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  1. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    exactly.. kingpin 1.06 actually never existed, so the info that was around on the net was simply wrong, as it's 1.05..
  2. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    This one is special in a way, that's why (for now!) we decided to include that one: It was made by destruk, and it was made without pinball browser (to my knowledge).
  3. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Thanks a lot carny for keeping track of all of this!
  4. *ping*ing old thread, simply because the idea and proof of concept was so awesome.. somebody feels like following up on this? cause it feels like the only sane way to achieve this, as PinMAME would otherwise need to have fully fledged x86 emulation on board (e.g. highly unlikely short term)..
  5. in theory the bass dlls are backwards compatible so using it with older vp versions should be fine.. the difference is just that this is a newer dll version, but no functional differences or improvements triggered by this..
  6. Not yet.. Unless you already use the VPX 10.5 beta..
  7. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    that's actually nothing new.. the current 3.1 beta mainly just fixes a bug that was always there since the first release that supported alternate sound packages like the pinsound ones..
  8. Next time, please somebody shoot me a PM if something needs to make it into an official release.. There is simply too much going on, even when using notifications, that i miss this kind of stuff nowadays..
  9. As DJRobX seems to have missed the upload, i'll take care now..
  10. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    Thanks.. That's something i learned from 'real life' software development actually.. It makes life much easier for all parties involved..
  11. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    It will only potentially cause trouble if using sound mode 1, as everything else is not using BASS. btw: Please test the 'new' official SAM support (which is also included in the releases here from rev 4398 onwards!) carefully and compare to some of the older builds (like 1 month old or so). Cause i did some cleanups and minor improvements, etc and might have broken something without noticing. Thanks!!
  12. comments: - at91jit disabled is slower than enabled, so only disable it if you experience issues like crashes - brute-force 4xSSAA is demanding on the GPU only, and as the name implies it does work in a sole brute force manner, thus it's up to ~4x slower for the GPU performance itself (usually though its much less)
  13. And it's in, including the old branches..
  14. Sounds awesome, have to try this with my own cab, too, "soon".. Currently short on time, but will merge your changes ASAP..
  15. So it is already in the version 1.0 of WCS94?