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  1. This new "help me" scene is indeed fantastic ! And I'm happy to report that "everybody out of the sewers" now works just fine
  2. Looking very much forward to this, yet another great work !
  3. Excellent ! I played a bit and saw a bunch of cool color animations I didn't have before - "help me" worked in all instances so far, the bumpers animation triggered flawlessly, I didn't notice anything on the platenames and I got the colored building scene. What didn't work on my end was : "everybody out of the sewer" , Splinter, and the kiss scene between April and a turtle.
  4. Thanks again ! I tried several times, with the subfolder created, re-installing vpinmame with "external dmd" + "show dmd" ticked, and "create dump file" ticked in pin2dmd (I saved the config, then re-opened the executable and let the window in place...)... but nothing materialized despite playing several full games. I'll keep you posted if I can solve this.
  5. Thanks for the details ! Actually I'm a very bad player so I doubt I can provide much more than what you already have - this being said I've tried to create a dump file but nothing was generated.... I relied on an old tutorial which told me to install a specific vpinmame.dll and I created a dmddump folder inside the vpinmame folder, I looked into it and in c:\temp but there was nothing... Is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how to create dumps (or if it's quick enough can you tell me here) ? I grabbed the latest version and am happy to report seeing the "push start" and "you missed" pictures (a little bit washed out indeed). Cheers !
  6. Hello Malenko, I've downloaded your very latest files to test and report what works and what doesn't on my pincab. For reference I'm running Vpinball 10.6 with a pin2DMD (firmware 2.55) and I think freezy's 1.71 dll (I'm not aware if there’s an easy way to check 😕). I still see the following original animations in basic red dots , though it seems some of them should be replaced by your beautiful colorizations : - building scene - "oops missed" - "bummer dude" - "Help me" - Splinter - turtle showing the fingers - names of Michelangelo et Donatello - Looping lit - Use push button - "Everybody out of the sewers" So it seems that many keyframes still aren't triggering consistently. Also, the scene with the 4 turtles shells is flashing a bit weirdly, I get a mix of red and green on that one. However I did get at least one colored screen that I didn'thave before, the one with Shredder, and the intro sequence with the game logo/ colorized by Malenko is flawless here. Keep up the great work and let me know if I should upgrade to firmware 2.60 or test anything else with a different setup !
  7. Hi, thanks a lot for the great work ! Sadly I can only see a very small fraction of it for now on my pin2dmd, due to the key frame triggering issues you mention. Looking very much forward to the fixes ! Let us know if you need more videos or betatesting, happy to help.
  8. Amazing work !! thanks a lot for this, it does add a new level to this already great table !
  9. Looks great !! Same here, very interested for the vpin
  10. @lucky1 thanks for always being so reactive ! @Justanotherat and @Jodannar , I'm happy to report the issue is solved on my side and hopefully this will help you guys too : - so, now that I was sure to have the very latest version of everything (pinmame.dll, vpx beta, sambuild, pin2DMD firmware & software...) and I tried Lucky1's suggestion (setup tool in vpinmame), I realized that the roms were launching. I didn't have the right colors for all the roms though... So I did a bit of tinkering and found out that : - for T2, the files in the vpinmame/altcolor/t2_l8 folder must be renamed pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni (not pin2dmd_v.vni as I had assumed based on LW3 which worked with this filename) - same thing for afm_113b, after I ran setup and launched/closed VPinball once with the table, the colors were perfect ! - same thing for SF2 but you have to be sure you grabbed the right files (not the ones for real pinballs, they're in the "virtual pinball folder") A big thank you again to vbobrusev and Malenko and all the passionate guys who do these great colorizations !
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