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  1. No i can't see the Rom Name of the 24, ACDC, Avengers, etc. only of Austin Powers, Sopranos and other older tables. I copied all files in the correct Folders. But nothing has changed in the VPinMame test.
  2. One Thing seems to be funny, I downloaded and installed Vpinmame from this side, uninstalled the vpinmame from the other side. Nothing changed. I still only see the romfiles of my older tables in my tester.
  3. Ok, i downloaded VPinMame from this site. I'll deinstall vpinmame from the other site and install from this site and i hope the newer tables will work, too.
  4. I'm not sure, i think i downloaded VPinMame from the older other site, where you only get the older tables. That is the mistake, why I can't Play the newer tables. And that's it, why I don't see the romfiles of the newer tables in my tester, i think. When i download VPinMame from this site, and install it, do i lose older tables, or are they still playable?
  5. I don't have the "Old VPinMame" Folder. But I'm afraid, to have to install all my tables from beginning, when i sort the Folders like you have sorted them in your Computer and that is a lot of work to do, l think.
  6. I've the visual pinball Folder, when i open it, it Shows the Folders which you have in your vpinmame Folder: artwork, cfg, doc, hi, ini, inp, installpics, memcard, nvram, roms, samples, scripts, snap, sta, tables, user, VPinMAMETest, wave. I see that's it, why the newer tables, like the 24, Transformers, Avengers... do not work, right? I wonder, why my older tables, like Scared Stiff, Star Wars Data East or Ripleys believe it or not are working.
  7. I changed the paths back, because my older tables didn't run. i've now: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\roms C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\cfg C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\nvram C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\samples C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\snap When i Change the paths my older downloaded tables, like No Fear, Scared Stiff, ect. won't run.
  8. Ok i was in the global Settings and changed the paths to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\roms C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\cfg C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\nvram C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\samples C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\snap But i have vpinmame Version 2.5 and you have 2.6. Does it work on vpinmame 2.5, too? Or do i have the 2.6 Version? The VPinMame was in all These paths missing.
  9. Ok. But how do you get this file into to the tester? Does it have the same Name in the tester, too? Or do I have to patch something? I don't find that file in my romtester. I have done, what you said to me. But it doesn't work.
  10. I downloaded the Desktop Version of the 24 table of Stern. The Name of the roms are: twenty4_130.zip, twenty4_140.zip, twenty4_144.zip and twenty4_150.zip. Are the names of the roms wrong? When yes, what names do they have to have? I have no idea. :-(
  11. Yes I downloaded the roms and put them in my Rom Folder. And the other files: bass.dll in the visual pinball Folder, sam.vbs in the scribts Folder and vpinmame.dll in vpinmame Folder. But nothing has changed. The tester Shows me still the roms of the older tables.
  12. What files for example do you overwrite? I unblocked the file you meant and i always see the Rom files of the older tables in the tester. I put the files in those Folders, you said, but still no Ironman, Transformers, Avengers, etc.
  13. Ok, thank you, but do I have to unstinstall vpinmame and install again? I don't want to download my older pinball tables, what i just have, again. Thank you for your help :-) PS: I downloaded the 24 table, but i can't Play it.
  14. Hello, I downloaded this file and copied it into the tables Folder first, mame tester still doesn't Show Rom files of Transformers or Ironman. Then I copied the file into the Scrips Folder and still the same like before.
  15. Hi I can't find the newer Stern Pinball Tables Rom files in my mame tester, like Ironman or Transformers. Only for the older tables, like High Roller Casino, Austin Powers, etc. My vpinmame Version is 2.5. Who can help? Thanks PS: I Play The Desktop tables
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