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  1. firebrand007


    Hi, thanks a lot for the great work ! Sadly I can only see a very small fraction of it for now on my pin2dmd, due to the key frame triggering issues you mention. Looking very much forward to the fixes ! Let us know if you need more videos or betatesting, happy to help.
  2. firebrand007

    Star Wars

    Yay !! Thanks a million cb3, it's super cool !!!
  3. Amazing work !! thanks a lot for this, it does add a new level to this already great table !
  4. firebrand007

    Ripleys believe it or not

    Looks great !! Same here, very interested for the vpin
  5. @lucky1 thanks for always being so reactive ! @Justanotherat and @Jodannar , I'm happy to report the issue is solved on my side and hopefully this will help you guys too : - so, now that I was sure to have the very latest version of everything (pinmame.dll, vpx beta, sambuild, pin2DMD firmware & software...) and I tried Lucky1's suggestion (setup tool in vpinmame), I realized that the roms were launching. I didn't have the right colors for all the roms though... So I did a bit of tinkering and found out that : - for T2, the files in the vpinmame/altcolor/t2_l8 folder must be renamed pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni (not pin2dmd_v.vni as I had assumed based on LW3 which worked with this filename) - same thing for afm_113b, after I ran setup and launched/closed VPinball once with the table, the colors were perfect ! - same thing for SF2 but you have to be sure you grabbed the right files (not the ones for real pinballs, they're in the "virtual pinball folder") A big thank you again to vbobrusev and Malenko and all the passionate guys who do these great colorizations !
  6. Thanks a lot for this colorization, it looks awesome ! Unfortunately on my vpin it displays wrong colors so I certainly did something wrong. I put the folder containing both pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vpin in vpinmame/roms/altcolor/afm_113b/ I have « colorize dmd » enabled when I hit F1. Any suggestions on what I should try ? thanks a lot !
  7. firebrand007

    Pin2DMD no longer orange since firmware update ?

    Ah ! Good to know, thanks a lot again for taking the time to help ! I’ve done a bit more tweaking to have colors I really liked.
  8. firebrand007

    Pin2DMD no longer orange since firmware update ?

    Hey Lucky1, thanks a lot for the precision and glad it also helped you ShadowSHD ! I confirm it's much better indeed . What I don't understand is that the vpinmame default settings is not applied to all my tables, it looks like I will have to manually go into each table and tweak it one by one ?
  9. firebrand007

    Pin2DMD no longer orange since firmware update ?

    Just to add that I tried to change the default hues settings in vpinmame / setup default , and it's the same thing, it doesn't seem to save the settings... weird !! Any idea ?
  10. firebrand007

    Pin2DMD no longer orange since firmware update ?

    Good point, I just switched the dmddevice.dll in the vpinmame folder to the latest version obtained from your github , but it didn't change. I noticed that when I do F1 in a table and look at the hues, I have 10/238/120, 10/237/80 , 10/240/40 . When I try to switch to the classic settings (100% 66% 33% / hue 10 10 10 / sat 238 238 238 / lum 120 80 40), if I restart with F3 the settings are gone.
  11. Hi ! I wanted to play Terminator 2 and Lethal Weapon with Malenko's colorized DMD but sadly VPX crashes in both cases just after launching the table - I only get a glimpse of the T2 DMD and no DMD at all for LW. No error message either. As all the other colorized roms work fine (TWD, Spiderman Vault Edition, ACDC, etc etc) on my pincab I thought that maybe I needed to update the PIN2DMD firmware . After updating from 2.36 to 2.55, I realized that all my tables with basic orange DMD (100% 66% 33% / hue 10 10 10 / sat 238 238 238 / lum 120 80 40) were now displaying in a more reddish-orange color. I copied v 2.53 of the PIN2DMD software into my PIN2DMD folder but it didn't change anything. Do you have any idea where that comes from / what I could do to fix this ? Also, if by any chance you have suggestions for T2 & LW I'd be glad to hear them ! (they still don't work unfortunately) Thanks a lot !
  12. Hello, It's a great looking mod but sadly there is a technical issue preventing me from playing it : the table crashes when starting unless I decrease the level of details in VP settings. (playfield and backglass are displayed but not the dmd and everything is frozen for a minute or two before crashing). I used to have the same problem with an older version of Dozer's table but the current one runs fine, maybe he optimized something which didn't make it into your mod ? If you could find a fix it would be awesome ! Thanks a lot !
  13. firebrand007

    VP crash when launching colored roms directly

    Thanks a lot Karlson !!! That has also totally solved the issue for me on the various colored roms. cheers
  14. Hello , And first a big thanks to everyone involve in allowing us to benefit from colored roms, awesome work ! On my pincab I've had a weird issue to get them working unfortunately and would welcome any lead… I've successfully patched roms like Spiderman, Avengers, Mustang LE or Walking Dead LE, and can run them through Vpinmame test function. However the only way I can display them ingame is if I first launch the table without colorization, quit to editor, place or rename correctly the palette folder in vpinmame/altcolor, and then choose "play table". If I try to launch colored rom tables directly, VP launches and displays table/backglass/dmd but frozen, and crashes after a short moment. My config is Win7 64, vpx 10.2 , pin2dmd firmware 2.36 and latest dmddevice.dll, and the latest b2s server / vpinmame beta rev (2.9), same issue with vpinmame 2.8. The same crash issue seems to be happening with regular VP (old Avengers table) Could it be related to my dot net version (4.52) in any way ? Any other suggestion is most welcome !