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  1. Thanks for the reply terryred, so ist have a look in the directoutputshapes.xml but i have no idea how to add any Letter. Would you post your directoutputshapes.xml maybe than i unterstand how to do this. Greetings karlson
  2. I like it could you explain how you don that spelling DEAD on the RGB Stripes? Greetings karlson
  3. I tried to convert some pics to the ppm format use gimp scaled the picture to 128 x 32 and exported to ppm there are two Options ascii or bianery none of the picture will be displayed. Error Wrong file format, so what to do get this working? Greetings
  4. Nice to hear were can i find the dmddevice.dll for the pin2dmd? Will the dll be installed with the driver? Muss i copy the dll into the vpinmame.dll folder? Thankx for the info
  5. Today i checked the unpatched rom and have the same error, think i have to use the included vpinmame.dll but there is no pin2dmd support.
  6. I don't Know-how will Check it
  7. Hi there, i patched the original rom from the stern website and it worked for me, but get an error with the right scoop catch the ball and the game is over not kicking back. Greetings karlson
  8. thanks will have a look
  9. Hello, i'm talking about the update that brings the flasher for all table in to DOF, great update. So i found an old ini file will compare it with a current ini try to find the effect i want to have and build an privat config. Some infos to explain the field will be nice. greetings karlson
  10. Hi again, i like the new flashers for the tables but in on some tables i like the old config. AFM i like the sparkle effect when shot he ramp, MM the same there some more tables. But with the update of the configtool this effects are gone. I know there is the private config but i don't get the effects back don't know how to do. If there is a simple way to reconfigure the effects for some tables? Had a look in the ini files and found some @flshemulo@ entries what does this entry do? is this the flasher emulation command? Another question the entries for a table in the ini file is comma separated. i found out in my dirctoutputconfig30.ini first entry is PF Right Flasher MX, second is PF Back Flasher MX and third is PF Left Flasher MX but there on some tbale five commas what are they for. Is the configuration of the flasher in this ini file? Sorry for my poor english hope you understand what i mean. greeting karlson
  11. Great job guys. if it possible to have flashers only by some tables. I like the effects on the backpanel on AFM when i shoot the ramp but they are gone when i activate the flashers. Use this howto. Sorry for my poor englich, thanks a lot. karlson Sory for update here but i can't find the answer button. I have tryed the candidate configuration but in AFM the sparling effect when i hit the ramps is gone.
  12. Hi, got a involight DMX RX 350 Lightbar if it possible to this with the Teensy and RGB Stripes together? Greetings kalle
  13. Google is your friend http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2484-startup-screen/
  14. maybe here http://vpuniverse.com/index.php/dmd_color_codes.html