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  1. I am in the process of recording DMD videos using the PBX recorder from gtxjoe. I have it to where the size and position is in the right place in the PBX front end but for some reason they are displayed on an angle or slant. see attached example. Anyone have any idea what would cause this or how to fix?
  2. Correction, I did get a BG video but no table video. However, the BG video was a few inches off center and showed part of the DMD screen on the left side. Not sure where the script pulls the dimensions from? both VP and pinballx are perfect so I would have expected the same in the video?
  3. see attached txt file containing my current ahk script. I commented out the bg video section and not the playfield. (using vp) for some reason it still wants to create a bg video but no playfield video which is all I need. What am I missing? capscreens.txt
  4. was LedWizToolBox file. Removed that from the tables folder and no more error. Thanks for the direction.
  5. as soon as I start pressing flipper buttons on my cab with this table, I get an error saying line 1 object required: ledcontrol. Any ideas?
  6. Update: I have been using the proper instructions disabling driver signing w/ no luck. I found this link: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/usb-devices-not-working-windows However, for whatever reason, the device instance path showing in device mgr for the USB (HID) entry created when plugging this controller in is not listed in the registry where it should be and there is no option to set the power mgmt to 0. In the events tab in device mgr, it says "Device HID\VID_20A0&PID_41B2&MI_02&Col02\7&3b8bb626&0&0001 could not be migrated." My guess is that it's b/c the proper driver is not associated with it so I would think this is not relevant to the real issue here which is that I can't get the driver to install. Does anyone know why the device instance path would not show in the registry as per the above link? I tried both USB 2 and 3. like 4 different ports. I know they work b/c I have a wireless keyboard using one of them.
  7. On Windows 10, the pincab controller driver is not being picked up automatically when plugging in the USB. I tested it on my win 7 laptop and it shows under com ports right away and allows me to install the driver manually. I have tried disabling driver signing security and everything I'm supposed to do. Windows 10 is not allowing me to install this inf file for some reason. Anyone else encounter this issue and able to resolve? I don't want to have to rollback to windows 8.1 since I am using a normal PC tower that sits under my cab. (this way I can use it for regular PC purposes as needed rather than having a PC confined to only my cab)
  8. from what someone else said, EVGA manufactures the cards for Nvidia and other brands. Pretty much the same thing for the most part. I will go with the cheapest. Thanks for your input everyone.
  9. Does it matter if I go with EVGA brand vs Nvidia? Seems like I'm seeing a lot of brands using the same model GTX 750 to etc.
  10. I noticed there are several variations of GTX 750 TI 2 gb with some being much cheaper. This one has both HDMI and Display port: http://www.ebay.com/itm/EVGA-GeForce-GTX-750-Ti-02G-P4-3755-RX-2GB-128-Bit-GDDR5-PCI-Express-3-0-w-ACX-/381247961970?hash=item58c4263b72 what is the difference? The above also has 2 fans. I just don't want to spend more than I have to. My budget is around 100.00 for a card. Does anyone know if the above is OK to use for playfield or what the difference is betwee that and the other one in the prior post? Thanks
  11. Gathering up info for components for a PC build for my 3 monitor cab. The backglass and dmd (LCD) will use the integrated graphics and I need to get a GPU for the playfield but I can't afford a crazy expensive card. I will not be playing hardcore games with it, just VP. Here is what I have: GIGABYTE GA-H81M-H LGA1150 Intel H81 SATA 6Gb USB 3.0 Micro ATX Motherboard Will be getting an intel core I5 quad core processor My playfield monitor is an Insignia NS-40D510NA15 - 40" Class LED TV with the following specs: http://www.cnet.com/...e-led-tv/specs/ Can someone please recommend an express X16 GPU that won't break the bank but will give me decent playability? I did have my cab connected to my Dell XPS desktop using only the integrated graphics for all 3 monitors and It seemed to work fine for the most part. But not sure what I'm missing by not using a separate GPU for the playfield. The motherboard I ordered has display port, DVI, and HDMI but I would assume I should get a GPU for the playfield for better results?
  12. all set. excited to get my plunger kit and buttons and play my mean machine like a real one. Thanks Zeb.
  13. I will check that doc out. Thanks. for now, yes, only doing BG videos though will have some VP10 tables I will need to do table videos for once I get all the BG replacements done. A bunch of my BG videos include the stupid fake grill which I don't want. Most of my BGs don't have a grill since my cab has a real one w/ speakers. Thanks for the help. I will be in touch if other questions popup.
  14. link not working, but it's the Mot-Ion digital plunger. seems similar to Zebs for 80.00 vs 175.00 Just think that is rather steep but I want something that actually works too..
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