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  1. Hi Lucky1. Works great thank you - only one issue - pygame.display.iconify() hides both the virtual DMD and the table itself when running in exclusive fullscreen mode. I've just commented out this line and set the virtual DMD to render offscreen in user_settings.yaml to fix the issue. Cheers Rob
  2. Kai, I had the same issue, you have RBG panels rather than RGB. From Lucky1 - Just search for RBG in Lucky's ep_desktop_pygame file, remove the comment # in the 6 pixel mappings and comment out the RGB mappings above. You may need to restart vpx after making the change for it to register the change. Cheers Rob
  3. Hi Lucky1, Thanks for letting me know - having a few issues with the turtles rom colorisation and wasn't sure whether it was due to me not having the latest firmware. Cheers Rob
  4. Hi Lucky1, Any chance of uploading bin and dfu files of the v2.57 firmware for the discovery board. I don't have a spare microsd card to update the firmware Cheers Rob
  5. Hi Malenko, Have been doing some testing of the color rom files with the recently released vpx table. I'm using a PIN2DMD with Freezy 1.7.1. **Update 2 - You may want to ignore below - I'm running v2.55 firmware on the PIN2DMD and I've seen there's a v2.57 been released. I've asked Lucky1 to upload the latest files as the only version available at the moment requires a microsd card to update and I don't have a spare one to hand. Will keep you posted when I get a chance to update to latest firmware. Will leave the information here until I can test** Unfortunately all your redraw work does not appear to be displaying. The only full height 32 pixel image I've seen is during the attract mode when the 4 turtles appear on screen (see post #11). A lot of the animations such as the buildings and save April just show the original animations in red (not the scenes from the video game). There is also some issue with the colorisation in the attract mode (PLAY ME! is half whit half green), although stuff like the high scores seems to be colorised correctly. I've attached some photos to hopefully help (they're a little washed o ut). Thanks for all your hard work on this, hopefully I can help in some way in resolving this. *Update - Have just randomly seen your full height TMNT logo after finishing a game and going back to attract mode*
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