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  1. You said that we need to use older vbs scripts to get cactus canyon continued running but the link you gave to those scripts is dead, when I try opening ccc I get the game to run but when I try to start a game it looks like its searching for a ball and I think its because I might be using the wrong scripts and I was wondering if you had an updated link to them

    1. 1computertyler


      I think I was able to get the correct core.vbs and controller.vbs from Visual-Pinball-X-Standalone-EXE however I am still missing wms.vbs. now when I tried to open the table it asked me if it was dof and I didnt know so I tried saying no and when I press start after the game loads I got this error so I tried saying no and got the same error again 

  2. Thanks for trying to sort it out Rob - it's consistent here, just won't run at all with the JIT compiler flag set on both cabinets. I played a fair bit of Spider man tonight (PRO) version and didn't notice any issues with it disabled but I think you mentioned it was only for IRQ polling on the LE AUX stuff. Does raw CPU help in this instance or does the non JIT code not benefit from more host CPU cycles? - I might hold off the Win10 upgrade on the cabs and see if anything turns up with your testing - if it can't be reproduced at your end I'll bite the bullet or just see how it goes with the LE roms disabled which I'll test when @CarnyPriest builds a new VPM.
  3. I'll image my drive in cabinet #1 and upgrade to Windows 10 over the weekend and see how it goes. @DJRobX On the other topic of the LE colored roms currently not outputting AUX data until the timeout occurs, am I correct to assume that a new VPM will be required which has additional game specific hacks in it?
  4. @DJRobX - Something that may be of interest with the JIT option for colored ROMS. I get no issue on my Windows 10 dev PC with that option enabled in the registry however on both my cabs (Windows 7 64) the virtual DMD window will only load sometimes but VPX crashes every time it's run. If I disable Directb2s it loads without error on both cabs. If I run it with VPM as the controller and then quit and edit the script changing the controller to b2s (without quitting VPX) it will also run fine until it's quit and restarted completely.
  5. The virtual DMD for LCD screens is very cool - many thanks to you guys for your work here. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help with. Have it all working well with Spiderman however I noticed that the GI for Mustang LE and AUX lights now have to wait until the AUX board times out and starts blasting data before they come on. I think from memory Rob hacked in workarounds for this in previous version of VPM but now that the color roms use different address space does this require a different VPM build? This leads me to another question regarding the pallet files for WPC roms in which I as Rob described a few posts back see an orange score in preference to white (which I am assuming it is meant to be) - I think I might have missed a VPM release somewhere so wondered if someone could point me in the direction of the latest build. Thanks in advance. P.S The browser stream is very cool.
  6. This is my version of MET LE - I coincidentally finished it on the same night as I became aware of Mike's version. The version I had made used a sledge hammer in preference to the proper hammer seen in the video which I acquired from a free 3D model library but I pinched Mike's version and stuck it in mine. I don't plan to release this as Mike's version is already being worked on and plays great. I posted this video to show some friends what they'll be playing when they drop over next.
  7. Happy New Year folks. I can't reproduce the Mustang or TWD issues on my cabinet sorry Umpa so I have no idea what may be causing this. The solenoid calls are standard in the script so it's weird. I actually had an opportunity to cradle the ball in both games when the light show was going crazy (which in turn was thrashing two ledwiz boards and a serial LED strip controller and it never double triggered. Mike, I'm not sure if this is the cause of your crash but whilst playing Metallica LE I had a crash to desktop as well. I looked at my crash.txt and one of the faulting modules was an Nvidia dll on my cabinet (Cannot remember exactly which one). My drivers were a year old so I updated them and have not had an issue since. I looked at your crash.txt which doesn't mention anything but vpinballx.exe but might be worth trying a driver update if you haven't done one for a while. You may have already fixed this but that snake jaw mech on your LE Met (on the version I have) isn't working properly. It did my head in trying to figure out how that worked but there is no need to drop the invisible wall for the jaw when the ball hits it using a "hit" event. The solenoids for the mech should do that automatically. Here is the code below that seems to make it work as intended. Sub SolSnakeJaw(enabled) If enabled Then snakejawf.rotatetostart JawLatch.isdropped = 1 Controller.Switch(56) = 1 End If End Sub Sub SnakeJawLatch(enabled) If enabled Then JawLatch.isdropped = 0 snakejawf.rotatetoend Controller.Switch(56) = 0 End If End Sub Sub JawLatch_hit() PlaySound "Target" Controller.Switch(55) = 1 me.timerenabled = 1 End Sub Sub JawLatch_timer() Controller.Switch(55) = 0 me.timerenabled = 0 End Sub Take the event for switch 55 out of the entry currently in your table. Sub sw54_Hit:Controller.Switch(54) = 1:Playsound "kicker_enter_center":controller.Switch (55) = 1: End Sub Sub sw54_unHit:Controller.Switch(55) = 0: End Sub and comment out Sub JawLatch_Hit:JawLatch.isdropped = 1:playsound SoundFX("target",DOFContactors):controller.Switch(56) = 0:SnakeJawF.RotateToStart:End Sub When you then hit the jaw when it is closed, it should drop automatically.
  8. Cheers Rob, had a stick of ram die tonight so will install a new one tomorrow morning and upload an example. Stuck on my phone for the moment. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. Hey Rob, was just wondering if you could have a quick look at why the SAM gicallback routine doesn't seem to be passing data to the directb2s server. Here is the rom test from withing the b2s editor which seems to be seeing the callback on id1 however when a flasher or illumination element is created and assigned to GI1 in the editor it never illuminates. Thanks in advance man.
  10. This new .dll seems to bomb whenever I run a SAM rom - either from the table itself or the vpinmame setup prog. Reverted to prior version and all is well again.
  11. I have a WIP for TWDLE up on vpinball.com (Conversion of Fren's PRO table) - I thought I'd post it here as I can see some authors starting to convert it and I didn't want to double up on the same work. (Unless of course you want to make your own version). It's a couple of weeks out as it needs new mesh ramps and a couple of models and I'm in the middle of a work contract but all the mechs and RGB are in.
  12. Hi All, that STTNG bug has been around for a long time. Many reported success way back when in preventing the ROM reboot / freeze etc. by turning off anti aliasing for that ROM entry in the registry. I remember doing that but don't really play the game that much so can't confirm whether it worked or whether anti aliasing even does anything .
  13. Hi all, it doesn't appear to be your compiler Rob - the binaries above exhibit the same behavior. From within PinballX - solenoids are erratic in that they don't fire consistently and where flashers are specified with a color they get flashes of arbitrary colors mixed in with them. There are times too when flippers are held on that the relays driving them start to chatter. This is with 2 Ledwiz units and addressable LED strips. The board driving the strips was built by SwissLizard.
  14. Just reporting that the DOF build you supplied on the weekend "nomjr" has been flawless for about 10 hours worth of play.
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