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  1. I've tried this and the gun is always messed up as soon as I start the game. I've tried deleting nvram, reinstalling the table...etc but always the gun is messed up. When I first started the game the gun is rotating and always stops misaligned to the wire ramp, so the ball never will lock in the gun...any ideas?
  2. I would think the i3 @3.8ghz should be good.I'd like to go i5 but funds won't support it. I will get vpx installed on my current cab and see how it runs. Any new "advances in nudge sensing? I know there were a few boards but they never worked right, and some used mercury switches. I currently am using tilt bobs but would like an analog type nudge. I've heard of a freescale/freestyle? Avr board with some pincade software, is this a good affordable analog method?
  3. I have been out of the hobby for a bit, and just recently got back in, noticed vp 10 is out and looking awesome!i have a cab, which is a 2 screen mini size running an overclocked amd x2 555 @ 3.4ghz, gtx 560, 4 gb ram. Havent installed any vpx tables yet, looking at doing a fresh reinstall of everything first. Is pinballx better than hyperpin? I know its updated more, but is there any reason to switch? Is it easier? Another question, is my current system in need of an upgrade for vpx? I am working on a full size cab and may upgrade when thats complete, but i can always reuse my system if i upgrade now. I was thinking if i need too upgrade, my thoughts were an i3 4160 with 8gb ram and a gtx960. Are amd cards still shunned for VP or have the issues been resolved? Sorta on a budget so i5 and the like are a no go. Was even considering pentium g3258 and overclocking it. But wasnt sure if the i3 w/ 2cores 4threads would be better.
  4. If you could please post the instructions for old flipper settings, it would be greatly apreciated! I have a hell of a time hitting the ramp with the current settings!
  5. As far as anti cards go....I've wanted to try one as it seems a few people have great results, but also seems that more than a few have issues. I'd like to test myself but I always end up with nvidia due to the local PC store having great refurb prices on nvidia cards. I bought 2 nvidia reference gtx560ti's for $126.00 with one year warranty! Cards were refurbished and warrantied by nvidia. The PC shop does occasionally get refurb 660ti in for around 200$ but always sell out before I can grab one.
  6. A real DMD is something I'm planning for in the future...just not in the cards in the near future. I've read on various tech forums of people getting both onboard and pcie GPUs to work same time on the same chipset as mine, and w/ same bios, so I'm hopefull I can do it with my board. I tried unlocking to an x4, it unlocked but was not stable at all at any speed. I've got a budget board so that maybe the issue. I'm going to try enabling both GPUs (onboard and discrete) this weekend. I will update my findings. Fingers crossed! My other option is to use my 24" rotated and go two screen, but that will make for a pretty slim back glass image, so its a last resort. Sucks doing this kind of hobby on virtually no budget! 3 kids and a wife that was unemployed for over 2 years puts a cramp in free spending! But I look at as a challenge and am just happy I have what I have already...but she finally found part-time work...so eventually I will upgrade!
  7. I'm in the process of building a new cab, its going to be inbetween a standard and widebody in size. 40-42" PF, 21" 4:3 BG monitor, and 17" LCD/DMD. I'm reusing as much as I can from my mini pin and spare parts bin to save $$$. I will be using my current pin pc - and phenom x2 560 o/c to 3.9ghz, Asus Matx mobo, 4gb ram and gtx560ti o/c to gtx570 speed. I currently am running 2 monitors, new cab is 3 screen. I am going to try using onboard GPU (anti hd4250) for 1 or 2 screens and use the 560 for pf. If this doesn't work, my other option is to buy a gtx650ti boost or 660. Will either of these cards run all 3 monitors with good performance? My mobo only has 1 pci-ex16 slot so two cards isn't an option. The 560ti is running everything great, the 650boost is equal to or slightly faster than 560, but not sure if it can handle 3screens without stuttering. Hopefully I can enable onboard in conjunction with nvidia GPU...the mobo manual isn't too clear on this...trial and error will tell I guess.
  8. Unfortunately I do realize that I'm going to have to take the lesser of two evils when going with what I have. But it'll only be temporary for a year or so until I can get a 30" or so back box LCD and DMD. My thoughts are between the two I may go with the 20" 5x4. I will frame around it with some art. It'd be nice to go as authentic as possible but right now with our current economic situation I'm just happy to have something! Plus I can always upgrade little by little. I may go with the idea of a smaller back box and then build a new one later for a bigger monitor, or I may build it "modular" so I can just swap out a few pieces to make it wider. Thanks for the input!
  9. Thanks. I will give this a try. I'm in the process of building another cab (full size this time) so I may bench this mod til the new cab is done.
  10. So that means no backglass for my cab while using BAM? Hmmmm.....not sure if its a good trade off for me. Maybe I will try some olderdrivers before I decide.
  11. I recently got a ps3 can for BAM...got everything working but when I'm using ps3 cam or simple cam modes I get a lot of graphic artifacts when the table shifts. Any reason for this? I thought maybe my settings may not be correct...not sure though....
  12. So i reformatted today, everything is working fine finally. Had issues w/ the current 314 driver and had to rollback to 306. Only issue is that under video options in VP is that my playfield monitor only doesnt have a 32bit option! Under my windows properties its showing 32bit. Everything looks fine though. But so far so good.
  13. I am going to start a full size cab project soon. As usual I'm going to be on a tight budget since my wife is still unemployed. So that bding said, this build will probably go in stages over the next 10 months or so. I have a mini cab now which will be used for the majority of parts, legs, pc, buttons, ipac, etc. Now i am planning on a 2 monitor w/ a pindmd added in the future. I would like to reuse as much as i can from my mini. I have 2 monitors in it, 24" 16x9 and a 20.1" 5x4. Which one would be better to use as a backglass in my new project? Im planning on a 37"- 40" PF in the new cab, all dependant on if i can find a gutted cab, or if build one. I am leaning towards the 5x4 20" and plan on just adding a bezel around it w/ some artwork. I feel like the 24" 16x9 being only 12" in height would look a little funny. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  14. Cool. I'm running a gtx560ti, 3 gb ram and a AMD x2 560 overclocked from 3.3 to 3.9. I think i will upgrade to 7 then. It'll come in handy if i ever get a SSD since 7 has trim support. Not to mention ability to run newer drivers. No issues w/ Future Pinball either? What current nvidia driver is working best?
  15. I was thinking of doing afresh installs of my OS on my cab, and thought of going with Win7 instead of XP. Any reason not to? It runs fine now, but i thought it would be nice to run with video drivers that aren't a year old! So is there any reason to stay w/ xp? Any benefits to upgrading to W7?
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