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  1. I have uninstalled all drivers, and when i plug the stm32 board back in windows detects 2 devices (two PIN2DMD) is this right?
  2. Well that option is not available with the vpinmame.dll I got from unclesash, but I tried the sam/unity vpinmame.dll and checked the use pindmd but got a error message
  3. Thanks to UncleSash I know have working drivers, but I can't get the displays to light up.. something must be wrong with my wiring Update: I now have the Pin2DMD Logo showing, but when I try to test a rom the DMD won't appear on the Led display.
  4. damn, still won't install the drivers for the Pin2DMD.. no drivers found when i point it to the usb_driver folder ...
  5. I'm having problems installing the Stm32 Virtual Com port driver, can't seem to find any drivers for it regarding the 16 pin connector, Does the red wire indicate port 1?
  6. Fantastic work lucky1 and steve45 I got my led panels yesterday and although I said that it was crucial that I got two 160x80mm panels they sent me two 160x160mm instead but the good news is that you can unscrew them from the frame and I got 4 led panels instead of 2
  7. I just ordered a 16 pin header and a bread board, my plan is just to solder the wires from the stm32 to the 16 pin header
  8. Thanks swisslizard, I'll try to wire it this way
  9. Will 18awg wire be safe to supply 5v to the leds? Or should I use even thicker wire?
  10. Ok thanks, so are the pin2dmd pcb for use with vpinmame and real pinball machines? Are you considering making a pcb for just vpinmame users?
  11. Parts ordered @Lucky1 did you get any colored roms over at pinside? Or do you have any clue how to get them? Are you going to sell the small pcb you are developing for this project ?
  12. Well I bought the plain pcb, and some cheap rgb leds and resistors from ebay so it's not that expensive
  13. I don't think the clear buttons are available in any other sizes, mjr did a writeup last year on rgb illuminated buttons and it looks like it works great, so I ordered these http://www.nicemite.com/LightmiteLB/LightmiteLB.htm
  14. Yes they do thanks for the pics Fren, but I have a problem since I drilled a 28mm hole through the cabinet I can't use the switch "brackets" with these shorter buttons.
  15. Looking good how bright are the led panel compared to a "real" led dmd ?
  16. Yes it very addictive, I would like a fire button on the Lockdown bar but the idea of drilling a hole in mine scares me, I don't want to damage the powdercoating, besides I can't find the button Stern uses anymore. Could you take a couple of pictures of how you mounted the ledstrips around the buttons?
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