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  1. How's it going Groni? Hope you got time for pinball soon.
  2. What is the benefit of upgrading to V2 ?
  3. Download this version by mjr, it does not share registry with the normal vp9.9 so you can have different nudge settings for each version. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=28313&page=4#entry277099
  4. @fren did you name the rom acd_168c? and do you have the latest vpinmame.dll from Lucky1?
  5. Awesome where do I find the vpinmame version ?
  6. Ahhh, you renamed them to shields. I thought maybe you were working on something to fix the dreaded green dots or to shield the pin2dmd from interference.
  7. @unclesash - What's this shield thingy you are working on?
  8. I'll post my cabinet.xml file tomorrow
  9. There's something fishy with my setup, I'm gonna hook up my 5 rgb flasher bar just so I can finish my cabinet and after a while come back to the addressable leds strips and see if I can get it to work. Thanks for your help swisslizard
  10. Ledstrip PF right - 60 leds direction front to back PF Back - 6*32 leds rows Bottom to top, columns with rows arranged right to left PF Left 60 leds - Direction Back to front <LedStrip> <Name>BackBoard</Name> <Width>32</Width> <Height>6</Height> <LedStripArrangement>LeftRightAlternateBottomUp</LedStripArrangement> <ColorOrder>GRB</ColorOrder> <FirstLedNumber>61</FirstLedNumber> <FadingCurveName>SwissLizardsLedCurve</FadingCurveName> <OutputControllerName>TeensyStripController</OutputControllerName> </LedStrip> <LedStrip> <Name>Sideboard Right</Name> <Width>1</Width> <Height>60</Height> <LedStripArrangement>BottomUpRightLeft</LedStripArrangement> <ColorOrder>GRB</ColorOrder> <FirstLedNumber>1</FirstLedNumber> <FadingCurveName>SwissLizardsLedCurve</FadingCurveName> <OutputControllerName>TeensyStripController</OutputControllerName> </LedStrip> <LedStrip> <Name>Sideboard Left</Name> <Width>1</Width> <Height>60</Height> <LedStripArrangement>TopDownLeftRight</LedStripArrangement> <ColorOrder>GRB</ColorOrder> <FirstLedNumber>312</FirstLedNumber> <FadingCurveName>SwissLizardsLedCurve</FadingCurveName> <OutputControllerName>TeensyStripController</OutputControllerName> </LedStrip>
  11. Thanks swisslizard, I got the ledstrips to actually turn on but they light up in the wrong place .. In the cabinet xml when you define first led number i'm not sure how calculate it.. Ive got 60 leds on each side and 192 (32x6) on the backboard.. I have connected the right side strip to the teensy controller
  12. Hello, I'm having problems with my ledstrip controller, I think i did the configuration right but it won't work, I have setup a global config and the configs get loaded. I check the dof log and i says : Warning: Direct Strip Controller with number 1 not found. Device manager shows Teensy USB serial (Com8) is correctly installed (flashedwith hex file form swiss) do i need more drivers?
  13. But if i switch to a solid color it gets much better, still some random led lit but not as bad
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