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  1. In my opinion if there would be a converter of some kind so that a user could download the colordmd file from official site and convert it for personal purposes only, I don't think this would be a problem, wouldn't it? Just thinking about the possibility...
  2. ClarkKent

    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Any progress with ROM controlled coil strength in Capcom games?
  3. ClarkKent

    PBX to HP conversion app

    yes, of course!
  4. ClarkKent

    PBX to HP conversion app

    I just tried to comment out the single line but it does not do anything here. So it does not work. When starting a table, the screen goes black, then the VPX table is shown - but as soon as this happens, HP is brought back to the top again. No idea why. Some tables work (but they worked before the script change, too): when starting a table, the screen goes black, then the VPX table is shown, then HP is brought back to the top - but right a second after that, the VPX table is brought back to the top again. That happens always at the same tables (like Scared Stiff or Medieval Madness), on e.g. Bad Cats HP stays on top and I have to Alt-Tab. Any idea?
  5. ClarkKent

    PBX to HP conversion app

    That's also my opinion. HP is more elegat and I'm used to it. I have PBX installed on my cab too, but I'm not using it. The most disturbing thing is that I always have to wait 6 seconds to exit. Why 6 seconds?? I only want 2 or 3 seconds, why can't this be manually set??? And the wheel is moving way too fast, so fast that I can not see where it moved until I stopped pressing the button. And why can't the flyer be shown? I hope that HP will be updated some day!?
  6. ClarkKent

    PBX to HP conversion app

    I'm already starting HP as administrator, that does not do anything here unfortunately, That the "Hold to exit 1..2..3 " message is over HP and not the table is not so important for me but it should focus the table and not HP otherwise I need to keep my keyboard in reach... VPX is running more fluidly here when using the exclusive fullscreen mode - that's the reason why I would like to keep it that way. But the focus thing is driving me crazy! If you have any knowledge how to modify the FPLaunch ahk script, please help! I would like to give it a try!
  7. ClarkKent

    PBX to HP conversion app

    I'm also using HP as I do not like PX, and because I'm very much used to it. I only have one single problem at the moment: I noticed that the exclusive fullscreen mode of VPX gives me some extra performance with absolutely fluid ball movement in every situation. But now HP is loosing focus when starting a table: the screen goes black, shortly displays the VPX table when it has been started, but immediately switches back to HP. I have to ALT-TAB back to the table. Does not happen with all tables but with many. And it only happens with the exclusive fullscreen mode, does not happen in windowed fullscreen mode. Any solution for this behavior?
  8. Hi, I had done the work to switch the flashers to modulated solenoids, then I found your updated table after.   Here's a script that merges your changes with mine:


    I went over to VPinball.com to see if there were any updates, because the balls were getting stuck constantly in the plexiglass on Bodydump's table.    I grabbed your update and it plays fantastic!  I can also see you put a lot of work into the sounds which I appreciate a lot since I don't have all the fancy DOF toys (just a loud speaker inside my cab).


    1. DJRobX


      I meant to write this as a private message.   I don't see any way to edit or undo it, hopefully you see it.  

  9. The wheel stops fast but not abrupt. There is always are very short slowing down before it stops. I think you should strike a balance - the old behavior just felt more natural. Make the slowing down shorter and I can live with it...
  10. The wheel in NGG stops too fast now. It's like a sudden stop. I think it should come to a stop more fluid, maybe just faster than in the last version but not a sudden stop. Somehow it looks unnatural at the moment, moved more natural last time.
  11. Does PROC also work on Pin2DMD? How?
  12. Thank you! Unfortunately my french is veeeeery rusty. The ingliiisch translation is terrible!
  13. Many thanx! Are new samples also in there? Is there a complete install manual how to install all necessary things for CCC?
  14. I just found this thread so a quick question: where to download the DMD and Audio bits for CCC?