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  1. Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    my favorite is... AL Don't you think I want to get a haircut, Peg? Do you think I like fat guys in granny glasses asking me if I like the new "Dead" album? But I'm trying to make a statement here. I'm saying let's not let the barber disappear. God knows they've taken everything else away from us in the so-called name of progress. They take the pinball machines and give you video games. What do I care if a monkey can make it to the top of a building? Unless he's going up there to throw off his wife - doesn't matter to me. I want flippers. I want steel balls. And I want my barber, damnit.
  2. Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    i like many but the gayest (as in happy) should be cactus jack....