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  1. Sounds like y axle is off maybe? Try to hold both flipper buttons in for like 5 seconds, that will reset the calibration. That did help for my PinControl1 at least
  2. Perfectly clear and understandable. Thanks for the quick reply mate.
  3. Is it possible to change the standard "Pin2DMD image"? I want to make a custom animation or still that is visible when my system boots, replacing the standard image, just for the looks.
  4. My experience, the smaller (1gb or so) the better. See also Uncle Sash's manual (Pin2DMD Installation - micro SD Card test 11-29-2015)
  5. A guide that really helped me a lot was the 'pinball electrical 101' guide on the hyperspin-fe.com forums. That's a really good starting point. And don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any! Most cabinet building topics are on the hyperspin Pin forum and vpforums. I learned a lot from other peoples mistakes (and my own ​)
  6. I'll be following your build. Prepare for a timesucking, hairpulling, muffled-shouting experience that will be very rewarding in the end. Do you plan on a full deck-out, including contactors, plunger, knocker, shaker etc? The space that you have below your playfield screen seems very very tight. Good luck!!
  7. I'm not sure, but why would you want that? That would make all your LED's, Toys, Backlight useless. Heck, you can just use a cardboard box with two buttons on the side as a cabinet, since you won't see anything except the screen taped to your head. Anyway maybe ask in the BAM section on the 'other' site, maybe the maker of BAM can pitch in.
  8. The flashers are the RGB lights that you see in the VP cabs. Most people put them on a bar in the back of the cab, behind the screen (under the backbox). If you have a "3 Flasher setup", there are 3 RGB leds on that bar (evenly spaced obviously), with the 5 flasher setup, there are 5 RGB leds. Below a (Zeb's) 5 flasher bar as an example. Just be careful how to distribute the led's on the differents ports on the ledwiz. Each bank (8 ports) has a maximum output of 500mA if I recall correctly. Always make sure to put a fuse between the ports and the devices, to prevent a LedWiz bbq. Also for the RGB leds you can use a cheap Mini Led amplifier, that way it hardly puts any load on the banks.
  9. I just removed both panels and cut the existing frame in half with an fine iron saw. Works perfect. after that I joined both halves with some square steel corner irons. No access to camera right now but i'll make a pic later. Works perfect. Little crude maybe but It's invisable behind a speakerpanel / backglass anyways. The discovery board also attached with some PCB standoffs The pics (as requested by Kiwi)
  10. Thanks for the package Rappel. All well received and working! Score now bright n shiny
  11. Nice dude! Like the Tmolding around the backbox.
  12. Nice job man! I like the red / chrome look. You really pulled it off. The KNEXX IR cap is a winner also. Hope BAM will be for VPX one day, that would rock!
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