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  1. Thats not the answer i was hoping for so to get rid of the problem i need new panels?
  2. What's causing this ? is it a timing issue,bad connection or something else? Updated to the latest firmware, and using rappelbox's pcb.
  3. When injecting power to the strips at different "points", do you connect the 5v and ground line from the previous strip or just the data line and then get 5v and ground from the psu?
  4. Randr could you please post some pictures of your addressable led setup?? How did you wire the ledstrips? And how you made the led matrix,how did you attach the tinted plexi, where did you route the wires and such? That would be much appreciated.
  5. @rappelbox I already got the card reader, so if you could just ship mine without that would be fine
  6. Nice i'm glad you found the issue, thanks swisslizard
  7. Metallica for vp isn't available for download until it's out of production
  8. I've got a wpc95 speaker panel replica and the dmd cutout is 13,5" x 3,5" (34,4cm x 9cm) will your frame fit ?
  9. I like the black acrylic frame even better if someone in europe can make them.
  10. I don't understand how it could be that expensive to ship, I have ordered bigger and heavier things from the states and did not pay that much. @rappelbox yes maybe do a group buy
  11. The frame looks great will this be available for us European's as well?
  12. Before I forget, If you have installed teensy drivers and you get two pin2dmd detected, in my case windows installed teensy (com port)drivers for the second pin2dmd device.
  13. Hey unclesash, are you guys making a frame for the rgb dmd? And will it be available for purchase?
  14. Blashyrk: 1x set 2 (Board assembled and tested) + shipping to Norway
  15. My DMD finally works UncleSash got to the root of the problems (libusb) and made a guide on how to fix it, so thank you so much UncleSash for your awesome help and determination...
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