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  1. So I have located the source code for version 2.86 provided by Lucky1 Here:https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/releases/tag/v2.68 , But unfortunately, I cannot find any information on how to make that into a BIN file to put on my Pin2dmd. I currently have version 3.05 on it, which works with Luckys .dll, but not with the Freezy .dll. Can anyone provide me with either a 2.67 or 2.68 BIN or .UPD file? Thank you. I just opened the zip file and found the .UPD file in side... so Nevermind... Thanks anyway
  2. No...I think the balls spinning in the Tortuga spinner are due to not enough slope on the playfield. The post is down. If I have 2 balls in that spinner, they will stay in there spinning for an untold amount of time. If I have 3,they will stay in for about a minute at most, then 1 ball will fall out and the other 2 will continue to spin. If I manage to put a fourth ball in there while 3 are spinning, the 4th never stays in more than about 5 seconds. the collisions move it out. I have not tried changing the slope, but I think it will fix it. BTW> I have the walled table listed as "Kids Version" in Pinball X , My wife says it is like bowling with the lane bumpers out. I have the (mostly) fixed version in the menu as well. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving..
  3. Thank you! I was able to remove the outlane blocks and adjust the lighting. Now it plays like it should, other than having the ball get stuck in the Tortuga spinner....but I can usually nudge it out of there... Awesome table...Really deserves praise.
  4. Thanks for a great table!...I love being able to play and get the highest score.....even with one hand behind my back! Seriously though, have you had a chance to upload the table with the wall and posts removed, plus the other little bugs? I really love this table and appreciate your hard work. I wish I could do some of these. Also, is there any way to turn up the playfiled general illumination? Table is a bit dark...
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