mode
  4. it should have latest firmware when i bought it
  5. i tried the new pin2dmd dll from SAMBuild_r4732 and pin2dmd completely stopped working in tables. had to revert back to previous dll
  6. installed the pin2dmd now everything is running perfect?!
  7. ddraw IS off i used setdmd fore defaults
  8. i tried changing the cgamename value but got the rom can't initiate errors. i've tried resetting all values no luck still no sound and now i can't even add coins to it anymore the 5 key doesn't add coins. screw it i'm done with this table one out of 90 tables didn't work i can live with that. i got plenty of others.
  9. no sound testing in setup either i've tried 3 rom versions rev 1,2 and 3 all renamed to teedoff3. it's the only table that does this out of 90 tables installed including other Got tables.
  10. i'm not getting any roms sounds from tee'd off using the latest beta
  11. whats different in Gilligan's Island L-8 ?
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