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  1. No...I think the balls spinning in the Tortuga spinner are due to not enough slope on the playfield. The post is down. If I have 2 balls in that spinner, they will stay in there spinning for an untold amount of time. If I have 3,they will stay in for about a minute at most, then 1 ball will fall out and the other 2 will continue to spin. If I manage to put a fourth ball in there while 3 are spinning, the 4th never stays in more than about 5 seconds. the collisions move it out. I have not tried changing the slope, but I think it will fix it. BTW> I have the walled table listed as "Kids Version" in Pinball X , My wife says it is like bowling with the lane bumpers out. I have the (mostly) fixed version in the menu as well. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving..
  2. Thank you! I was able to remove the outlane blocks and adjust the lighting. Now it plays like it should, other than having the ball get stuck in the Tortuga spinner....but I can usually nudge it out of there... Awesome table...Really deserves praise.
  3. Thanks for a great table!...I love being able to play and get the highest score.....even with one hand behind my back! Seriously though, have you had a chance to upload the table with the wall and posts removed, plus the other little bugs? I really love this table and appreciate your hard work. I wish I could do some of these. Also, is there any way to turn up the playfiled general illumination? Table is a bit dark...
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