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  1. You may want to try reinstalling the Rom, re-test in Pinmame, as it should work right out of the box with the launch button. No movement could be rom or settings related. If you haven't modified the script and run as-is from the get go, start a game, then F3 to restart pinmame, and see if the cannon moves in startup. See what graphic settings are in Visual Pinball Physmod 5 menu(video settings). I run this just fine with WindowsXP 32bit, Intel Quad Core CPU, 2 gig Vid Card, and 4GB of ram. I have my video set at 2048 depending on the table, stutter free. And of course, don't get discouraged, even some of our top authors have complications and consult the forums. Keep at it, and good luck.
  2. Are you using the Ball Launch button for the cannon fire? What type of Operating system are you using? 32bit, 64bit? Need a bit more info to help you.
  3. *RESOLVED MY OWN ISSUE* Simply reloaded the updated vbs scripts set in the tables folder, and most all problems resolved instantly. Also proved my system was ready for a quad core cpu, already using a 2GB GPU card, and 4GB ram, with the dual core there was chop on a few games ball movements. An occasional sound stutter was also observed on more graphically intense newer games. Moving upwards to a standalone PM5 configuration next. The new tables you guys are developing are just killer!!! Need Metallica now!!!
  4. *RESOLVED** Sometimes we tend to overthink things when configuring tables. The simple solution was to dump my vbs scripts and reload the updated versions I thought I did already in the tables folder, and like magic-- no more ball errors. Core.vbs was outdated, as were a few others. *Great tip unclewilly, should have thought of that myself and it was easily overlooked. Charlie
  5. UNCLEWILLY-How can I adjust this? This happens on quite a few tables I have. Thought maybe its because I'm using VP9.9 and I know some tables have to be tweaked a bit. I don't mind modding scripts, but I have a nice blend of over 150 tables ranging from early 70's to the current SAMs. Any help is appreciated, as I am kind of banging my head on the wall with this. Its usually the "Set CurrentBall(cnt) = aKicker.Createsizedball(bsize) line in the script that is redlined.
  6. Yes, same folder. I may try to just reload them in the folder, delete them and then reload them. Not sure why otherwise.
  7. I've noticed in the script a line regarding over riding vbs core with another ball type message. I am using the 3.43 vbs scripts. Is there another Core script I missed somewhere?
  8. To clarify my post...the example from the table I had this issue with first was Creature From the Black Lagoon, VP9 Version 1.1 by unclewilley. It errors out at line 1376 with the message: Variable is undefined:'bsize'. This also happens on many other tables I have. Is this a compatibility issue with using VP 9.9 exe on tables created with other versions previous? Is there a "CNT" akicker adjustment in the script that can be made to resolve?
  9. Weird.....tables load up normal, coin up fine, and then VP9.9 crashes with an error message with "Can't create ball" upon startup of a game? Anyone know what causes this? Seems to happen more frequently I've noticed with the newer scripts being used with B2B collision scripts. Is there a tweak so XP Pro users can get by this? Does not seem to happen in Windows 7 or 8. Any help is appreciated.
  10. 85vett, your work is astounding. Please help with a error I keep getting on most of the PM5 tables of current release. I continually get this error message of "Cant Create Ball" every time I start to play a new PM5 table, seems like a common problem with all my new Physmod5 tables. Is there a setting I've missed, or something I can adjust within the script to fix this? I have all the latest SAM tables (Transformers, Ironman, Dark Knight, etc.) that play fine without issues in VP9.9X, trouble is evident whether I try to play them within Hyperpin or directly from VP. My system is well within spec, and I'm sure its a simple script adjustment on my part, but not sure how or what. Help please!! I have wiped NVRAM and done all the usual tricks we know, with no change.
  11. Same problems here. Any resolution as of yet? I have attempted to make some adjustments with no change. Let me know your findings. Charlie
  12. Hey GTX **RESOLVED** Lost a core in my cpu. Old faithful finally got a overhaul. New CPU's do wonders. As do used. I am still running a dual core, 4MB ram, and 1GB GPU. All my SAM tables are nearly flawless. I have to document all my tweaks, as its evident, you DO NOT NEED a supercharged system to run these tables with big screens at HD quality. (2 Monitor system b.t.w.) I will be more challenged though with the current PM5's I have started configuring. The new Indiana Jones and believe it or not ACDC are still causing me headaches. Keep up the great work brother!!! Looking forward to Metallica!! Being a retired rock drummer from the 80's, music makes the game on the newer tables I have played. Especially good old driving hard rock and metal. Interested in a Manowar original table creation project to collaborate on? Black Wind Fire and Steel. Great title for the pin, and great song. Keep up the efforts my friend!! Cheers from Cleveland!!
  13. Hey GTX, its says Contact Friction as suspected, I am going to make the flip to strictly a PM5 exe and see what it says after restarting Hyperpin. It does the same in VP out of Hyperpin as well as far as a freeze up. I had a similar issue with Avengers but managed to tweak it a bit with VP 9.9.
  14. Just started configuring some SAM tables, after using VP and HyperPin for a few years and ran into this interesting issue last night. I have the current releases for the Sam vbs, Unity dll, Physmod5, running VPinMAME 2.6, and after the table attract starts(pretty quickly), and the game is started, its almost frozen and wont play, but the ROM is running fine and no script errors show. Any thoughts? Seems to be global with all my SAM Stern titles in both Hyperpin and Physmod5 alone. ACDC specifically is calling for SAM.VBS version 3.38 or higher? Could this be the issue with the others as well? maybe a conflict of PinMAME and VP version usage? Help please!
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