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  1. Nicht nur die grossartige reochestrierte PinSound-Version, sondern auch eine DMD- Coloration! Wow!
  2. That’s kind of you! It’s only a suggestion to improve the appearance...
  3. On the first pic (mission spring break), the ground would look better in sand color or partly green for grass. I think the people are running on the beach. The robot on the second pic is the one from TZ. I‘ve found a good pic how it looks in color: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/twilight-zone-invader/sid6905 I think the worker in front of the crane should have a different top - as far as I know workers in the usa have neon yellow or red safety jackets.
  4. I almost missed this. Man, I‘m waiting for this for ages...
  5. It's great that there are separate sections but the structure THAT unclear and almost impossible to find anything with the search option...
  6. I always wonder how fast you are! I think I'll do a Roadshow dump so that you can start your magic soon!
  7. Really really great work! You are very talented!! I'm still waiting for the Roadshow colorization ...
  8. In my opinion if there would be a converter of some kind so that a user could download the colordmd file from official site and convert it for personal purposes only, I don't think this would be a problem, wouldn't it? Just thinking about the possibility...
  9. Any progress with ROM controlled coil strength in Capcom games?
  10. I just tried to comment out the single line but it does not do anything here. So it does not work. When starting a table, the screen goes black, then the VPX table is shown - but as soon as this happens, HP is brought back to the top again. No idea why. Some tables work (but they worked before the script change, too): when starting a table, the screen goes black, then the VPX table is shown, then HP is brought back to the top - but right a second after that, the VPX table is brought back to the top again. That happens always at the same tables (like Scared Stiff or Medieval Madness), on e.g. Bad Cats HP stays on top and I have to Alt-Tab. Any idea?
  11. That's also my opinion. HP is more elegat and I'm used to it. I have PBX installed on my cab too, but I'm not using it. The most disturbing thing is that I always have to wait 6 seconds to exit. Why 6 seconds?? I only want 2 or 3 seconds, why can't this be manually set??? And the wheel is moving way too fast, so fast that I can not see where it moved until I stopped pressing the button. And why can't the flyer be shown? I hope that HP will be updated some day!?
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