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  1. Thanks I'll try the latest dmddevice.dll and hope it fixes the flickering/blinking issue with my pin2dmd
  2. Thanks, sorry to ask but where do I download the latest dmddevice.dll?
  3. Suddenly colored roms stopped working on my system as well, and now my pin2dmd flickers like crazy when starting the rom, The pin2dmd displays the pin2dmd logo without any problems, but when running the rom it flickers all the time are my panels or "driver" board f'ed ? I have tried to reinstall and even a clean install but it still flickers.
  4. I use pin2dmd, ahh I didn't activate the colorize option, I'll try again tomorrow, thanks lucky1
  5. I am trying to get the color rom for metallica to work, I made a folder named altcolor/mtl_164c/ in vpinmame dir. and i renamed my mtl_164.dat to pin2dmd.pal and put it in the mtl_164c folder, but it's not working, Am I doing it right ?
  6. Win 7 freshly installed and I tried Carny's build (2.45D) I'm still getting the same error
  7. I'm going to format and reinstall windows to see if that helps
  8. Still the same error I'm using vpinmame_sam2.45 build posted in this thread
  9. well I give up, can't get it to work with the new vpinmame. Tried to reinstall the pin2dmd,changing driver with zadig, older version of vpinmame.dll,, placing it in the windows\system32 dir. Reinstalled my usb drivers, updated my bios, still it won't work..
  10. I haven't installed any virus protection, but does the dates matter?
  11. I just downloaded it again from your first post and overwrote the file, that's why the dates don't match
  12. I have tried that, still the same error. here's my vpinmame and dmddevice,dll files : https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsltchj90xgcwcp/VPinMame.rar?dl=0
  13. Yes I tried to run setup as admin. Here's my vpinmame directory
  14. No luck with the pindmd2 version, I'm running 32bit vpinmame, I also tried to test a ROM through setup and I get the same error
  15. Tried pindmd2, i have unblocked all the dll's Pin2dmd.exe works, i can change colors etc I have tired all the "new" vpinmame.dll's also.. It still gives me the same error
  16. Can't get my pin2dmd to work with the latest vpinmame, I also get the "no dmd device driver found" error, I placed the dmddevice.dll and libusbk.dll in my vpinmame folder. Tried to change the driver to winusb but no luck I'm running the latest pin2dmd firmware, OS: Windows 7 64bit
  17. Well I don't think you'll see Sterns ghostbusters recreated in vpx anytime soon, the SPIKE system isn't emulated yet, and I don't think it will be for a while.
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