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  1. karlson18

    Pin2Dmd Real Pinball Support

    It works all fine. Greetings karlson
  2. karlson18

    Pin2Dmd Real Pinball Support

    Hello Metwurcht, get youpapatch to work right on your real pin i'm search for a solution. My pin workt with the version 1.68 and i want to upgrade to 1.70. Are you willing to help me? Greetings Karlson
  3. Thank you the reply give it tomorrow a try
  4. Is there a link to the dll to download it can't find it. Is it this on DmdDevice-152-r3.zip ? Greetings
  5. Hey again, patched the rom again ynd now it works. Thanks for the color patch. Greetings kalle
  6. Found time to try so sad not successful, maybe someone would share his working color rom? Greetings kalle
  7. Ok thanks i will give it a try .
  8. hi everyone, metallica table always crashes with the colorrom (mtl_170hc) without colorrom it works fine. Test in pinmame is OK but it takes a long time until the rom starts. I'm on the latest SAM and pinmame. Any ideas? Thank you, greetings kalle
  9. karlson18


    Looks great nick work man.
  10. karlson18

    Lethal Weapon 3

    Same here Update end the colour work fine.
  11. OK i used the Patch for my VPin and it works fine, thanks for the information lucky.
  12. Download link is in the first post u have to patch the original rom using the color patching tool find it under tools.
  13. karlson18

    Addressable Rgb's

    here the wireing please check if the used cable on the the left side of the plug. On my wireing it was the green one i had to use. Greetings Karlson
  14. karlson18

    Addressable Rgb's

    Hi hollywood, think your cabinet.xml is wrong your led-stripe had 144 led under ledstripecontroller section on the playfield left section your first led number is 657. Please change the numberofledsstripe1 from 144 to 801 think you have 801 led on all stripes. Your GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml have an entry <TableconfigFilePatterns /> and a <IniFilesPath /> that seems to be wrong delete these entrys or change it to <IniFilesPath><IniFilesPath/> <TableConfigFilePatterns><TableConfigFilePatterns /> same entry in GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml Greetings karlson