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  1. Virtuapin legal troubles

    Looks like Virtuapin just got handed a default judgement against them to the tune of $155,000. This all stems from the Predator pinball fiasco. Ouch. https://images.pinside.com/c/c8/7e/cc87e910deab4ce1a5a1812007656c107c4c2947.pdf
  2. 3%3% I've been takling about building a table for awhile now, and I've finally decided to buckle down and do it. Don't expect this table to get done overnight P1 style, but I will make regular updates to this thread as I have them as well as a plethora of questions. I'm really hoping to bring this table to life and learn a bit in the process. Here is a quick snapshot of what I have done so far. It doesn't look like much, but I've only just started. View attachment: bh-wip1.JPG
  3. Virtuapin legal troubles

    It just keeps getting better and better. Virtuapin is now counter suing the attorney that is coming after him. In his countersuit he's claiming that the allegations made against him are hurting his business. His loss in business has nothing to do with him reassuring all the predator buyers that the license was legit, when it obviously wasn't. Here's the countersuit. It's a long one. https://images.pinside.com/2/4c/71/24c711be64b074d54aa049cee70c2342daf055f2.pdf
  4. Virtuapin legal troubles

    Well, Paul managed to get the default judgement set aside with the "My lawyer doesn't follow the rules, so don't blame me" defense. The case is still alive, and he will now have to defend his actions in court, which will be entertaining. Here's the audio of the court hearing that happened today..
  5. Virtuapin legal troubles

    Of course not.
  6. Virtuapin legal troubles

    It looks like Virtuapin is trying to get the default judgement thrown out. https://images.pinside.com/1/ef/9b/1ef9b54d1e7e68b700335764828ac07d31222f92.pdf The Trustee responded and ripped him a new one, which was amusing. #13 is interesting in that it is alleged that Virtuapin took multiple checks from Skit-B on the same day. IRS avoidance by depositing smaller amounts? https://images.pinside.com/c/fc/0f/cfc0fef61d04c74b5b5bda6c43c4c78f1fe4d340.pdf https://images.pinside.com/f/1c/02/f1c024479b8abae3f65d13191eeea708da2b6d3a.pdf
  7. Virtuapin legal troubles

    I don't know if he makes that much money on memberships. I gotta imagine that well is drying up. Kevin kept no receipts for anything, kept no emails on anything, and didn't even file for a business license. He handed out no W2's for "employees" aka friends, and even bought the house he's currently living in right before he tried to declare bankruptcy. Naturally he put it in his wife's name and pulled himself off any documentation. You can view all this information on the pinside thread here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-official-pinside-skit-b-predator-discussion Here are some of the allegations mentioning Virtuapin: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-official-pinside-skit-b-predator-discussion/page/252#post-3521164
  8. Virtuapin legal troubles

    No clue where it'll end up, but it is entertaining to watch.
  9. Virtuapin legal troubles

    Yeah, VPF is pretty much an advertisement website for Virtuapin. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  10. Virtuapin legal troubles

    That's some pretty serious money. I'm surprised he did a no show to the summons and ended up where he's at now. Maybe he didn't have an answer to the question "You were given $155,000 and you only produced a small handful of cabinets. What cost so much?"
  11. Tamfest 2016

    It was a blast. Great food, great friends and shitloads of pinball. Amazingly, I even survived Detroit.
  12. Very cool interview Mameman. Sounds like exciting things are happening.
  13. Vpcabs And Virtapin Myths And Truths

    The license in the end dictates whether you can or can't redistribute the software for commercial purposes. Your second highlight mentions the ability of restricting on how they can use the software. That doesn't have anything to do with whether they can sell it or not. There are many licenses that are considered open source. I'm fairly confident this would be an open and shut case, because the license specifically says "Redistributions may not be sold, nor may they be used in a commercial product or activity".
  14. Vpcabs And Virtapin Myths And Truths

    I didn't know this, but the Visual Pinball license forbids the redistribution under commercial activity. You can view the full license here: https://sourceforge.net/p/vpinball/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/txt/license.txt There are many open source licenses. This one is rather restrictive when it comes to commercial products.
  15. Vpcabs And Virtapin Myths And Truths

    I'm not sure I follow. Are people taking issue with VP being sold? I thought it was the tables that people had issue with.
  16. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/634-tribute-to-uw/page-3#entry61522 Brad is one of the good guys. It's too bad he's being vilified.
  17. If he's dumb enough to sell the cabs fully loaded with tables, with an investor like that, then it will of course fail. I imagine it will be loaded with licensed Zen tables and maybe have VP preloaded so you can install VP tables if you wanted. You've already shit all over mameman's thread by bringing this up. Might as well stick around now that you've stirred the hornet's nest.
  18. Congrats Brad. That looked way stressful. I probably would have crumpled under the pressure. You did awesome.
  19. I didn't see him trying to sell VP on the show. Looks like Zen, which he said he's licensing. Did you even watch the show? My guess is no. Funny how the VP world loves to eat it's own.
  20. Looks like the service was hanging. Fixed now.
  21. I like this LCD mod. I wonder how difficult it would be to mirror the pinmame display, so you could have it on the apron as well.
  22. Funny how the pinball industry is moving towards LCDs and the virtual world is moving towards DMDs. Nice cab btw.