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  1. Okay I have done a tutorial on HOW I DID IT. There are other ways. It has all the files on the post. http://vpinball.com/forums/topic/pin2dmd-with-ccc-proc-vpx-how-i-got-it-working-in-pbx-2/
  2. My Walking dead LE VPX is still having problems. Played a game stand alone and it seemed to work fine. Within Pinball X (even with updated dmddevice in all folders) it seems to start slowing down on the DMD. I have disabled things in the script to make it run better to no avail. My CPU is running at 70% absolute maximum and the RAM is running at a very low % in task manager. It is not loading up my RAM so I wont be throwing more money into the cab. Strange thing was it was working perfectly in Pinball X until a month ago.
  3. Interesting listen. I think this could go on for years with all the legalities. The lawyers will get richer - that is all we can be sure of.
  4. Mine is fine ! (pin2dmd)
  5. If Tee'd off has an issue - do any of the other Gottlieb DMD tables have the same problem? My cab is working fine. Star Trek LE RGB lights seem to be working as do AC/DC LE RGB lights. I am running VPX 10.2 as 10.3 crashed on me when I tried it last week. But now my cab works, and it will stay with this configuration until it has to be changed! Brilliant work all!
  6. Thank you @scottywic - appreciate it.
  7. I can not seem to download that file @haunted1972 - any chance you can send it me somehow? Thanks.
  8. @CarnyPriest - a little suggestion as I have noticed you do lots of work on the VPINMAME project. Instead of having to go into the registry to change the ajt_ setting to 0 instead of 1, would it be possible to have a setting within pinmame - so when you hit F1 you can tick a box to change this value to 0 on that particular rom? Dont know if this is possible at all. It would really make life easier. Brilliant work on the new build - had a few hours working on my cab today and its brilliant to have every game working with coloured pin2dmd. I am sure I speak for all of us here when I thank all of you for the hard work.
  9. Yeah - but the trouble is when you see people do guides you take there word it is the correct way. I have a bit of software (sorry cant remember the name) that showed to me that windows seemed to be running the same .dll from two locations at the same time, one in Pinball X and one in Visual pinball. Causing mine to crash in Pinball X but be absolutely fine when used standalone. Worth saying @Thalamus - just because it says so on the internet - it doesnt mean that it is true ! Thanks for your help.
  10. My pal has my old cab with the PINDMD3 in it. Your post indeed helped me out with his cab - so a big thank you! Have read many guides but after putting in dmddevice.dll into more than one folder (ie in WOWsys64/ and in all the vpinmame and pinball X) I had too many ,dlls that it was trying to start up. In the end I removed the one from the WOWsys64 folder (in safe mode) and got it working that way.
  11. The flickering was solved a long time ago. My cab is not flickering. It works fine until pinballx is introduced with altcolor palettes. The reason I reformatted my cab last week was I upgraded to Windows 10 and had more issues than before, so I did a fresh install of win7. None of the files on my computer get 'blocked' as I have bypassed the OS doing this. Everything is run as admin as well. To be honest I was going to look into the launcher for VP within Pinball X. Can you make your launch script public. It just seems everything can work - but this all changes when PinballX is used to launch VP. Currently on the VP facebook group several are discussing the same problem as I have.
  12. I think a lot of questions and answers are being mixed up. I would suggest Carny and Lucky to tag people in replies. I do not have flickering on my Pin2DMD. I can not run any Stern modern table using ALTCOLORS successfully when using PINBALLX. They work maybe 2nd time I boot running direct from VPX (ie without PinballX). Spiderman Vault is hard to get working with v2.9 of SAM - and not possible at all with the ALTCOLOR folder (yes I am using a patched ROM and have the palette folder in the correct directory). Something in Pinball X, VPX, SAM2.9 and PIN2DMD are not 'talking' to each other properly. Also I used to have the hammer working on my cabinet (in Metallica LE) running V1.64 and V1.70 software - and it now is not correctly working. Whenever I go back to older VPINMAME.DLL it does not correct this problem.
  13. It flickers like mad (Pin2DMD).
  14. Regarding the 'hammer' in Metallica LE. When I first put this game in my cab (using 2.8c if my memory serves me right) - the hammer worked absolutely perfectly. Now it does not with 2.9 as we all know but even when I go back to the old (2.8c) vpinmame.dll file - the hammer still does not work. Really hope someone is looking into this weird issue. Also - do I use this new 2.9 with AC/DC LE? Or the one that came with the table on monstercab? Are we any closer to knowing the problem when we use ALTCOLOR files within Pinball X on Sterns (using a Pin2DMD)? Really wish I was good at software so I could offer assistance on this.
  15. It is great = but not that many tables have the soundtrack altered yet. Tommy is brilliant, and AFM is pretty darn good.