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  1. I see you can select the default palette in pin2dmd.exe, but there's only options for VGA and basic colors, not for smartdmd (as opposite to pinball browser). What am I supposed to use ? Does this setting only matter when there's no palette.pal ? Also, I cannot get pin2dmd menu to show. Is this function working on real pinballs ?
  2. I received my pin2dmd few days ago. Thanks again Sascha. However, I don't know the pinout for the rs232 port. I'm trying to connect it to the TTL adapter, the adapter is labeled, but not the shield PCB. Anybody? Sascha? Knows the pinout? Am I right ? 1 TXD 2 GND 3 RXD no need for VCC? (Or connect it to the red jumper pin?) Thanks, Thomas
  3. Ok great then. Now I'll just have to wait to get my kit cant wait to see those Metallica animations in color
  4. I'm confused. Stern LED DMD are originally rated 5vdc/2A while a pin2dmd requires 5vdc/10A. (Per This topic) I think stern 5vdc is rated 5A (fuses are 5vdc/5A), so there's still some tolerance, but still only reach half of the requirement.
  5. Anybody knows where totap it from on the stern? straight from the power box? Service outlet? Piggyback on the main switch? Bill validator connector in the coin door? Other?
  6. Hi all, I'm planning to install a pin2dmd on a real Metallica pinball as well. #1 If I understand well, there's an extra step in the installation procedure that isn't covered in the Installation pdf (available in the download section). To enable Side Channel option (this allows up to 255 palettes in Pinball Browser), a cable needs to be connected from the ShieldPCB-RS232 connector to the S.A.M. CPU board serial port using a TTL-RS232 Adapter (source here on pinside) Am I right ? #2 I've looked in the download section for the 1.70 code patch (latest at this time) but the zip contains only pin2dmd.pal and mtl170c_ByPinballMikeD.diff While I can patch the rom I can't load the pin2dmd.pal with pinball browser. I know these files are converted from smartdmd.txt, is there any way to convert a pin2dmd.pal to smartdmd.txt. This would allow us to edit the palette with pinball browser for use on real machine. I know I could technically use pin2dmd.pal with the HW by placing it on the SD card, but no ability to edit anything. #3 Sascha mentioned that stern took measure to prevent rom patching ? Waht?
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