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  1. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    thank you guys very much for your help on all of this!!
  2. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Lucky thank you again for your help. I do feel I still have an issue that may be hardware related. Should the dmd be doing this color blinking on animations? It happens on almost all roms.
  3. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Lucky1 - i first want to say thank you very much for helping me troubleshoot this!!!j When I disable colorize and put in a full red value for 100% I did get a red palette and it was just different shades of red throughout the gameplay.
  4. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Yes i was able to get it to show only shades of orange if i changed to colorize and put in custom values for all 4. I do not have an SD card inserted.
  5. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    if you run the wcs_l2 rom do you get all orange/yellow and not blue or gray?
  6. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    i changed the four colors and was getting different results yes. One thing i was trying to do was to use the menu and options button on my shield to see if there was a reset or something on there and it doesn't cycle through a menu or anything for me. Don't know if that is a problem or not.
  7. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    OK here is what i did. I did a fresh install of windows. Installed vpx using the all in one installer Told it to add support for PIN2DMD ran everything as admin and used the WCS from monsterbashpin. Still get the light blue/gray coloring. Grabbed new dmddevice.dll from lucky's github and put it in the pinmame folder same light blue/gray coloring I am quite sad at this point and running out of ideas on how to fix this besides using an LCD for my DMD which i don't want to do.
  8. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    i just did a fresh install of VPX4 and told it to only add the pin2dmd support. I didn't update pinmame and i am still getting the same colors
  9. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    is it something with dmdext?
  10. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Lucky1 - the 4 different colors in pinmame are set like the picture in the first post. I haven't changed them at all. I just went through and put the dmddevice.dll from github into the pinmame/PIN2DMD folder and in the pinmame folder. After doing this and unchecking use colorization i still get the same results.
  11. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    When I choose colorized and I don’t have an altcolors folder with a rom specific palette this is what I get.
  12. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    I will check later tonight. When i did add the altcolors yesterday and tell it to colorize i did get just orange and yellow so it definitely changed the palette.
  13. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Here is my image that i get.
  14. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    Thank you for the reply. I have unchecked the use of virtual DMD and only had the external checked. I also removed the altcolor folder all together and i still get the same result :(.
  15. PIN2DMD unwanted coloring help!!

    All, I am using a PIN2DMD with the v3 shield. I have flashed the latest firmware as of 3/18/2018. I have a fresh install of windows, virtual pinball, pinmame 3.0 sam build, dmdext. When I run tables such as South Park or World Cup Soccer as my testing tables the virtual dmd shows the video exactly as the tables were built and function (I have a neighbor with World Cup Soccer that we are comparing with), but the PIN2DMD is adding a light blue/gray tint to some things like the coin in the insert coin animation and in the high score scroll through on south park. I have attached the images below to show my settings and to see if anyone can help me stop this from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!