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  1. Thanks. Changed "zzz" to "nudge_test"
  2. First and most important .. Thanks for a fantastic tool that has already delivered many hours enjoyment. Until rather recently there was a table on the DOF Configtool site that was call zzz. It was very useful for creating DOF entries for tables that are not in the list. It also had a detailed candidate configuration although not made public since it was specific to my cabinet. Is it possible to restore this? The tables I was using it for are Central Park and Nova and was looking to use it again for Galaxy Play (CIC) . BTW ... The link on the DOF Configtool home page to report bugs is broken. Yes, in the scheme of things the above is really a minor issue and adding the table entries would also solve the issue. However, it would be useful to have a "Test" entry that could be used before an entry is provided (e.g. during table development). Thanks and Happy New Year.
    Thanks. Appreciate the vibrant colors and refined animations. Nice enhancement for a fantastic table.
  3. Thanks, appreciate the innovation (and hi-rez) as well. STV - The image issue can be fixed by lowering the grill height in the B2S Backglass Designer tool..
    The detail in this backglass accentuates what a treat the Hi-Rez versions provide. Thank you for this and the many others. It just keeps getting better.
    Awesome. Thanks. Lighting compliments and intensifies the art.
  4. Thanks. Makes a nice wheel image.
  5. Thanks for all the excellent work being done here. Just a heads up ... the DOF config tool will need to have rom entries added when using the latest versions of VPinMAME (im for Ironman, xmn fo X-men, and avs for The Avengers). Although tough to follow at times ( most times), the results produced are very much appreciated.
  6. Sweet. It looks better than what I've seen on most machines. Thank you.
  7. Please add entries for Williams' Argosy table (B2SName="Argosy") & Sonic's Propector table (B2STableName="Prospector_1977") to the DOF Configtool. I will set up private configurations and submit for public consideration. Thanks for all your efforts and feedback. If it is more convenient for you, a couple of blank placeholder table entries could be added (e.g. Test and/or Play) with similar ROM names. These could be used with private configurations while people decide if they really want the table or how they want it to function. Just a thought, the current system already works well for me.
  8. Thanks Wildman for yet another B2S backglass and looking forward to the potential of more based on BGs from kanario40. On the continuous and alternate ... it is a feature that allows, after selecting start game for the first player, the entry of the 2 key (usually the extra ball button) that when additional players are added will change from going through each player ball by ball to allowing each player to play all their balls. There is a description in english in the Rules section of the Table Information (thanks Destruk) in the table file. However, the backglass isn't presently set up to support it. Since I too was curious, I modified Wildman's version of the B2S backglass file that will support it along with some other minor light additions. If someone points me to the appropriate post or rules, I will attempt to make my modified version available. For those wishing to make their own changes the ROM ID for altrernate is 31 and the ROM ID for continuous is 27. There are also four small circular lights on the left side of the table apron (white, red, green, green). The left green one lights for alternate (default) and the right green one lights when continuous is active. Once selected continuous stays active for that multiplayer session. So you can test the feature out without modifying the backglass.
  9. Please add an entry for Playmatic's Attack table (ROM name - attack) to the DOF Configtool. I will set up a private configuration (using the latest techniques this time) and submit for public consideration. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  10. Using your sample scripts as a guide I put together a config and table script changes to support some DOF effects for Nautilus. They work but the DOF ini files must be updated each time I refresh. Would you add nautilus to the Configtool? I can provide a private configuration and submit it for public review and I will post the modified table on the vpforum once I work through the mechanics (this is my first post). Thank you for creating and supporting such a great tool that has already delivered many hours of enjoyment. Happy holidays.
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