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  1. you put forward a very compelling case...I'll have to give it a go
  2. thanks, I'll have a look at pinbally. what advantages does it have over pinballx?
  3. cool, i just messaged @lucky1 I'm still using PinballX (for now), I'll just record the videos like i used to. thanks for your help and yes, I've got some updating to do. I'm getting there, I've updated pinmame, vpx, the pin2dmd, installed pupplayer with stranger things and harry potter. where are all the new stern tables and other tables hiding? I found GB but Beatles and WOZ are hiding
  4. I've just updated my pin2dmd and now it's not registered I can't find the key, is unclesash still the person to contact?
  5. thank you, I've certainly got some work to do
  6. Hi, I've not touched my pincab config in 5 years or so and have just started to get back into it. Man have things changed over the last few years! My pin2dmd is running the first firmware that was released, do i need to update it to enable the colourised stuff? and if so, can someone point me to a guide? Also, there doesn't seem to be sections for playfield and backglass video downloads any longer, or have they moved? thanks
  7. they can be loaded with the new setdmd, just set the file association for .dmc files to setdmd and you can open up to 15 files at a time. highlight 15 .dmc files in windows explorer, press enter and it'll open 15 sessions of setdmd, rinse and repeat for all of the files, you can do the whole folder and then close the 300 or so sessions of setdmd without any ill affects. but you'll probably need to edit your registry first, to enable colourizsing of the dmd for all tables. export your registry, change all instances of "dmd_colorize"=dword:00000000 to "dmd_colorize"=dword:00000001 save, and import the registry
  8. Switching cables gives the same result unfortunately. I might have a bad panel from the look of it
  9. All of a sudden i have a patch of leds that are stuck permanently on yellow. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
  10. perfect, cheers edit: turns out my smallest micro sd card (4GB) doesn't work, I've ordered a 1GB card from Ebay. In the mean time I've created Amber .dmc files for all of my games using the settings above with a ahk script. I've got 305 Amber .dmc files if anyone wants them, they are here
  11. is there a way to make this the default colour for the tables with no .dmc file loaded?
  12. donated, thanks for the great work
  13. I saw in one of the other threads that people were looking to make frames to hold the 2 led segments, please post any ideas or designs here so they don't get lost within the other threads.
  14. do you have NudgePlugIn.vbs in your tables folder? renaming this file got rid of the error for me, the file is calling for nudge.mp3 and tilt.mp3
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