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  1. I ordered mine in October 2017. I ordered a custom made frame and it took 6 weeks. Everything was perfect. I called him on the telefone number on his website and he answered all my questions. So, no problem at all.
  2. Thanks again! Also for the hint with the company logos. That's really cool! You guys really helped me out!
  3. I have a Pin2DMD and everything works fine with DMD tables. As I am also using B2S on my second monitor, non-DMD tables are showing the information on the B2S screen. The problem is, the same information is also diplayed on my Pin2DMD - it is alway activated. To disable DMD in the B2S options has not helped. My question is: What can I do, to deactivate Pin2DMD if scores are displayed on the B2S screen. Are there Pin2DMD install setting which I did wrong? I hope, that someone can help me!
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