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  1. How reliable are those power supply's ?
  2. Wow that's really nice, but you need a small powerplant just to power them. 8,64A max draw pr meter.
  3. When connecting more than one 5v line to the strip is this as easy as soldering a wire to the 5V tab and running it back to the power supply ? or do I need to cut the strips ?
  4. So will the leds consume 3.6A if all three leds(white light) per meter are activated at the same time? So if I want to use 5M with 300 leds that's 3.6Ax5=18A @ max draw.. I'm gonna use a Cooler master GM 750m power supply to power all my toys its rated at 3.3V 22A 5V 22A 12V 62A. So that will work right? And If not I have a 24V 6.5A I can use to power the contactors to get some of the load off the supply..
  5. @swisslizard please check your inbox
  6. Are you far from a release of your controller board swisslizzard?
  7. I like my contactors aswell Even if a real machine doesn't use contactors it feels/sounds a lot better than not having any feedback at all.
  8. I would really like to learn how to build/convert tables for vp10, so a detailed guide on how to recreate/convert tables to vp10 would be much appreciated
  9. I got zebs plunger and it works like a charm If you don't want a diy solution, Zebs is the way to go.
  10. Blashyrk

    Star Trek

    Stunning work fren looks like a blast to play
  11. Thanks for the answer
  12. I really hope you get to finish the tables, I did donate for you to get the balrog model but soon after you got the money you just disappeared.
  13. Hi, Is it possible to use more than 5 rgb flashers with dof? ie. One set of 5 in the back of the cabinet and 5 flashers on top of my backbox, I know you can wire them to the same ports but is there a way to get 10(or more) to work separately?
  14. Congo is one of my favorites aswell, hope someone will update it to vp10 along with Jack-bot
  15. Gives me a few months to win the lottery and buy a Metallica pin
  16. Love this table, it's now one of my favorites
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