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    Philadlephia, PA
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    I'm the interactive director at a global advertising agency. One of my specific niche verticals is consumer electronics, and I've produced campaigns for Sony, Pioneer, Sharp, Savant, Crestron, and many others.

    I'm using my deep knowledge of the luxury home theater demographic to develop a high-end device platform — the LightPin cabinet.
  1. lightpin

    Beat Time ( Williams 1967)

  2. lightpin

    X-Men Pro (Stern 2012)

  3. lightpin

    The Rosve EM FS Collection

  4. lightpin


  5. lightpin

    Color Bleeding Of Chinese Rgb Panels

    "10 years electronics experience" *looks at circuit "schematics" being posted*
  6. lightpin

    Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

    (msg deleted, wrong thread)
  7. Good to hear, LC! I wish you the best of luck with your issues.