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  1. Nowadays 44100 or 48000 shouldn't make a difference anymore as we use high quality resampling anyway in both cases. Same goes for the soundcard. So i would suggest 48000 (which is also the default). 96kHz is IMHO overkill and also not tested very well.
  2. In PinMAME it's actually flagged as BAD_DUMP, that's why.. It's the best we have so far..
  3. Yup.. According to the original designer of the game this is supposed to be the correct naming for that version..
  4. maybe you need a new firmware, too? https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/firmware
  5. This behavior will be changed with the next installer. But at the moment it also only overwrites if the already existing nvrams are older than the one in the installer.
  6. unknown: http://www.planetarypinball.com/mm5/Williams/tech/roms/gilligan.html
  7. This is the complete list: Implement 'fast flips' support for some S.A.M. games: Recommended table implementation is to use direct/fast flipper flips when solenoid 33 is on, but to respond to the standard flipper solenoids when 33 is off (acd_168h, acd_170, acd_170h, avr_200, avs_170, bbh_170, bdk_294, csi_240, fg_1200, ij4_210, im_183ve, mt_145h, mtl_170h, nba_802, potc_600, rsn_110h, shr_141, smanve_101, st_161h, tf_180, tf_180h, trn_174h, twd_160, twd_160h, twenty4_150, wof_500, wpt_140a, xmn_151h) Implement proper 'fast flips' support for some WPC-S games: Still uses solenoid 31 (WHO Dunnit) Implement 'fast flips' support for most WPC-95 games: Takes over solenoid 31, so is compatible with the existing VP core scribts UseSolenoids=2 implementation (Attack from Mars, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Congo, Fish Tales, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Go(l)fers, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights) Implement 'fast flips' support for most Whitestar games: Uses solenoid 15 (apollo13, austin, Dale Jr., Elvis, godzilla, Grand Prix, harl_a30, hirolcas, id4, jplstw22, Lord of the Rings, lostspc, monopoly, NASCAR, nfl, playboys, rctycn, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, shrkysht, simpprty, Sopranos, spacejam, sprk_103, startrp2, strikext, strxt_uk, swtril43, term3, twst_405, vipr_102, xfiles) Implement 'fast flips' support for most Capcom games: Uses solenoid 51 (abv106, bbb109, bsv103, ffv104, Kingpin, Pinball Magic) st_162(h) would have to be added by @DJRobX
  8. do you have more details so that i could repro?
  9. Filenames within the zip should not matter. That would be weird.
  10. The one that is current is this one: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/blob/master/integration/pinmame/dmddevice.dll And that is also the one that is included with PinMAME currently. Freezy: IMHO not, but i'm also completely not up-to-date when it comes to all the external DMD stuff. :/
  11. One more thing: The dmddevice.dll that you have in your PinMAME directory, where does it come from and which date/size has it?
  12. Could be related to the dmddevice.dll that @lucky1 ships himself. But the other crash from the SAM thread that you were experiencing is fixed, right? Did the new crash that you're bringing up here happen with older version, too, or is this now something new with the newest release only?
  13. I just fixed a potential crash with that new code, but of course not sure if this is the one you're experiencing..
  14. @lucky1 This must be a sideeffect due to your patch (rev 4624)?! All other revisions in that range are harmless.
  15. Yes, please continue carny.. I also don't check VPU as often (as i should ;)), so it's good that you track all the things here, etc..
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