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  1. Krakerman

    Fireball ][ By Bally

    How bout a Fireball II? I know there was a desktop version but what about a Fullscreen version.
  2. Very nice indeed! Only issue I am having is the dmd won't save it's position.
  3. The ramp on the left ... the green plastic flickers on and off when the yellow light on the top left flashes.
  4. I know of a UVP version but is there a DirectB2S version of this backglass?
  5. Krakerman

    Pincab Big Guns (Williams 1987) Fs

    Excellent table! Good Job
  6. Krakerman

    Airborne Avenger (Atari 1977)

    This table needs to be re-done.
  7. Krakerman

    Superman (Atari 1979)

    That was fast man! Thanks a bunch for this one. Looks and plays awesome!