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  1. Thank you! I used to own the real deal and it was a mega fun pinball machine!
  2. Thanks for the help! Adding dmddevice.dll for pinDMDv2 in my vpinmame directory fixed the error with VPM 2.8. Playing TWD LE in all its glory on my cabinet now!
  3. Hey guys, I have updated all the files on page 1 posted here and am getting this VPINMAME error just as the TWD LE table launches. “No DMD device driver found”. Same error for any table in VP9 or 10. So no DMD is launching. I have updated to VPM 2.8. When I revert back to the old VPM dll file 2.7 everything works fine with non LE tables in VP10. Any suggestions on what to try next?
  4. Thanks Joe, awesome mod of a very slick recreation of the STPRO Stern pinball. Lots of fun to play dude, thanks so much!. PS. The plunger on this mod works great on Vette's table. How easy is it to apply this plunger code to Vette's Met Pro release?
  5. Here is the modified cleland twd_156 rom with the voice of the actors from the show, uploaded right from my cab so it has been tested as working! https://mega.nz/#!ydYUTC7b!x55KKNc1RxNpgx53jiPXd8ZWwMeCN4wsz5r3Pbw3_uU
  6. Hey Joe, thanks for the quick response. I deleted the fh_l9.nv file with similar results. I actually went back to my Funhouse 9.9 version and it's doing the same thing! This may be Vpinmame issue as I have the latest release installed. I will go back to older version and test later today. Update: I played around with the PM5 version on my test computer and it worked fine. So after resetting a few things via F6 (dips) I just changed over to the bootleg rom - fh_l9b.zip - and upon resetting to factory resets on bootup and it is now working fine? Not sure what the issue was it appears to be some sort of corruption with the original fh_l9 rom.
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