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  1. When I saw your build pictures over at pinside I suddenly wanted illuminated buttons as well
  2. Thanks, and another question what kind of switch do you use?
  3. From what I have read people say that a Nvidia Gtx750 TI 2gb or higher should be sufficient.
  4. I used Arduino Ide, I get no errors during the programming so maybe it's ok.
  5. When I program the teensy with the Hex file i get a error when checking the verbose information log Error can't load ***********.elf .. there is no *.elf file included in the firmware download
  6. The led strip can consume up to 60mA pr led, so 144 leds x 5 meters = 720x0,06 = 43,2A if all leds are active(white)at the same time ,something that would not likely happen.
  7. Great work swisslizard I know you don't have a exact date when dof R3 will be released, but is there any possibility that you can add the support to R2? I appreciate all your hard work and dof is truly amazing.
  8. Hehe nothing less is acceptable
  9. What do i need to connect the led strips to the teensy ? I assume you bought the latest version of the teensy?(3.2)
  10. No vacation before you find a replacement for your board jk. Hope you get time to do some tests before you leave. Have a nice vacation swisslizard.
  11. Well I haven't thought about it, but griffindodd/maximus over at arcadecontrols was building a cabinet with side projection for the sideart but he canned the whole project. It was a cool thought but for it to look good you would need high resolution sideart and that will be a pita to get hold of.. Link to the project: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,130727.0.html
  12. I think zeb is the only one who knows the answer to your question
  13. Sounds great swisslizard could you give us some info on which products you are looking into ?
  14. I really want a Metallica Led pro or Le but it's way too expensive for me and I got no room for it, so I'll settle with the vp version guess it will be out of production at the end of this year. Sad that this is your last table.
  15. Do you have any videos with 60/m ? And are the copperplate necessary? copper is quite expensive.
  16. Nice work randr, how bright are the leds compared to the standard rgb flashers? Do you see spots after looking directly at it? I see you are hard at work updating tables
  17. That sounds like a lot of work,but how about making a tutorial so more people can contribute if they want to or just so people can modify their tables. I don't know how you do the table configuration or how much work is involved so I'm just sharing my thoughts.
  18. Yeah it's not going to be cheap, so I'll be going with 60 pr meter.
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