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  1. A couple of diagrams that I hope will help display the setup options. I believe Rob is using the 7.1 surround, while I am using the "multi-amp" setup from my previous "non-VPXsurround" PMD....
  2. Now there's an interesting question... what will my cab sound like when I play a VP9 table? I've not tested that, as I never play anything but VPX these days, but I will test that now.
  3. If anyone is interested in a bit of read, you can see the full development thread of PMD (Poor Man's DOF) at Aussie Arcade Please note however: The parts shopping list at the front of the thread may change a little thanks to Rob's awesome VPX mod, as we should now be able to use a true 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound Amp, instead of 2 x 2.1 amps. So please keep that in mind as Rob's VPX Surround develops. Also Note: Those users who are currently running PMD with the 2 x 2.1 amps, do not need to change amps, as they will continue to work by simply plugging each into a separate port on the computer's surround sound card. (Of course if your sound card is stereo only, then you will need to upgrade that to support surround. (...and thankfully that's cheap and eazy-peezy)
  4. I was thinking that it's time to reach out to table authors and offer them a PMD sound modded version of one of their own tables for perusal. But since discussing the grid/object positioning method with you Rob, I will hold off and see what you can make of it. To get table authors onboard and implementing surround sound into their creations from the get go, I think it would be wise that it be developed as much as possible, so that the requirement for table upgrades is minimised. Not only for the author, but for the end user as well. Let's take a mature product to market and blow peoples socks off.
  5. Awesome toxie I'm one of those who has requested sound control a number of times, so I can't thank you enough for it's inclusion. I've been testing this with Rob using my PMD (Poor Man's DOF) system and as good as my PMD was, this is a game changer! The example I have been using to describe how good it is, is the Martian Attack in AFM. I can now feel and hear four martians and even with my eyes closed, I know exactly where they are and which ones have dropped out when hit.
  6. I've been testing some tables today with my PMD installation and it's just brilliant Rob. I really hope this makes its way to the official release and that table authors start using the power that this offers. To have the AudioFade(ActiveBall) in the scripts (where applicable) from the get go would be excellent. Then users need only tweak the remaining sound positioning to their liking using the SoundManager.
    Excellent! I love these static toppers with animated lighting effects.
    AWESOME!!!!! .... Simply AWESOME!!
  7. One of my favourite toppers. Awesome thanks!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Designed for 1920 x 1080 partially submerged topper screen.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A collection of over 100 Virtual Topper images, designed for a 1920x1080 partially hidden topper screen.. Samples:
  10. I can't go there at all. "The times, they are a changin" and too many VPX releases are now rewriting the book.
  11. Did you set the VPX exe to Run as Administrator and leave compatibility mode unchecked?
  12. I'm very keen to see this advance and have made a pledge.
  13. I don't even have to think about this... Attack From Mars ! Pretty much from Day 1 it has remained my 'go to' table on VP and now that I have tweaked FP's Physics's and flippers to play in a "similar" way to VP, it's my 'go to' on FP as well.