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  1. comments: - at91jit disabled is slower than enabled, so only disable it if you experience issues like crashes - brute-force 4xSSAA is demanding on the GPU only, and as the name implies it does work in a sole brute force manner, thus it's up to ~4x slower for the GPU performance itself (usually though its much less)
  2. And it's in, including the old branches..
  3. Sounds awesome, have to try this with my own cab, too, "soon".. Currently short on time, but will merge your changes ASAP..
  4. So it is already in the version 1.0 of WCS94?
  5. @DJRobX: I just merged some of your changes into both VP9.9.X and VP9PM5, could you please look at it again AND test on your surround setup?
  6. Hmmm.. That's true, yes, as this is how the data storage works. But still we would have to increase the file version, as otherwise the loader would not know what to do. I would then go for the solution that leave everything as is, except for the actual sound driver code and sound dialog.
  7. hmmm.. actually its not that simple, also i don't really like that the saved files will be incompatible then.. :/ this could lead to some confusion if authors use the new variant with surround but ppl still have the original VP9/VP9PM5 exes on their machines and are paranoid to (not) update.. @DJRobX: You think you could tailor something inbetween for these versions? Like not touching the table data (e.g. no surround then) but just pimping the sound dialog and direct sound part?
  8. Have added @arngrim 's and @DJRobX 's additional stuff to the default table. Thanks guys!
  9. Agreed (in principle), but some tables do still only exist on VP9, and if it helps to build a consistent setup and would be easy to merge over (which i think it is), then why not?
  10. Thanks for the additional explanations.. I also wanted to post something and then forgot about it again.. :/ I'll also try backporting your changes to VP9.9 and PM5, just so that one could use the same sound setup/settings. Or do you think this is unnecessary?
  11. Actually now i wonder why nobody else came up with that idea before. It's so simple to add this to each table element! But the simple ideas are always the best ones (and the hardest to come up with ;))
  12. And done.. This will be revolutionary if all tables would use this at some point!
  13. So you gonna make a new patch that features this? Forget about it, now i get it, This is of course already possible! Will add this to the default table then..
  14. ..and it's in now.. Thanks!