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  1. This movie was one of my childhood favorites! Thx for the conversion!
  2. Thanks randr! That's exactly what I was looking for.... Worked like a champ! You guys are awesome.
  3. Thanks guys. I actually bought new resistors. The Cree XM-Ls at 350mA are WAY to bright. Hard to see the playfield. I used the new resistors to get them down to 200mA and they are perfect. In the meantime I ordered a Bare Bones Booster from Zeb. For the time being, i'm running 6 x 200mA legs on the LedWiz for bank 1 until the booster gets in. Even at 1.2As on the LEDWiz bank the heatsink still never gets hot. But now I want a shaker/gear motor. The fun never ends.
  4. It seems that the coin in button (mapped on my IPAC as the "5" key") adds a credit on Stern pinball games but also fires the knocker. Doesn't doing it on any Bally/Midway/Data East game just Stern/ I found that the "7" key adds credit without the knocker sound only on Stern. The "5" key adds credits fine with no knocker on all the others. Anybody know how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Anybody know how to split a RGB across 3 LedWiz banks? I wanted to get the 3 RGB LEDs of Flasher 5 - Right to split across LedWiz Bank 1,2,3 to keep 2 RGBs off one whole bank. The DOF tool groups them together in sequence I'm using 350mA Cree LEDs and don't want to overdrive the 1A max per bank stated in the LedWiz install doc. Is everyone else running 2 different 350mA RGB legs on one LedWiz bank without overdriving it?
  6. I have a new Williams knocker I need to install in my DIY cab. I assume that you mount it near the top corner of the backbox against the side wall and fire it straight up to the separate knocker plate on the top? (i.e up and down) Does anyone know the distance the end of the knocker pin should be from the plate? Thanks a ton! Can't wait to use it!
  7. Good news. So if you can run mix voltages in each bank then I could theoretically "spread" the RGB ground legs across all the banks and also add in the ground leg for the 24 volt siemens contactors under the same bank with LEDs? The contactors measured to draw less current than the RGBs. Didn't see that coming. I was looking at others wiring diagrams and saw most people were loading them up as well. So power all toys from their required voltage power source, coonect the ground leg of all toys to the LedWiz "output" and leave the "voltage bank selection" ports open. That's including 500mA fuses on all LedWiz output connections, using iN4007 diodes on all coils, and tying power supply grounds together with LEDWiz main ground. Got it. Thanks gtxjoe!
  8. So I'm a noob here but have been following for months. I have built a new cab and am ready to hook up the Led Wiz for the Force Feedback phase. My question is the Led Wiz doc says each bank of 8 has a max of 1 Amp total. I have 5 CREE XM-L RGB LEDs at 5volts, 8 Siemens 24 Volt Contactors and a 24v relay to drive the 24vdc Williams knocker. Since I have split voltages, (5v and 24v), I understand I going to have to wire 2 banks at 5 volts and the other 2 banks at 24v and "sink" them appropriately to each output. I used 8.2 Ohm (Red) + 5.6 Ohm (B,G,W) resistors for each CREE LED leg to give me ~320 mA for each LED color.(I measured with DMM to verify) Since I'm going to have to stack 8 CREE legs on each bank (to make all this fit), the simple math says I'm going to overload the 1 Amp max. I realize that not each leg is going to be driven at each time so I might be safe. Am I correct? Thanks for the input. This project is fascinating!
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