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  1. Been working on building a VP cabinet from scratch on-and-off for about 2 years now, and it's been a comedy of errors most of the time as I've never done anything of the sort before! So far I've been able to recover from each of my missteps one way or another ... today though I think I've hit the one that I can't. Today I attached my side rails. Nervous that it seemed to be a one-chance process, I did some practice runs first without removing the protective backing over the glue strip along the back - I concluded I should be able to position the rails correctly by holding them out at an angle from the cabinet, resting the top lip of the rail on the plastic glass slide, and then rotating the rail down to press flush to the side of the cabinet. However when I removed the glue backing and did it for real it somehow didn't work out like the practice runs, with the rails sitting above the glass slide by 3-4 mms 😕 My lockdown bar now doesn't seem to want to lock in place no matter how I try, and I can only assume it's because of the additional height of the rail. I tried to see if I could lift a rail off by prising it gently so that I could reposition it, but that glue strip is too darn strong so I can't see it coming off without damaging the rail or the cabinet decal or both. Any VPU'ers here had any experience with this kind of thing? I'm hoping there's something I can do to rescue my situation without buying more rails and decals and starting over again 😞 Any suggestions would be very welcome please!
  2. All working I didn't have another microUSB cable to try, and I tried every USB port with no success. In the end I uninstalled all software/drivers for the Discovery and PIN2DMD boards, and also unplugged my Pinscape board in case that was interfering. Eventually I was able to get ST-Link working properly and upgraded the Discovery firmware, then reinstalled the v2.55 firmware through ST-Link, and finally was able to activate PIN2DMD again. Thank you so much for your assistance lucky1 I understand PIN2DMD better now so I think I can keep myself out of trouble in future!
  3. Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you meant! I get it now I still have it, so I'll give it another try. Maybe using a different computer will make a difference. Ahhh I see. And alright I'll do that again (I tried swapping things around yesterday) and hope it works this time. Thanks again.
  4. Understood. But your site explains how to update PIN2DMD firmware using either ST-Link or DfuSE ... both instructions say to connect the miniUSB, but every resource I looked at online says the DfuSE method uses microUSB instead and this was also what I found necessary when updating using DfuSE. Ah okay. I did note I had a MB997D board which was a candidate for the ST-Link firmware update. However because I'm not able to make ST-Link connect to the device at all, I don't believe I can apply this update. I'll probably just need to leave both USB cable connected all the time. A bad physical connection? Like a problem with the USB cable? Thank you for your advice on all this lucky1!
  5. Thanks for confirming lucky1. After a lot of extra reading on the ST site and searching for videos on youtube I managed to get the firmware updated using DfuSE. I believe the DfuSE instructions on pin2dmd.com are wrong because one of the steps says "4) Connect the controller board to the PC using a mini-USB cable", but it needed to be the micro-USB cable connected. As recommended in the instructions I downloaded the zip of the latest firmware (v2.55), but now that it has installed I have two new weird things happening ... First is that the DMD no longer boots with only the micro-USB cable connected like it used to. i have to plug both the micro and mini USB connectors in together otherwise the Discovery card doesn't boot at all. No idea what that's about! Second is that the PIN2DMD is reporting it is not activated and keeps showing the serial number. When I run the latest version of PIN2DMD.EXE that I can find (v2.53 which comes in the zip with firmware v2.55) - with my activation key file in the same folder with the executable - it fails and shows "Error: Firmware version not supported! Please upgrade!" I'm honestly wishing now that I'd never started trying to upgrade this...
  6. I reached the same conclusion I assume "DFU mode" means the instructions for using the DfuSE Utility? I'll look at this tonight and see how I go. Thanks for you assistance lucky1
  7. No, when I plug and unplug the mini USB then Device Manager does not change at all. If I plug/unplug the micro USB then a new "PIN2DMD" entry appears/disappears in Device Manage under "libusb-win32 devices".
  8. That posted a lot larger than I realised! LED 1 (top left) is blinking red on and off. And in that photo LED 7 wasn't lit for some reason, although it's on and green when I look at the board right now.
  9. Don't worry, as they get older and more independent you do get more of your time back. But the attitude and rebeliousness goes through the roof, and you start looking fondly back on the days when they were predictable and did as they were asked! The ST board lights up (LEDs 1, 2, 5, 7 and 8) when it's connected with the mini USB plug. However nothing changes in Device Manager, and Windows doesn't make any sound to indicate it's detected new hardware. I don't know what name the board should have in Device Manager so that I can try uninstalling it (or pointing the device to the correct drivers which is the suggestion in the manual). I'll get in touch with the seller I bought the assembled board from and see if he can give me any clues He might have set the board in a custom configuration that I need to change - like moving a jumper or something.
  10. Hmmm... I'm doing the cable swap thing, so maybe it's a hardware problem after all for me Bad luck with the SATA drivers lol ... back when my kids were babies and I was getting hardly any sleep I similarly screwed up my OS twice in a month and had to go through all the fun of reinstalling Cheers for confirming anyway, hope your cab is all up and running again
  11. Hi lucky1 I'm following the instructions on pin2dmd.com, so yes ... I unplugged the micro USB and plugged in the mini USB on the opposite side instead. When I installed the ST-Link software it also installed an old version of their USB drivers. When ST-Link couldn't detect the card I downloaded a newer version of the drivers (the "STSW-LINK009" download from http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/development-tools/software-development-tools/stm32-software-development-tools/stm32-utilities/stsw-link009.html) and installed those but with the same result. i also tried uninstalling both versions and installing only the newer ones, but the card is never detected. You suggested to benird that he must uninstall the device in Device Manager and it should then look for drivers next time it's detected. However I don't see any ST device in Device Manager to remove I'm starting to think my card has failed
  12. Did you have any success with this in the end @benird? I'm trying to update my PIN2DMD firmware (same device as you, bought from OzStick) and for the life of me I simply cannot make the ST-Link software see the Discovery card
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